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DCIG mid-market array guide: Why we left those companies out


Clarification on reason for exclusion of Nexsan products

I co-authored the DCIG Buyer's Guide and want to add one clarification. Most of the Nexsan products we researched were excluded on the same basis as arrays from other vendors mentioned in the article--HDS, Huawei, IBM, Lenovo, and NetApp--they scale beyond the 500TB limit that was used as a criterion for the midmarket edition.

Mid-range storage array buyers' report leaves out .... guess who?


Response from a co-author of the DCIG Buyer's Guide

DCIG has been and continues to be transparent in how we develop our Buyer’s Guide editions, detailing the process in every guide we publish. DCIG continues to refine our methodology to deliver more targeted Buyer’s Guide Editions to meet the needs of technology buyers. DCIG describes our evolution and the powerful positive impact it is having in a recent blog entry on the DCIG web site titled, "DCIG refocuses its Methodology to Deliver Targeted Buyer’s Guide Editions to Better Meet the Needs of Organizations".