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Boss swore by 'For Dummies' book about an OS his org didn't run


Odd managers, I had one once ..........

Joined the new Computer Department from previous position as manager of a carpet warehouse!!

Knew anything about computers - well, not so much.

Every morning at 9am meeting with manager to go through, line by line, all code written previous day to the sound of much tutting and indrawn breath.

Needless to say, the amount of code written got less and less each day to shorten the pointless meeting until the time came where I wrote no code at all and spent my day reading paperbacks.

Shortly afterwards I left the company for a more rewarding work environment.

Foetuses offered vaginal music streaming service


Handel's Organ

How do you know Handel's organ works??

Were you watching ................. ??

Britain’s device-theft capital is now … lovely Leicestershire


No too cynical ........

I would suspect the statistics provided by Met Police.

Such a large drop in so short a time - almost as if

someone high-up has decreed that that particular crime

statistic "must come down".

Reminds me of the time, two years ago, when I was

pickpocketed outside the Tower of London. The Met Police

flatly refused to record it as a pickpocketing and

insisted on recording as me having lost my wallet in

the street. Thereby providing an instant lowering

of the number of pickpocketing incidents in the capital.

Cynical?? Moi?? Nooooooooo.

Paper driving licence death day: DVLA website is still TITSUP


Re: Words fail me.

Previous holidays in Florida, when hiring a car at say, aAlamo, they have always asked for both plastic and paper part of Driving Licence. Off to Florida again on Friday, have retained now-obsolete paper bit of licence. Did (eventually) manage to get on DVLA website and have printed result of search. So will take all three items with to car hire on Friday.

Agree with all commentard on the p*ss-poor performance of DVLA and their website - if I came up with that result here at work, I would shortly be looking for alternaive employment...........!!!!

Your mobile, your car, and you – three become one


As other comentards - really can't see the point of this other than to push up the price in-car 'infotainment'.

My 'old' Garmin satnav links seamlessy with all the 'phones I've ever used - both Android and iOS and even offers a duplicate of the phone book. Never needs re-syncing - just goes on and on.

In fact just what the customer wants!!

Electrons ride huge plasma tubes above Earth


Well done, Cleo!!

A very personable young lady and an impressive intellect!!

A well-deserved pint ....................

Unsurprising report: UK local govt sites remain totally crap


Re: Ya pay peanuts.

Totally agree!! Having worked in Local Council IT for nearly 30 years, nothing really changes - if you do nothing, you're criticised. If you decide to do something (i.e. spend money), you're under spotlight to account for everything. The ultimate defence, do nothing "But it's always been done that way!!!" then no blame can acrue. Very soul destroying (and career crippling). The best young guns leave very quickly leaving just the old stagers behind.

Is it humanly possible to watch Gigli and Battlefield Earth back-to-back?


A DVD I recently has the misfortune to see - SAS Black Ops.

I will admit to being fooled by the case which featured

soldier clad in urban combat gear with soldiers rapelling

from a helicopter in urban environment.

OK so far?

Film had following failings:

1. Nothing to do with SAS,

2. Nobody wears urban combat gear,

3. Nobody rapells from a helicopter,

4. There are no helicopters,

5. Film set in deserted house and woodland.

"Actors" were dreadfully wooden with dialogue so bad it

aspires to be wooden. Plot (was there one???) simplistic

and effects limited to the odd fourpenny banger going off.

This film should be avoided at all costs!!!

Don't buy that phone! It ATTRACTS CRIMINALS, UK.gov will tell people


Reducing theft of mobile devices

Me: I'd like to report the theft of my mobile phone.

Police: I'm sorry, we can only make a report of this as 'Lost in the street'.

Me: No, it was stolen from my jacket pocket whilst sitting at a cafe.

Police: We can only make a report of this as 'Lost in the Street'


Laugh? This really happened!

That's the way to reduce/skew crime statistics. I'm sure that the local

crime figures for pickpocket type thefts are probably one of the lowest

in the country.

Way to go!!


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