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Another Chromium browser for Linux? Microsoft Edge arrives in preview form, no love for Arm yet


All to do with Devs

Probably more to do with the release of the Edge based WebView2 component, https://blogs.windows.com/msedgedev/2020/10/19/edge-webview2-general-availability/ and making .NET Core UI components run cross all OSes?

Only EU can help us, pleads Slack as it slings competition complaint against Microsoft Teams


Feel for Slack but impressed by Teams

We use Slack at work, have done for a few years, and I have no complaints but I have been really impressed with how our local school has used Teams for remote learning during lockdown.

I don't know how furiously the IT swans were paddling below the surface but the speed that school got up and running with organised rooms for each year, subject and class etc was really impressive. Nothing against the local teachers but I wouldn't have classed them as unusually tech savvy but very quickly there were proper Assignments in the rooms for the kids, that could be seamlessly opened, edited and submitted in the browser or popping out to desktop installs of Office.

And it was all simple enough that bunch of 11 to 16 years old just "got it" they didn't need 'training' it was intuitive and it just worked.

So don't stifle competition, but its my impression that Slack also need to up their game to compete in that 'it just works' world.

Microsoft boffin inadvertently highlights .NET image woes by running C# on Windows 3.11

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Re: Compilation of .NET code into native single-file executables

Its getting there


Microsoft programming chief to devs: Tell us where Windows hurt you


Well I'm an optimist

Not much love on the comments today, but as someone using .NET, WPF and Visual Studio every day I'm pretty optimistic about the future for .NET Core/Standard.

Its been a bumpy couple of years as they've built it all out fast in public (kudos for that) but we seem to be reaching a tipping point and the stability, interoperability, project structure etc all seems to be settling down.

If nothing else Xamarin.Forms will provide a cross platform GUI very soon including, UWP, WPF, macOS, Tizen and Visual Studio is still the best IDE out there.

Uber quits GitHub for in-house code after 2016 data breach


Re: Pay less the CEO...

Yep, Git for Windows ships with the Git Credential Manager which supports 2FA over HTTPS urls for GitHub, VSTS and Bitbucket.

Unloved Microsoft Edge is much improved – but will anyone use it?


Maybe its time to retire...

...I seem out of step most of the time. I use Edge all day everyday, I like it.

It can be a resource hog if I have too many tabs open, but less so than Chrome.

It was annoying when lots of things weren't available, and I had to switch browser for BlueJeans, FB Messenger etc, but AFAICS its all working now.


Re: hardly finished...

Open local HTML file? I must be missing some context 'cos I do that everyday with Edge.

Tired: Java. Desired: Node.js. Retired: The suggestion a JavaScript runtime is bonkers


Made me smile to see VB.NET rise above JavaScript in the latest survey


Windows 10: What is it good for? Microsoft pitches to devs ahead of Creators Update


If only to be a voice in the wilderness... Having been given the choice of workstation with my current employers over the last 4 years I've worked my way through Ubuntu, OS X and now back to Windows 10. And I'm very happy where I am thanks, I like Windows 10. My MacBookPro sits gathering dust now.

I've had about the same number of issues I had with the Ubuntu box, generally graphics drivers, but then that's been 1 every couple of years.

The fact that the Windows version of the product we develop continues to work on versions of Windows back to 7, possibly Vista, whereas my macOS colleagues have to deal with breaking changes every macOS release keeps me happy.

Maybe its just me, but it just works (shrug).

disclaimer: I loathed Android and really like my Lumia ;)

Microsoft's paid $60 per LinkedIn user – and it's a bargain, because we're mugs


FWIW LinkedIn seems to have a different reputation around the world, a few years ago in the UK it felt like a business orientated facebook, pointless and full of guff.

Whereas now, here in SF-land, real CVs seems to be a thing of the past, most of our news hires now come in courtesy of LinkedIn profiles and GitHub/Bitbucket etc activity. I don't think I've seen what my old UK comprehensive taught me was a 'proper' CV in a couple of years.

Microsoft's Scott Guthrie wrote code live on stage for Azure devs

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Re: F#

FWIW we use this as our main build scripting tool http://fsharp.github.io/FAKE/ for our .NET projects, its all written in F#.

Microsoft's Windows Phone folly costs it another billion dollars


I might be the only one but...

For $29 dollars (admittedly locked to AT&T) from BestBuy here in the States, whats not to like about my 635 running Windows 10.

How many apps do I use? Not many email, calendar, office, 2FA, The Guardian, a couple of games, the camera. Its been a while since I tried an Android, but I find Outlook and the converged messaging in Windows 10 great.

Does it have quirks, absolutely. Is it responsive, yes, does the battery last twice as long as any Android smartphone I've used, absolutely. Is it good for making and taking calls, yep.

Do I use Facebook, Social media and 101 other things other use their phone for, probably not.

But, personally, I'll be sad to see MS Phone die.

Another go at remote objects: Google gRPC hits beta


ah SOAP, I miss you so.

Having worked/ran to/ran from one ecosystem to another over the years I've always had the sneaking suspicion that SOAP bit the dust because Java et al were cursed with crappy tools.

Using SOAP in a .NET world with Visual Studio was alway a doddle, "Add Service Reference", and your done, even talking to Java etc services. A complete set of working classes and services for your instant use.

Additionally there was no need of this poking around in written documentation, if you are lucky, to try and work out what parameter does what to the data returned with a REST APIs, it was all self documenting. And whats with JSON schema, surely thats just reinventing the wheel?

I always seem to get withering looks whenever I point this stuff out to my Java colleagues, but maybe its just me.

New dirt-cheap Chromebooks: Team Google keeps jackboot on throat of PC titans


Re: Windows on 2 Gb of RAM

Pop into PCWorld etc and try one of these http://www.trustedreviews.com/asus-transformer-book-t100-review-performance-features-and-verdict-page-3#tr-review-summary.

An Atom with 2GB running Windows 8.1 and it feels fluid and fully functional. I was seriously tempted if it wasn't for my fat fingers and the little keyboard.

I'm keen to try the cheapy windows ones.

Microsoft takes lid off .Net Common Language Runtime sauce

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Linux implementation?

Looks like work is indeed in progress, there are builds here:


Microsoft .NET released from its Windows chains... but what ABOUT MONO?

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I think this is a positive move for Mono

If you read the blog it implies that the new .NET Core will come to underpin Mono in the same way as it currently underpins the .NET Framework. Replacing Mono's alternative implementations.

Mono will bundle the value added things on top, as will Microsoft with the .NET Framework.

e.g. presumably WPF will remain a Windows/.NET Framework think while Mono will have MonoMac, XWT, MonoTouch, Xamarin.Forms etc.

The game changer will really be the fact that it looks like you will be able to run the lightweight .NET Core independently of the .NET Framework and/or Mono and have it pull in only the dependencies you need at run time. .NET Core also has the neat feature that effectively allows you to re-implement core .NET namespaces and have your implementation used in preference to MS or Mono's one.

At that point .NET really is cross platform. Personally I think its a really exciting prospect, and I think they are serious about Open Source now.


Look, no client! Not quite: the long road to a webbified Vim


Visual Studio Web Essentials to the rescue?

A little back to front compared to the gist of this article but Visual Studio's Browser Link lets you push changes from your source code directly to your browser under test and push changes made in the browser's dev tools back to the source code.

The demo is impressive, though to be fair I've yet to find a reason to use it.



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