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Rampaging fox terrorises rural sports club, victim sustains ‘tweaked groin’



Isn't that rural, used to be an RAF base - it's also right next to this place: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Huntingdon_Life_Sciences

Plenty of protests against animal testing there, maybe it was a fox that had escaped.

Surprised the proximity wasn't mentioned in the article.

'Stolen' art found on nearby shelf. Police keep looking anyway


A prominent figure in the library community had this to add: "Ook!"

Hardcore creationist finds 60-million-year-old fossils in backyard ... 'No, it hasn’t changed my mind about the Bible'


Re: Not 6 literal days.

Genesis chapter 2 isn't a second account - it's an expansion of the first.

Verse 4 specifically mentions the first creative period, not all of them (the conditions of the Earth at that time are mentioned there).

Verse 8 is about the garden of Eden, not the overall Earth. The garden was a specific place planted after the rest of the Earth was completed.

Verse 9 mentions the creation of animals in the past tense, not present. It's talking about a previous event - present tense is used when the Animals are brought for the man to name.

There's no discrepancy between the two accounts.

As to the earth being created before the sun and stars - sure, there's no reason not to believe that, if you believe in God. Heavens (plural) when mentioned in the Bible can refer to the sky - or atmosphere (Job 12:7), rather than heaven (singular) or outer space. As in 'God created the heavens (plural) and the Earth'.


Not 6 literal days.

Genesis is translated from Hebrew - in that language the word translated into English as 'day' means 'a long time; the time covering an extraordinary event'. It's not 6 literal 24 hour periods (which is where some get confused), it's simply a poetic way of describing the creative periods in a way that humans can understand (consider the original audience - would 'a long time' be more understandable than 'millions or possibly billions of years' to a people who had just been released from generations of slavery?).

Millions of years absolutely fits in with the actual account if the original meaning is referenced.

If it's taken as simply a normal 24 hour day, then the first three creative periods don't make sense, as there was no light and dark (the night and day cycle) until part of the fourth 'day' had already passed (and putting the seasons, days and years in place is in chapter 1, verse 15).

It can't therefore be a day on Earth, as that cycle didn't exist until later.

The word day is also relative - a day on Earth is 24 hours, a day on Venus is roughly 2802 hours. The timescale for the 'day' isn't given, but it's not based on Earth time.

EE buys 58 Phones 4u stores for £2.5m after picking over carcass


Re: nahhhhhh

This is likely the case on all operators pages - people rarely post in a utility companies social space unless they have a problem.

Thus, all you see is complaints - as the page is used as a care channel.

Most people don't bother telling an operator when they're happy and have no issues, so the important part is in seeing how their care/social team actually resolves problems, not that customers need help.

EE accused of silencing customer gripes on social media pages


Facebook design problem

This is probably related to how badly Facebook works as a care channel.

If you have a high volume of posts, it's a lot easier to administrate with a conversation in one place - hence requesting a pm, and resolving the problem there.

People come back days after you ask them what the query is, or spam comments on other peoples posts, offering spurious advice (contacting the regulator instead of telling the operator what the problem is), which just create delays.

However, posts shouldn't be deleted, unless they're duplicates or abusive.

Social media is a place for a company to show that yes, they may have issues, but can react and resolve them in a timely fashion.


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