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Livescribe Pulse Smartpen

Marc Goldman

Not about the PC

"The pen is a clever concept, but is there really any benefit to adding audio to what you could get out of a cheap scanner and document management software?"

For me scanning the document doesn't even come into using my Pulse.

The whole point of it is not getting the document to the PC, it's about knowing what was going on at a meeting.

As long as I take minimal bullet points I can get back to relevant points in the conversation instantly. Meaning I can spend much more time worrying about the meeting than taking detailed notes.

It also stops me trying to decipher what my awful handwriting actually meant a week later as I can hear what was happening when I wrote it.

Marc Goldman

To continue from my other post...

What isn't clear in the review, and is the most fundamental thing about the pen...

Whatever you write on the paper is linked to the audio. At any point later you can point to the text on the paper with your pen and it will instantly jump to, and start playing, the conversation at the time you wrote it.

Tivo to return to UK in 2010

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Still use my original TiVo over Sky+ despite it only being single tuner as it's still unmatched in ease of use and family friendliness.

I can move to HD much happier knowing we can get a newer version of TiVo soon.

Pocket Universe 1.7

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The beautiful Star Walk already uses the compass and I think Starmap does too.

The former has a very nice way of showing constellations too.

Sony Vaio P netbook taken for a spin

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Scary UK pricing....

Matt, $900 doesn't come close to £400 to £500 according to Sony.

I know the dollar to pound has got worse, but we're pretty much back to the dollar = pound syndrome for conversion. The base model in the UK starts at £850 and goes up to a whopping £1369!

Have a look at the Sony style site where you can pre-order for a mid Feb release:


Nintendo whacked with $5m Wii strap lawsuit

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Please explain...

Okay, I can imagine being pissed off that my 52" TV got killed by a Wiimote. But why does that give her the right to sue for £3 million? I can see getting a new TV, something on top for time wasted and legal costs. But surely that's only a few thousand pounds??

Or does it mean if she wins the case she buys everyone else with a broken TV a new one?

Heaviest Virgin Media downloaders face new daytime go-slow

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Three quarters

Reg wrote: "L" and "XL" users' usual headline speeds of 10MBit/s and 20MBit/s will be slowed by a quarter if they break daytime download limits of 2400MB and 6000MB respectively.

I think that it's throttled by three quarters (75%),

Not great, but at least the day time cap is 6GB rather than the evening one of 3GB and seems to be independent.

GTA IV PS3 fights off resolution woes in the UK

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Do we need more of the system wars rubbish?

Both versions are absolutely lovely and you can't go wrong getting either.

If you are lucky enough to have a choice then get the version more of your mates have as multiplayer looks like it could be great fun.

Sony to bring GTA IV PS3 bundle to Blighty

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Actually £299.99 at play.com which is a bit better.


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Surely the £400 is wrong? I saw £320 listed somewhere else for this.

Doesn't change the fact, as mentioned above that an Xbox 360 will play the same game for a lot less and the developers say they like the 360 version better as it will have downloadable episodes.

From Play a Premium 360 + GTA is £199.99 delivered:


Still a big difference in price, but of course your PS3 will play Blu-ray....

Blackberry Pearl 8120 smartphone

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Say no to video....

Not impressed with the switch to video reviews.

Please give us a text version too if you must do them.

Nokia N800 internet tablet

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Not at all convinced by the review.

I've had an N800 for a couple of weeks now, and it is a great device. A big step up from the 770 and has reduced my tech lust for a UMPC considerably.

Firstly, it's not meant to be a phone, it's an internet tablet.

As a browsing tool, there is nothing handheld that comes close. The 800x480 screen with Opera works a treat for a real web surfing experience. After trying a lot of PDAs and phones it is a joy!

Media support out the box is pretty good but once the mplayer people optimise their (free) software for the N800 it will be a great portable video device too as the screen is fantastic. And I use it with Orb to stream stuff from my PC.

It needs a better email client, but there are some great free ones coming along nicely, and the the RSS reader seems to be a bit flaky right now, but at least for me, these are very small points.