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Which qualifications are worthwhile?

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when you want to hire someone, in my view. Sometimes qualifications are important in certain areas and *can* help as always get you a job, i'm not dismissing them but...

What employers really are looking for is experience, which trumps qualifications which go out of date very quickly anyway in IT most of the time, and certain skills cannot be taught quickly or easliy like problem-solving.. For example .. why the application server crashes randomly and how to create a quick workaround so it doesn't any more so the customers can get on with using the system..

There is a lot to learn and it will take years and years to learn it, either you pay loads of money to do this or learn it yourself (which is the number 1 skill you must have in IT, be able to teach yourself new skills)

My advice is to try and get your foot in the door in a company, and have something to show; a project to show your skills, whether done on a course or on your own.

Great HR mistakes of our time - Aviva fires 1300 by email

improved software

Follow me, In the late 80s when they de-mutualised, in came a new team of dynamic halfwit top management who gave the user depts more power. The user management decided that the IT dept were just "overpaid clerks" and that their favourite poodles could do the job just as well for less money.

I'm delighted to see the chaos that resulted is still going on twenty odd years later.


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