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A drone of one's own: Reg buyers' guide for UAV fanciers

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Re: For kids - gyro stabilised small quadcopters

Strongly agree re the X4 (about £40 from Amazon with spares). I was thinking of buying a Phantom but decided to learn on this. Over the summer I flew it in the grounds of a villa in the Italian countryside & got some grainy but wonderful videos. Took me about 5 flying hours to get reasonably competent (in the process chewing up about 20 propellers). I learned the physics of quad flying, the tricks for staying within a predefined area, and how to carry out picture shoots from afar - all skills needed with an all bells and whistles Phantom.

Google grand fromage Eric Schmidt: Backing climate denier lobby a 'mistake'

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Re: Pointless

Not pointless, just foolish. Because the many current or potential customers who consider the science behind of imminent catastrophic AGW to be shoddy (a lot of people, including me) will conclude that Google's products are similarly crappy and buy less of them. And that may damage Google stock.

On the plus side, the guy has finally convinced me to switch my galaxy for an iphone 6.

New voting rules leave innocent Brits at risk of SPAM TSUNAMI

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The old system was also bent. In the early 2000s my wife and I bought a UK flat as non-residents (90 day rule) & so not eligible to vote. Told the local council and their voter registration guy. Four years in, the council ignored my return form specifying us as non-res, registered us, and put us on the open register. We were inundated with junk but it took a while to find out that the council had sold our info to three UK database companies. The council refused to come clean with us and ignored 2 FoI requests, so we called in the Information Commissioner. He told the local council off, ordered it to expunge our personal data from everyone they'd flogged or given it to (barring of course the security services), said it would probably not happen again, but refused to tell us what had been done to prevent repetition. We did a few protective things and the council did expunge our data (but not, of course copies) and didn't bother us again.

Now we've become resident and must register with these crooks on pain of a fine. Of course we'll tick the correct box, but their new form says that the non-open electoral register can be 'used for other limited purposes specified by law, such as: detecting crime, calling people for jury service, checking credit applications'. I've asked them to fully specify the 'such as', but they won't, and taken with the 'checking credit' loophole, it's clear they're up to their old tricks. So back into battle; if El Reg keeps tracking this I'll post updates.

(Reg, email me if you want the council's identity).