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Lenovo intros skinny, low-weight ThinkPad

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It has a touch/pointer stick!!!

I want one! Mac notebooks do not have this super efficient tool on them. I hate notebooks without them. The pointerstick saves so much time!!

This is a very nice notebook. It would be nice to have Firewire port and a eSata port too but oh well.

I think I may be buying me one of these in the future and put a Kalyway OS X on it. Unless Apple decides to sell their OS for Non-Mac hardware.

Nice stuff! I especially like the SDD! Have to swap it out with a Mtron or Samsung 128 GB!

Google updates desktop for Linux

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This is great!

This is great!! They are making more stuff for Linux.

Most of Google's "People" run Linux btw. Besides their server clusters.

Science and religion collide for galactic conference


Good Laughs!

I was relieved to see so many smart people on here that did not have imaginary friends. I thought the maturity of some of the comments could have been a bit more so but then I wouldn't have laughed as much ;).

I am amazed at how much of our world has imaginary friends.

Home cinema kit goes 3D



Dell 25-inch LCD XVGA panel has NOTHING on these things! Would I rather have a 3d screen that is huge or some puny high def panel? Hmmm??

By the way you can get 2 - 22" hans-g widescreens for $200 a pop at newegg now. Thats 400 for dual 22" WS panels!

Scientists get bogged down about climate change


It all makes perfect sense

Read this and you will be surprised at what you may learn.



Tell me what you think about the above links.

Google ponies up $4.6bn for wireless spectrum


Google Rules!!

This news is so exciting.

Can't use google Maps on Verizon cell phones and can't use the fast Gmail on Verizon cell phones.

Verizon is so money hungry that it is just silly. I love Google but hate Verizon. I would rather give Google my $300/month for cell and data than Verizon any day!!

Google is truly out to help the world and Verizon is only interested in one thing, $$$.

I love reading all the news about Google! Like the fact that they just covered their Googleplex headquarters in Solar Panels and they are going to start handing out money for Philanthropic views @ Google.org, and their recharge it hybrid car program and so much more!! I just wish Google would check out Dr. Fuhrman's info on health and we would darn near cure/prevent common disease (Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Auto-Immune etc. as we know it. Then they would have the health part taken care of!

Go Google!