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Doctor Who becomes an illogical, unscientific, silly soap opera in Kill The Moon


Plagiarism & poor writing & piss poor science


Where to start

1. Plagiarism "Kill the moon" has been lifted from a 1930's SciFi anthology called "Before the Golden Age", edited by Isaac Asimov, isbn 0-903895-28-5 . The story it was lifted from was 'Born of the Sun' by Jack Williamson, Copyright 1934 by Street & Smith Publications.

2. Bad science?!! Smoke on the moon???? Fire on the moon? Sound, and not silence on the moon, A a sudden weight gain of billions of tons??? Hundreds of dustbin sized? nuclear weapons in the space shuttle's tiny storage bay???

3. Poor dialog, poor plot?? What plot?

My opinion? There goes 45 mins I will never see again!

And if this is childish nonsense, why is on so late in the evening??? Just to annoy adults

It's strange the Asylum of the Daleks was really good, and 'Kill the moon' is truly appalling


Re: God this episode was crap

It's proof, as if it was needed, that flagship TV series, like this need to have a decent WRITING TEAM and at least ONE, FULL TIME SCIENCE CONSULTANT, so they don't write cobblers like this.

Doctor Who (Who = Who cares if the science makes no sense, nobody at the BBC, obviously)

I think this is a reflection of the luvvie-culture at the BEEB.

Zippy one-liners, broken promises: Doctor Who on the Orient Express


Re: I don't get it

It's turning into 'Harry potter in space'...

It's a rip off, A bit like Marvel's "Agent's of Shield" which is a rip-off of Torchwood. Go on! Tell me I'm wrong!



BBC: We're going to slip CODING into kids' TV


Teach codingis good, Totally under spending BAD.

When I was at school, I learned BASIC and ASSEMBLER.

When I was a college, I was taught Psuedo-code, PASCAL and COBOL (I hated this) at which point I dropped out.

I taught myself FORTH and REXX (anyone remember?) and tinkered with Turbo PASCAL and TurboProlog too.

I reckon bright kids, say 5-10% can learn from a book. However, most children/students need quality instruction and decent teach materials or the pass rate will be appalling!

Incidentally, I was looking around at new programming books, and the best one I found, was 'Python for Kids' which I thought was well written and structured, not to mention fun.

Mr Goves £500k spend is a joke. Last time I paid for a selection of IT courses, I was writing out cheques for £3000 to £7000 in the good old days before IR35 when I got tax relief on technology training.

Sending all the teachers to www.codecademy.com is just as bad, as it's just a glorified online manual. This will mean a super-low pass rate due to the many people who drop out.

Just my 2c.


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