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Xandros - the Linux company that isn't

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Well, If the Queen Bee Approves

what's left to say?

Egyptian cuts off todger to spite his face dad



marrying Lorena Bobbit would put him in the same social station?

Getting real about Linux on the desktop

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Re: @all the "apps unavailable" talk

... and I guarantee you that if push comes to shove, they'll take the bits that work and recode the rest for the next Windows platform, not the latest linux distro.

Paris, because she thinks that way, too.

Red Hat sticks lawyers on non-neutral Switzerland


I am an Idiot too

I am in the throws of configuring a spam filter box using Fedora 10.

I wouldn't wish this crap on anyone I love.

Microsoft IIS hole fells university server



And replace it with what? Another web server with its own vulnerabilities?

NASA's ENose sniffs for cancer


We're getting close!

Soon we'll be able to predict the onset of PMS so we can all run for the hills....

Numonyx thanks Ovonyx for the memory


The name Numonyx is perhaps

also a play on the word mnemonics, the ability to remember things by associating them with other objects.

Businesses will postpone Windows 7 rollouts

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It's not the compatibility that burns me

It's the bleeding incompatibility with Pre Vista Roaming profiles that's the real pain in the ass. And the printers; Oh God, the printers.... And then there are the GPOs, and the Software deployments that may or may not work even if your user has admin rights on their machine and the Windows 2008 Servers that you need to handle the GPO extensions and the tools to creates the WMI filters that spit out the wrong information on the Version numbers of the OS and the attendant AD changes to the schema, the Logon Scripts that won't run because they did but you can't see the results because they're hidden. It's the Terminator coming to tear your heart out.because that all it does and it will not stop...it just goes on and on

Paris, because she organized all of this, I'm sure of it.

Court rules 'ceaseless liability' for net libel fine for free speech


OK. Why not change the bloody Law?

I'm with the Yanks on this one. The House of Lords should update the Brunswick ruling to reflect the ease of reproducibility in the digital age.

It should be something like this:

If the source of the libel is not changed after judgement, the legal entity responsible for source of the libel should be held responsible for its continued availability.

If the source continues to make the content deemed libelous available for the sake of contextual or archival history, it should also prominently display the fact that the courts have ruled this content libelous. An apology from the legal entity responsible for the source also be included with the displayed content ("The Courts have ruled that the content in this story is wrong. [LinktToJudgement] This content is made available for reference only." or some similar legal rubbish.) This should handle those sites that simply provide links to content from other sites.

Mac flirts with 10 per cent web share


What's amiga got to do with this?

I thought Amiga was part of the "real computer old timer" line of pub war stories.

USAF seeks diamond gunports for electropulse ray-cannon


Maybe they should be reading El Reg

.... and talk to the Boffins at Fraunhofer.


Microsoft axes 5,000 staff as Q2 profit dives 11%


Credit Crunch fallout, Phase 2

Now we'll see if code bloat expands or projects get delayed because there are not enough coders to optimise routines and features within applications. Maybe it's already being done through AI software.

Maybe they'll delay Vista SP2. Or Office 14. Or everything except Zune.

Will be a real bummer if the techies got the shaft over the marketing types.

There's no riddle to Dell's Limerick move


When is this shell game going to end?

This will all stop once imported goods are priced with their labour component grossed up to the local equivalent wage. "Semi Skilled" in the EU is the same as "Unskilled" in some third world country except you get to the place of work on paved roads.

This may harken to the bad old days of "protectionism" but it seems to me that it all becomes a vicious cycle. We earn wages here so that we can earn enough to buy goods made elsewhere and everyone keeps quiet because everyone in the chain needs to get their cut?

We consumers are trained rats to keep the middleman alive.

Big Indian outsourcer admits big problems


The Dark Side Of Globalization

Maybe I'm a Pollyanna but bribery, baksheesh and whatnot are all part of the Global Corporate rules. Siemens was recently hit with a 1.2 billion dollar fine when one of their bagmen came clean about slush funds used to secure contracts


The problem with corporations is that fiduciary responsibility to shareholders is not the same as ethical business practices. Worse, it's allowed inside the corporation and used as a basis of determining fitness in the corporate culture. The one that didn't get caught gets the promotion.

Ethically run businesses have no reason to do business with nations whose cultural norms allow them to ignore integrity for the sake of profits. Clean up your own backyard before you go polluting someone else's.

Hasn't the world had enough of the slime that got us deeper into this credit mess then if it was just a problem of lending money to people who couldn't afford it?

Congratulations to the World Bank for showing integrity.

Dell's disk-to-disk backup box

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Hear, Hear

Dell mantra of "simplifing IT" also has the undercurrent of "sodomizing Finance".

Tri-corders, alpine oxy-pills: Acropocalypse at DARPA


Dear Lewis

SInce the tone of your article is unbridled scepticism, that fact that it was DARPA funded research that is allowing you to publish your guffaws on the internet in the first place should at least muffle the sneering tones. Perhaps your efforts would be better suited to reporting on the latest developments in Roman Siege engines.

Circuit City feels yet more pain in Q2


Here's an idea!

Having visited a Circuit City Store in late June of this year on a Saturday afternoon in an otherwise busy mall and found it to be full of stock, some corporate Blue Shirts on the floor and just myself in an area of what must have been over 50,000 SF, it struck me that they could do better if they simply marketed themselves as a privatised morgue.

China to combine four ships to form space station


The love affair continues

Perhaps an elegant Chinese solution to the Falun Gong problem....

US says the next war will be all in our minds


Anybody remember Brian Aldiss's Barefoot in the Head?

Everybody walking around nuts/ deluded/ paranoid. What's this world coming to?

Fastscale sends Windows Server to Weight Watchers


Right Direction

There's something to be said for building a server in 10 minutes or increasing the density of images per box or reducing the maintenance window for offline/online defragmentation of the image or building a server with nothing but usb drive ports with true plug and play functionality or using them in combination with SSflash drives in high performance applications to lower per unit costs.

Somebody has to be able to see some advantage to this.

Want a 1TB optical drive? Call/Recall me


Just make sure

Just handling DVDs is enough to make them cough a furball with the right speck of dust or ridge from a fingerprint on the surface. They'll have my business if it comes in a carrier that protects the contents from us fat finger types.

China condemns high-tech outsourcing


Handout Heaven

China receives billions of dollars in foreign aid from the west. Billions more in Carbon credits for Kyoto. It has TRILLIONS on dollars in foreign currency reserves. Here's a plan: stop killing your citizens with lousy environmental policies while trying to show yourself off to the world as a superpower potentiate.

Watson suspended by research lab after race row


Political Correctness\ Media Critical Thinking triumphs again

Fact: We are all equal.

Fact: We are all different.

Fact: We are all equal and all different.

Want to have a real good laugh? Ask the media to explain this paradox. Among themselves, they wouldn't have a cue. They would have to go and find an "expert" to misquote just to get the story.

Mars rovers roving again, for now


Ah, the accountants

Of course we COULD have engineered it to last exactly 61 days but then we would have had to explain why the wheels started to fall off on the 59th day.

Skype violates open source licence



Has anyone heard of the term "Open Source Ambulance Chaser" yet?


The real dilemma

While GPLicencing is nice, the necessary evil is to get the lawyers involved before, during and after the release of said licence. As free wheeling and informal as the Open source movement tries to be as an alternative, it's the same thing we already have elsewhere, only different.

Stealth bombers to get bunker-nobbling weapons


RE:I don't like u I'll bomb you

I like people who respond to posts by refering to content in the post that is not in the post.

1. Ya think that after 25 or so years (Revolution= 1979) they could have done a little better? When do you stop apologizing for these guys?

2. OK. Fine. Money doesn't buy deep thinkers. The Iranian Council of Gardians screens them out for you so that you don't even have a choice. They will do the thinking for you. Looks like they are good students of Soviet Style "Democracy".

3. What history book are you reading? Since when were the Allies involved in the creation of Lebanon? Repeat after me: Hezzbolah. Hezzbolah. That's an Iranian funded _Lebanese_ organization. If you are puzzled by this response, refer to my opening remarks in this post. I'm not into red herring linkage.



Iran is as Democratic as it's Shi'a clerics (Council of Guardians) allow it to be.

Your choice of the word "relatively" is well placed given the outline of this report


And I suppose its support of Hezzbollah in Lebanon is a shrewd stabilizing maneuver? Where the _elected_ leader avocates the destruction of another nation to win political points at home?

Your bogus observation about the type of nuclear capability Iran should have is alarming even to your friends in the UN.

Iran has the right, of course, to use nuclear for the betterment of its people. But for a nation that is sitting on one of the biggest pools of oil in the world and cannot supply fuel for its own population, it seems to me that taking care of its own population is not a high priority.

The world would be a lot more comfortable with an Iran that is actually taking better care of it's people rather than its theocratic, pseudodemocratic ideology.