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eBay looks to flog useless stuff

Peter Clarke

Re: How did they spend the $2.6 billion?

Some they spent on fast cars, some on fast women, some on drink, the rest they wasted :) (c) George Best

Seriously, why risk your own money when others may be willing to do it for you.

Philips prices up 21:9 ratio 'cinema' TV

Peter Clarke


To misquote one of their old adverts 'Philips, simply pounds ahead'

What's next for Microsoft's Flight Sim partners?

Peter Clarke

Another nail .....

.... in the coffin of PC gaming as a whole???

Yahoo! lobs! Briefcase! into! rubbish! bin!

Peter Clarke


Breifcase was handy to use for large zips when HotMail etc had a cap on mailbox size. You could mail the link and password to the folder and let the recipient download at their leisure. Not used it for a while so I guess I'm one of the nails in the coffin, though I do remember it not being easy to find.

Sky 'withdraws' from Tiscali buyout talks

Peter Clarke

Where will I move to?

Like Paul, I'm a (lucky?) long term customer of Tiscali who has had good service. I wasn't looking forward to a Sky buyout and wouldn't have put my money into Murdochs pocket. Who's best if decide to move

Brits decline to 'think outside the box'

Peter Clarke

Drop the Dead Donkey

Wasn't it Gus the station manager who would be constantly spouting these phrases in the show? I thought a lot of these phrases went out with Yuppies in the 90s

Porn breath tests for PCs heralds 'stop and scan'

Peter Clarke
Black Helicopters

Future developments

Is the Anti-terrorist version far away?

Pioneer proudly pitches 400GB Blu-ray optical disc

Peter Clarke

Endless Possibilities

.... for government departments to download complete database files and lose in the post. National ID database anyone?

Could also be useful for Google to forward all the user data to Paramount

Samsung hammers out stylish Steel slider

Peter Clarke


If enough customers want it I'm sure Samsung will bring out the Executive model. Can I patent the idea for a Titanium/Carbon fibre model branded to a major race team? It could make the iPhone look cheap

State Department workers snooped on all three prez candidates

Peter Clarke

How to maintain security

Maybe we should demand on equal data security for the general public AND the people in power. If those with power think they might be at risk then they'll make damn sure that the systems are secure.

US auto-emissions cleansed in urine-tech shower

Peter Clarke

Corporate Rebrand

Expect a large number of green/yellow garages to be sporting the Bee Pee logo very soon!

News flash- Hive numbers are said to be declining. Game over, man, game over.

Coat please

BBC races away with five-year F1 rights deal

Peter Clarke

F1 v MotoGP

Maybe they will put F1 on BBC3 or 4 and keep MotoGP on BBC2 - I can dream can't I? Oh well, now all the 'dedicated' F1 fans have returned I suppose I'll have to hunt around for coverage (no I will NOT be putting money into Murdoch's pocket) If you want to see someone with charisma I suggest you check out an interview with Valentino Rossi instead of the F1 corporate droids

Exploding turnip threat menaces Indiana town

Peter Clarke

Blackadder quote

'Boom! Boom! Boom!' or not in this case

Wal-Mart stores drop cheap-as-chips Linux PC

Peter Clarke

Low spec??

I'm not a marketing expert (won't let that stop me) but who is/was the target audience? If it's the letter typer/e-mailer/web browser then the spec is more than adequate. Even for printing/editing/backup of digital pics it prop wouldn't be pushed. If you're loking for more then maybe you wouldn't be pc shopping in Walmart

Seabed cables will be fixed by next week

Peter Clarke

Shark Bites

Maybe it's sharks with frickin' lasers on their heads!

Coat please

Gov. war gamers hack servers to stay ahead

Peter Clarke

Trekkies get everywhere

"Participants in US government-run cyberwar games tried to cheat - by hacking into the games."

Must've seen Wrath of Khan- Kirk admits to hacking the Star Fleet Academy computer system to complete the Koyabashi Maru challenge.

Coat please

Computer system suspected in Heathrow 777 crash

Peter Clarke


Is it just me or does it have echoes of the Airbus flyby demo crash back in 88? The pilots pushed the throttles forward but the computer decided not to let the engines respond resulting in a belly-flop into the forest.


US Marines: Osprey tiltrotor doing OK in Iraq

Peter Clarke

Unhappy Landings 2

Engine failure is one thing but a jammed non-rotating engine pod is another. The rotors are too big for a conventional landing- even with the gear down its a fairly major prop strike.

It's a nice trip back to my childhood- I remember seeing articles about it in Look and Learn or Speed and Power back in the early 70s. IIRC it was touted in the anti-tank role

Video games blamed for England Euro flop

Peter Clarke

Paris in goal

"Maybe we'd do better with Paris Hilton in goal?"

A good goalkeeper should keep their legs together

Maybe we will win the Virtual World Cup (unless there is a penalty shoot-out)

New taskforce to discuss why more people aren't turning to digital

Peter Clarke


'enjoy the delights of Planet Rock's 12-track playlist' - you must be getting it confused with Smash Hits or Virgin. As their jingle goes 'If you don't like it, frown at the radio'.

More take-up of DAB will require better reception coverage

NASA preps robots for future fake moon landings

Peter Clarke

The robots run on regular off-the-shelf laptop batteries.

I hope NASA didn't get a bargain offer from Sony

Google ponies up $4.6bn for wireless spectrum

Peter Clarke


Will Google be analysing all the traffic to better shape our Google profile?