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Third-party data breach affecting Canadian government could involve data from 1999


Copied not stolen

Why do these stories always say the data was stolen?

The data is still there, so it was copied rather than stolen.

Rocket Lab sets sights on 2024-2025 window for Venus mission


A nightflight?


How many remember Boney M?

Trademark fight: Brit biz Threads has a teeny tiny problem with Meta's Threads


Re: Rebranding...

Zuck should use a recently abandoned name.... how about Twitter or maybe Twits?

US Navy sailor admits selling secret military blueprints to China for $15K


They really don't get paid very much. They've been brainwashed into doing their "patriotic duty" for next to nothing. Just as an fyi, Canadian sailors make 3 to 4 times more than their US counterparts.

Never mind SETI and NASA, if your Ring somehow snaps ET, Amazon might give you $1M


Just in time for Halloween.

Talk about good timing.

BlackBerry to split into two companies, foraging for tastier fare for shareholders



I saw the movie and wasn't impressed. It seemed to be an attempt at a childish comedy.

The book the movie was supposedly based on is a good read.

Boeing abandons plans for crewed Starliner flight in 2023


Here we go again.... remember Apollo 1 fire

...flammability risk of some of the tape used to protect wires...

Hopefully they're not planning to fill the capsule with 100% oxygen.

Tesla steering problems attract regulator eyes for second time this year


Emergency breaking?

"Tesla features did not help stay in the lane or break in an emergency."

I would the car would brake in an emergency and not break.

Why do cloud titans keep building datacenters in America's hottest city?


home to the largest nuclear power....

Where? The largest power plant in

- Arizona?

- USA?

- North America?

After decades contributing to science, John Goodenough powers down


* career *

Meta tells staff to return to office three days a week


building tribal knowledge

In these daze of political correctness and snowflakes can we still "tribal knowledge"?

Perseverance rover shows up Curiosity with discovery of Martian water park


Where's The Doctor?

A TARDIS would make sort of work so much easier.

Twitter adds new DM features, and Musk claims encryption is here, starting today


Video chat... how retro

"adding voice and video chat so you can talk to people anywhere in the world without giving them your phone number"

Blackberry's BBM on BB10 did all this about 14 years ago.

Pornhub walls off Utah in age-verification law protest


Until a real solution is offered we've made the difficult decision...

...we've made the hard decision....


Drones aim to undo Ukraine's landmine problem


Re: Applaud all support Ukraine, and support creative uses for Draganfly

I bought a Draganfly X6 back in 2009. Used it for commercial aerial photography.

Transport Canada was a nightmare to deal with in those days. A special permit was required for each aerial job.

Draanfly was a great company to deal with.

It looks like Zenon Dragan (the guy who started it all) must have retired when he sold the company. His name doesn't appear anywhere on their website.

Today's old folks set to smash through longevity records


Re: Longevity in the US

It seems like lead poisoning by projectile (of several calibres) is a big problem in 'Merica.

Nostalgic for VB? BASIC is anything but dead


PowerBasic anyone?

Don't forget PowerBasic (gui & text versions), brought to you by the team that created Borland Turbo Basic.

NASA wants a telescope on the far side of the Moon


Isn't it already occupied?

According to moon documentary Iron Sky there's already a base there.

Now we're building computers from lab-grown brain cells


Sounds like a Dalek.

The Pentagon is shockingly bad at managing its employee smartphones


Just wondering if things (phones & tablets) were more secure in the "old days" when the governments were using Blackberry devices and backend systems that were designed with security in mind?

US defense forces no match for the unstoppable fiend known as Reply-All


Re: Ageism is alive and well...


Cedars-Sinai hospital's website shares patient info with Meta, lawsuit claims


Best Buy and Home Depot do it as well

It turns out that big retailers in Canada are sending customer purchase details and other info to Meta whenever a customer answers yes to getting their receipt via e-mail.

GPT-4 could pop up in Bing, as Google races to build chatbot search products


...would still say Donald Trump was the US president....

That's exactly what Donnie and his fan club still claim.

James Webb Space Telescope suffers another hitch: Instrument down


SFS... love it!

Tesla eyes Nevada for Semi electric truck plant, battery factory


Re: Mathematically

What, no ludicrous and plaid speed options??

Canadian owes bosses for 'time theft' after work-tracking app sinks tribunal bid


I got fed up with the workplace monitoring by my former employer and quit. They believed the AI was always right and when I proved the AI was wrong (on many ocassions) I was accused of being overly sensitive.

The supervisors couldn't do the type of work we did, but they thought they were experts because they knew how use google and youtube.

Needless to say the high staff turnover rate continues.

Surely you can't be serious: Airbus close to landing fully automated passenger jets


DragonFly vs DraganFly

DraganFly is a long established Canadian drone company.


This is the end, Windows 7 and 8 friends: Microsoft drops support this week


Re: Windows 7 end of support

Found it. Thanks!

I missed the word "forum" in your earlier message.


Re: Windows 7 end of support

Is it still there? I just had a look at couldn't find it.

'Multiple security breaches' shut down trucker protest


Winnipeg in February?

I guess they won't be bringing their hot tubs this time.

China may have to reassess chip strategy in face of US sanctions


I spy with my little eye

Beijing is seeking alternative strategies...

Ah yes, good old fashioned industrial espionage.

Tesla misses Q4 delivery expectations as stock keeps sliding


Back to $100

If Tesla stock keeps dropping it will be near what I bought 100 shares for back 2012.

I bought shares at $20 and sold them for $40 a few months later. It was my first stock purchase and at the time thought I had made out fairly well.

US Air Force reveals B-21 Raider stealth bomber that'll fly the unfriendly skies


agile software development....

I've seen that defined as ....move fast and break things...

RIP Fred 'Mythical Man-Month' Brooks: IBM guru of software project management


6 to 8

Going from 6 to 8 bits must have been a huge change back in the day.

NASA's cubesat makes it to the Moon to test orbit for human visitors


Re: Units!

I thought NASA normally uses metric measurements these days? So who converted kilometres to miles?

Luxury smartphone brand returns with $41,500 device


Porsche designed BB10 phones

Anyone remember when Blackberry had Porsche designed phones?

Next-gen Thunderbolt capable of 120Gbps for 8K displays


Re: What the fuck is a meter?

The Yanks also have their own spelling for litre. "Liter"

Firefox 106 will let you type directly into browser PDFs


Leave my system settings alone.

So, when you select the latest Firefox to be your default browser it changes your system settings to declare itself as the default pdf viewer.

They should at least ask if you'd like your settings changed!

Juno what? Jovian moon Europa is looking rugged



Oh.... colouring...

Make your neighbor think their house is haunted by blinking their Ikea smart bulbs


neighbor ???

Why are you using the "land of the free" spelling?

Firefox 105 is here, and it's faster and more memory-frugal


Re: All very well but

Stupidly large fonts. I was trying to fix that today, but couldn't find the settings for it.

Where did they hide it (Windows).


Don't want to get run over by a Ford car? There's a Bluetooth app for that


Re: This years new Ford Ranger!!!

Plus, it'll probably be a subscription based service.

Grand Theft Auto 6 maker confirms source code, vids stolen in cyber-heist


Re: Should, if anything, enhance their business

The other thing lazy non-engineers say is.... don't worry, hardware is always getting faster.


Re: confidential data for Grand Theft Auto 6 has been stolen.

Bubblesort :)

There's a term I haven't heard in decades.

Keeping printers quiet broke disk drives, thanks to very fuzzy logic


Plugged air filter

Ahh... the good old days with Winchester drives.

We had a customer that decided to renovate part of their office which included replacing a bunch drywall. A few days later I get a call....your computer isn't working.

It turns out the air filter on the drive had become plugged with drywall dust resulting in a serious headcrash and I had to replace the fixed platter. No airflow to support the heads flying slightly above the disk's surface created an interesting circular pattern on the platter.

I still have that platter.

Rest in peace, Queen Elizabeth II – Britain's first high-tech monarch


Re: ta ta Liz

We've had forever stamps in Canada (a place just north of The Land of the Free) for a long time as well.

You can never have too many backups. Also, you can never have too many backups


10 meg CDC Hawk hard drive.

I remember having to do backups the same way back in the mid 80's. We were using a Control Data Hawk hard drives with the same 5 fixed / 5 removable configuration.

I always did the backups when no one was around so there was no chance of distraction and forgetting where I was in the backup process.

It was always interesting going through security when I would have to fly somewhere with one of those 5meg (14") cartridges as carry on.

Ahhh.... the good old days.

NASA builds for keeps: Voyager mission still going after 45 years


Re: Spacetime

Bbc... great idea!

Russian military uses Chinese drones and bots in combat, over manufacturers' protests


Re: This is something that needs paying attention

You might want to have a look at DraganFly and Drone Delivery Canada. They both have heavy lift drones with long range capabilities. The range is even further if the drone is on a one way trip.

General Motors charges mandatory $1,500 fee for three years of optional car features


Re: Dealerships are doing this too

Nitrogen in car tires. Some marketing twit probably got a huge bonus for dreaming that one up.

The nitrogen fad seems to have (finally) vanished around here.