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Dodgy payday loan ads make up 83% of cases probed by UK's FCA


@kaykay - It will be good practice to take loan of very small amount and commit the repayment period at the end of the month, then you will have at least 3 weeks to save some money each week to help you repay at the end of the month..

It is simply a art of balancing your lifestyle to make some saving every month - and if it becomes a regular habit of yours then eventually you will never end up in a situation where you will need payday loan ever again. :)


Re: there is a legitimate use for these...

@paulc - you are correct when it becomes the habit to go for pay day loan, every month ..... then the real problem starts to pile up.. pay day loan are meant for occasional use and not on a regular basis..


Re: "At least someone is making money off the stupid this way"

Pay day loans are supposed to make your life little bit easier in an emergency situation like, unexpected health issues, broken car, sudden important business trip and etc.. they are not meant to buy PSP, smartphone or spend a luxury holidays...