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Samsung profits surge as the world starts buying smartphones again


How 'bout half a PU? Say, four Ningis?

Then again, they might not want to deal in "fiddling small change."

Joking aside, bravo for Samsung.

Face-recognizing cop body cams hit another hurdle, genderless voice assistants, and more


Welcome to Hell

Having always wondered what voice announcements in Hell would sound like, I applaud these engineer's for creating something so bland, flat, and devoid of any identifiable characteristics. Bravo. I can easily imagine Q saying helpful things like "It rubs the lotion on it's skin" and "I'm sorry, Dave, but I can't let you do that."

Hacker swipes personal deets of 20,000 peeps from under Los Angeles Police Dept's nose


Diversity success

"How was she able to exfiltrate so many records without triggering any alerts?"

This quote represents a breakthrough in diversity: hackers are no longer automatically assumed to possess a plonker. Huzzah for social progress.

I see you're writing an app... Microsoft nudges AI Clippy-for-Code out the door, turns machine learning onto Word


End-to-end software AI autonomously ON REAL ROBOTS?!

"Finally, Redmond announced it was crafting an end-to-end software package that can run AI code autonomously on real robots." This will be the end of us all. As we speak robots deep within the bowels of Sarcos and Toyota are using their spare cycles to craft what will one day become Skynet. Future generations will look back upon the Build 2019 conference as the beginning of the end.

Mid-length article advert for another article


Mid-length article advert for another article

Rant follows, but it's born of love. In 2014 El Reg took away the "print version" button, forcing me to manually add "/print.html" to the end of each article I want to read. Now I'm becoming frustrated by a full column-width banners for another article, in the middle of the article I'm reading. Take the excellent article by Andrew Orlowski for a particularly glaring example.


Why are you doing this to me, El Reg? Do other people like these mid-length article adverts?

El Reg Redesign - leave your comment here.


Rollback or User Option

Are there any plans for a rollback? If not, are there any plans to allow users to customize the layout? Of particular interest to me; shrinking the pictures back to their former size, or simply disabling them completely. I appreciate all of the work your design team has put in, but the new layout is actually making it more difficult for me to consume the wonderful content on the site.

Brit smut slingers shafted by UK censors' stiff new stance


Let your betters decide

I for one am happy to know that your UK overlords have taken the situation in hand. If people were allowed to film and distribute whatever the market will bare, who can guess at the horrid consequences. Cat's and dogs sleeping together. Mass hysteria! Such pandemonium has been averted by those better qualified to judge what is right. Hear. Hear. Hopefully this type of legislation will be extended to grammar, thought-crimes, and fashion sense in near future.

NSA SOURCE CODE LEAK: Information slurp tools to appear online


Excellent news, I love the NSA

What excellent news. I'm thrilled to hear that our NSA overloads will submit their code for public scrutiny. Kudos to them for making such a smart PR move entirely out of the blue! Bravo, that. I certainly hope this will usher in a bold new era of cooperation between the NSA and the Open Source community.

Bendy, but hangs loose too: Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 10-inch Android tab


What about the projector on this unit? The tech specs at the Lenovo web site don't provide much information about that particular piece. Mr. Taylor didn't mention it.

Don't bother with Apple's 9 Sept hype-day: Someone's GONE AND BLABBED IT ALL


It's a plant!

I sincerely hope all of this is a plant by the PR staff within Cook's camp. Wouldn't it be great if this rumor was leaked on purpose in order to distract us? Brilliant, if that is the case.