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BOFH: Judge us not by the size of our database, but the size of our augmented reality


Re: It worries me...

I'm confused, Doom has been installed on every computer in the school for years, is that wrong?

BOFH: We must... have... beer! Only... cure... for... electromagnetic fields


HAHA, I know something was afoot when I read "Okay," I say. "We're all friends here, what's the real issue?".

Ha, FRIENDS? I don't think so!

Well done Simon, brilliant.

BOFH: Turn your server rack hotspot to a server rack notspot


Re: new keyboard alert !

Yes...cheap wine is a cold chisel song.

BOFH: Password HELL. For you, mate, not for me



I love it when the bank contacts me and then asks me to confirm my details.

"and how do I know you aren't a scammer trying to get my details, you called me, you know who I am!"

Then they ask you to call them back but won't tell you why!!!

"if this is about my credit card being overdrawn by $5, I'll fix it when I care, I'm not going to bother calling back."

Because I'm always going to contact my bank for the reason "I don't know".


NBN activations to rise from 10,000 per week to 8,400 ... wait, what?


NBN = NoBloodyNetwork

I'm sick and tired of hearing about NBN, feekin adds all day saying how wonderful it is.

It is not national, it's not even close. It's just politicians, media companies and telco's playing with each others organs and telling each other how wonderful they are while they live in their city.

It's a crock, and any poli who tells me "You will be able to get it soon" has his hand on his bits.

Shove your 100, 25, 10 or 1.5mb. Shove your HD streaming TV.

I'd be happy just to be able to get ADSL at 512k.

Ten minutes on whirlpool and it's obvious I'm not the only one.

Them, - Hi 'me', we are calling to let you know NBN is available in your area.

Me, - I know you think it is, but it isn't, go away and stop teasing me.

Them, - Let me just check on that...... yes I can confirm we can provide NBN to you.

Me, - Yeah, no you cannot. But don't believe me, go ahead and arrange it, then you can find out for yourself.

Two days later - some form of contact saying sorry you are too far away.

I've had this conversation more than once, guess what, still no NBN, still no ADSL either.

The exchange is 4.1km away on a dirt road, all I can get is 3G (DON'T you dare tell me I can get 4G). The bloke across the road isn't tho he's got ADSL.

Turnbull says big telcos should subsidise bush comms


My god I hope that's sarcasm....

I live near Bendigo (11km's from a city of 110,000) and the only option is to..... Go somewhere else!

Really crappy satellite that is unreliable and slow as s..t.

Or wireless where your only choice is Bigpond (no optus or other service here) and expect it to drop out unless you have the high gain antenna's.

And Bigpond want to send you a 4G modem.... ROFL, what for?

BOFH: I want no memory of this pointless conversation. Alcohol please


Re: One can only wonder

I foresee three customers lined up for window renovations or brief elevator rides already. Perhaps Simon wants us to use our imaginations or perhaps he is preparing for a mass slaughter in the next episode(s).

One can only wait and see (hope?).

BOFH: An architect and his own entirely avoidable downfall


Re: Letting the architect live.

@Terry6..... You forgot the roofs! I've never seen any roof leak like an architect designed roof.

Other than that I echo every word.

I remember seeing a line like 'Subject to local council building permits' whacked on the bottom of a drawing that was for a big shed. Not a stadium, just a shed with a cement floor.

$170 thousand and that doesn't even mean it can be built, wow!

If I ever had to fix a computer for that company I'd bill them to crap with the bottom of the bill saying "Repaired subject to user not connecting power".

"Routine retirement of a replicant"......where "a replicant" == "an architect".

BOFH: The ONE-NINE uptime solution


"because every* IT department in the UK just clocked off"

in the UK?????

And AU, NZ (I expect), etc & all the other good countries too.


Why 1.6 million people will miss Microsoft's Windows Server 2003 date with fate


Re: Or Not The Ender's Game Technique

Perhaps it's running on 2k3 ;P

BOFH: The current value of our IT ASSets? Minus eleventy-seven...


Re: Sharon T. Pokeworthy...

Ahh yes, 90210. I used that.

Thankyou too for the years of entertainment Simon. Well done


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