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By the numbers: The virtualisation options for private cloud hopefuls

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The cost of ownership and maintenance is poor with Hyper-V against VSphere. Mandatory reboots with Hyper-V, where vSphere is just so slick. This is what most of customers say and prefer vSphere.

Even Apple doesn’t mess with Taylor Swift

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She would not be missed in my eyes. The music / artist scene has been dross since the 90s. No artist today can get even close to Pink Floyd, Neil Young, Oasis etc etc. talentless rubbish in the charts!

French outsourcer Atos fattens revenues on UK public sector

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Does anybody have any competitive statistics between them and Capita?

Who rules in what sector, just brief maybe.

Managing a hybrid cloud? Here’s what System Center can do for you

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Adequated junk!

After months of teasing, VMware finally allows us all the joy of six

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Re: Might as well move to a solution instead

Well then Cheesy, your IaaS and PaaS will be insecure!.

VMware = 1.6BN US Government Deal. Speaks volumes or should I say vvols.

AWS cuts its own set of keys to VMware's vCenter kingdom

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Out of date mousy, vSphere 6 version is x10 faster, and HTML5 versions of several pieces along with Web Client very soon. Still better than MS lock in.

Here's what keeps VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger awake at night

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Re: EMC?

Planet Microshaft?

Synths of the father: Making some noise at NAMM 2015

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Ones life is incomplete if you have not played/heard/indulged in Logos - Tangerine Dream.

Masters of the synth.

Free Windows 10 could mean the END for Microsoft and the PC biz

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Re: Soooo...

"I love my PC, Built it YEARS ago, it's still the same PC though"

Sounds like Trigger's broom.

Windows 10, day ZERO ... Will Nadella be the HERO?

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The bald guy is saying "Look the world is round". Shame he hasn't realised future Microsoft business is flat.

He looks quite scary.

VMware finds new post-paranoia RAM-saving tricks

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Re: Picture

No, it is Hyper-V's transparent page sharing equivalent :-)

Post Office: Here's £100m, Computacenter. Now get us up to date, for pity's sake

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Oh dear Office 365!

Bring back snail mail

Microsoft's Azure goes TITSUP PLANET-WIDE AGAIN in cloud FAIL

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VMware Cloud = Superior

Oh dear, not again. Bean counters go cheap.

Pay more, go VMware and survive.

Apple nurses HealthKit apps back to life, discharges iOS 8.0.2

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Safari is a mess!

Installing Google Chrome.

BTW.......what is IE?

Microsoft's axeman Nadella fills baskets with 2,100 fresh heads

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How many have gone in the UK?

Would be interested to know how many jobs have gone in the UK?

Are we to be plagued by spotty faced MCSE/MCITPs pledging loyalty to Citrix and VMware.

Turncoats getting a taste of their own medicine, some would say.

Concerning VMware’s vCloud Air: It's all about choice

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At Last

Yes Trevor :-)

VMware have really got something here. Choice is key, and minimum disruption to local premis is a winner. Place your VM workloads in the cloud piece for DR and be able to manage them normally without losing control.

MS will preach they have this with Azure, but with total lock-in !!! - oh dear.


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