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Texas realizes Amazon is in Texas

Sten Drescher

Sales taxes and mail order

Even when sales taxes are charged on mail order items, you still tend to save on the fact that the mail order company has less in 'brick and mortar' expenses embedded in the price. However, sales taxes in the US are much more complicated than what I recall VAT taxes being, from my time in Germany. Not only do the categories of items that sales taxes apply to vary from state to state, but you also have sales taxes applied by counties, cities, and other layers of government. Those borders don't always correspond with zip codes, so the task of determining what sales taxes to collect, which is relatively simple to perform for a local retailer, is extremely difficult for a mail order retailer to perform accurately.

Is 'green' software possible?

Sten Drescher

Re: Write green software

Danny wrote "More efficient code uses less CPU cycles and therefore less electricity. Better memory management and data management can result in less disk access. Fewer interactions between application tiers will reduce network I/O."

Perhaps you should reread the last paragraph of the article - that's what is meant by the more efficient use of resources by high performance computing techniques,


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