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Opera Software reinvents complete irrelevance

Kim Rasmussen
Gates Horns


Did some smug Norwegian point out to you, that milo.com chocked on non-ASCII chars?

Don't call me Ishmael

Kim Rasmussen

@Admiral Grace Hopper

What, even "Vroomfondel" and "Majikthise"?

Intel fills green software gap

Kim Rasmussen
Paris Hilton

4 MHz? Luxury!

We used to have to boot up on six clock cycles in the morning, clean the cache, flash a handful of hot GIFs, work twenty hours a day at the data centre, for two bit a month, shut down, and the janitor would short out our power supply with a bottle of Windex, if we were lucky!

Paris, 'cause she doesn't run at full wattage either. Bless the environmentally conscious, recycling friendly, multi-talented heiress.

Nokia plays strong Linux hand withTrolltech buy

Kim Rasmussen

Internet Tablet important?

"... its important Internet Tablet range, its answer to Intel's Ultra-Mobile PC"

Hmm. I've got one.

I think it's a great little box, no doubt about that. But I honestly don't see Nokia treating it as if it was an important product to them. Particularly after the shoddy way they handled the roll-out of OS2008, with horribly overloaded and misconfigured servers.

But it would be nice if they were to ditch Gnome/GTK in favour Qt on the Tablets. I never could stand writing code for GTK, and Gnome is the stuff of nightmares.

Shocked Shatner shunted from Star Trek XI

Kim Rasmussen

Another vote for Red Dwarf

'Ace' Rimmer. What a guy.

-- Stoke me a Clipper, I'll be back for Christmas

Microsoft sharpens Visual Studio with functions

Kim Rasmussen


Wasn't C#'s codename "Cool" or some such "cute" name?

I wonder what they're calling F#...

Nokia slides latest Linux tablet onto market

Kim Rasmussen
Thumb Up

Navigation key location

I think it's a mistake to hide away the five-way navigation key in the slide-out keyboard.

But otherwise it looks sweet, and if I didn't have an N800 already, I'd be very tempted.

The real keyboard is a nice feature. Touch screen keyboards all suck, IMHO, though they do have the advantage of adapting easily to non-English layouts.

Apple iPod Touch

Kim Rasmussen

iPod Touch != N800

They're rather different devices.

The iPod is a good media player, but 320x480 just ain't gonna cut it for websurfing, IMHO.

The N800 is a geek-toy for developers, with a good (800x480) screen for some quick surfing, but it's too bulky to really be a good replacement for the iPod as a portable media player.

I love (not carnally, mind) my N800, and use the Navicore GPS kit quite a bit, but it's not something I'd recommend to non-propellerheads.

The iPod Touch, however, would be of little use to me.

Different strokes...

Britannia triumphs over Johnny Metric

Kim Rasmussen

Resistance is futile...

Go on you lot. Embrace the one good thing to ever come out of France (apart from the bikini).

And if you're one of Greg's grumpy old men, just think how much more impressive a certain part of your anatomy sounds when measured in centimetres. o:-)

Jason Bourne disses James Bond

Kim Rasmussen

The REAL Jason Bourne is and always will be Richard Chamberlain!!! :-)

And Jaclyn Smith was a fair bit of allright too. :-P

Palm reveals 'secret' smartphone buddy

Kim Rasmussen

Too bulky for pocket, too lacking in features for suitcase

Though I must admit, I pretty much bought my Nokia N800 as a toy, :-) I've been pleasantly surprised at how well it does the things I need: web browsing; podcasts; simple mail; some puzzle games to pass the time at the airport; GPS navigation (with Bluetooth GPS); uploading files to my web server on the go...

I've considered getting a Bluetooth keyboard for it, but even a foldable one would make it all too bulky to chuck in my pocket, IMHO.

Considering the size of this Foleo thing, I can't quite see when it would make sense for me.

I wish Palm the best of luck with it. It's just not for me.

Oz policewoman in topless mobile snap shocker

Kim Rasmussen


...was it a fair cop?

Nokia N800 internet tablet

Kim Rasmussen

Hotspots in London?

"whilst wandering around London with the N800 in my pocket it had been downloading up-to-date information without my knowledge"

Are open/free hotspots common around central London?


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