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MAID to order: Inside Facebook's cold-storage data ziggurats


failure rate

I'm very curious about the failure rate of hard drives that spin up and down so often. In my experience, doing data center moves, for example, drives that are more than a couple of years old have a drastically higher failure rate when powered off then back on. I haven't seen MTBF comparison from constantly-spinning drives vs those that are powered off and back on regularly - anyone seen such reports?

Storage BLOG-OFF: HP's Johnson squares up to EMC's Chad Sakac


if they were down to 1 nanosecond and 50 nanoseconds, a 5000% increase would sound amazing - and of course, nanosecond latency would be! But an application actually benefiting from 1ms less latency at the ~1ms level is a different question.

While there may be some applications and instances where it is helpful, do you really feel that it is significant in a reasonable percentage of real world use cases?

Activist investors DESTROY COMPANIES. Don't get me started on share dealings...



Gordon Gekko was an activist investor

Is the all-flash data centre just a tantalising dream?


Dedupe CPU

Just wanted to remind folks that dedupe is a very CPU intensive task. So when you have 24 x 2TB or 4TB drives in a shelf, getting the advertised 300 - 600TB of actual data on there will be really tough.

I know some vendors have struggled with this, but not sure of the state of dedup'ing large pools across the board.

VMware's high-wire balancing act: EVO might drag us ALL down



What do you mean about vCloud Air (formerly vCHS) being bundled with EVO Rail? I have not heard that. Log Insight is bundled, but I see no reference to vCloud Air or how it would fit in.