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Euro police forces infiltrated encrypted phone biz – and now 'criminal' EncroChat users are being rounded up

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Grow up

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Re: That sort of defeats the point of an encrypted text chat app

Oh, rather than typing them in, I see, that does make sense.

To elaborate on that for this particular use case, I wonder if this would work:

Two devices - a non-networked IO device for entering and reading messages and a communications device for transmission only.

Enter your "more drugs plz" message into your input device and select the PGP key and address of the recipient to encrypt it with. Input device creates a QR code with the full message, recipient address, etc. Comms device scans the QR code and sends the message.

Incoming messages handled in reverse - QR shown on the comms device and scanned, decrypted and displayed by the other [IO] device.

It has the convenience that non-technical users could follow, limited attack surface of only a QR code scanner, the network attached device doesn't have any private data at all and both devices are prescribed ( ie: you can't use an insecure PC to create the message )

Both devices would have to have cameras although they could have physical covers. Properly insulated software should make it pretty much impossible for a network attack.

What do you think? Can you make any improvements?

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Re: Use offline encryption/decryption

> Transfer the encrypted messages by USB stick

That sort of defeats the point of an encrypted text chat app. If you're going to exchange information in person ( ie: talk face to face ) then there's no point in this service.

And any system which requires users to remember codes is inherently weak.


"Hello Mr Legitimate Businessman, please send me some more 'rugs' as my customers have snorted them all"

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Re: Matters arising

I'm speculating but the servers surely do a lot of communication with the clients - the phones. The data could have been smuggled out that way.

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Re: Matters arising

Wickr is popular amongst dealers

One does not simply repurpose an entire internet constellation for sat-nav, but UK might have a go anyway

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As you definitely know by now, the "experts" Gove was talking about was experts in the dismal science - that is economic experts with all the predictive power of Mystic Meg.

I don't know why you people keep repeating that experts thing as though what you're claiming is true - don't you feel a little dishonest when you intentionally lie?

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Re: Brexit sat-nav eh?

> Every joke has been done before, one way or another, it doesn't stop things bringing a little light relief to someone's day.

Yes, I agree. But when a joke is obvious and has been seen dozens of times in the past month then perhaps it's worth biting your tongue.

Surely you are bored of Barnard Castle jokes? When I hear it it reminds me of the way politicians shoe horn their catchphrases in to any situation. It is the most tedious thing a person could possibly say at the moment.

> On another subject, is this what retirement looks like?

I'm not remotely retired. I'm at work having a little break and I accidentally got sucked in.

My problem is the appalling coverage the press has been giving to all things government to the point where I and a large proportion of the population now reflexively assume that anything in the press that is negative about the government probably isn't true.

I posted my original post as a bit of a moan ( this article is rubbish, give us an interesting take on it ), partly just moaning, partly hoping people would reply with something interesting. Why not speculate on other potential uses, for example? Or how it could work even though it looks like it perhaps shouldn't.

I have seen interesting replies taking from sources that were interested in covering the story rather than lazily attacking the government.

I've had some terrible replies too from people with no intellectual curiosity who want me to shut up because I'm not just agreeing with whoever is currently attacking the government. Why not discuss the potentially interesting aspects of the thing. Why not just assume that there might be some good that may come from it rather than hoping it will be a disaster?

( If you are genuinely enquiring about my wellbeing then thank you but I'm fine. I'm not as angry as a snapshot of my rushed El Reg posts may suggest )

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Re: Brexit sat-nav eh?

Is Royal Tunbridge Wells in Kent?

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My understanding is that the Chinese aren't part of the consortium but are a potential rival bidder.

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> What makes you think the reaction would have been if a beLabour government had suggested the same?

Because of Brexit, pretty much the entire press ( including El Reg ) is foaming at the mouth at anything to do with the Conservative party, especially now Corbyn isn't there to act as a lightning rod for the Tories.

Labour would get a free pass under Starmer - it would be a wonderfully innovative idea.

Also, it turns out that the investment is to use the satellites for rural broadband with future satellites potentially being repurposed for positioning or dual use.

However it may well be possible to get an approximate location from lots of unsuitable satellites which would make it more resilient against attack.

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Boomer? Grow up you child.

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Re: Brexit sat-nav eh?

Oh I'm sorry, I forgot to laugh at the hilarious and original joke about Barnard Castle.

Mines the one with the list of prepared jokes in the pocket.

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> "you are not attempting to counter ANY of the technical points the article makes"

If I was qualified to do that I wouldn't be asking for journalists to explain things to me.

As it stands I'm asking questions that I think the article should have answered. Fortunately, the reply from Phil O'Sophical below, points out that it's only El Reg who chose to make this a political hit piece rather than giving its readers insight.

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> Will the proposed system offer cm level accuracy, or be no better than GPS+WAAS ???

I'm just speculating but perhaps the desired use case doesn't need cm level accuracy?

>Also, why would anyone pay 20% (£500million) to a company that has filed for bankruptcy ??

Because the company has assets which others will pay to acquire.

>If the money is paid, where does it go ??, does the company suddenly become operational ??

The administrators who have been appointed to liquidate the company will take their cut and the rest will go to OneWeb's creditors.

> The report cannot be seen - so, will this be a case of money spent (£92m + £500m) and then it fails and we just brush it under the carpet ?

The "report" isn't necessary for us to read. It might even be beneficial to keep it secret if we don't want competitors knowing our governments plans.

If it turns out that the government has spent £500m on something they can't use, they will be held to account. "Report" or no.

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Troll? Are you talking about me?

I want interesting articles rather than lazy snark. What's wrong with that?

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Re: Brexit sat-nav eh?

When you wrote that, did you think "this is edgy stuff, nobody has thought of these jokes before"?

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Re: Re assume...

They obviously have some plans for it which aren't immediately apparent.

It might be that they want to use it for rural broadband, or they have some boffins who want to try using a massive cluster of satellites to provide positioning in a different way to GPS, offering far more redundancy than the handful of satellites GPS uses - even if it doesn't have the same cm level accuracy.

With China reportedly investing in anti-satellite warfare, a low resolution backup system would be useful - nobody is going to complain if an ICBM misses by a yard.

Or maybe they have some plans to use it as a inter-satellite communication network given that the UK has a fairly large satellite industry already.

Or something to do with the spaceport that the government is trying to get going.

There is certainly more to this than people [are presumably pretending that they] believe.

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So how about going into detail explaining why it's not appropriate.

Put some work in and assume the possibility that the government has considered this after consulting experts in the field and may have ideas beyond the obvious.

But no. Government Tory therefore government stupid. Must not agree with Tories. Must pretend socialism isn't the most deadly ideology in the history of the world. etc.

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What a shame. An opportunity to write something interesting has been passed up on to make room for a tedious anti-government rant.

Yes, Prime Minister, rewrite the Computer Misuse Act: Brit infosec outfits urge reform

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Re: So far Boris hasn't got round to replying.

Your post is so tedious that I caught narcolepsy from it.

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Re: Good

So your objection to fixing the broken bits is that there are some bits that aren't broken?

Here's a headline we'll run this century, mark our words: Alien invaders' AI found on Mars searching for signs of life

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Re: An Expanding Existential Crisis Option ...

Oh my God, the tediousness of your post is making my brain leak out of my ears. Send help.

TikTok boom: Brits spent a quarter of their waking hours in lockdown online – Ofcom

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Good for you - don't let reality cloud your certainty.

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Trump is an outlier.

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Facebook is for friends and family sharing bits of their lives, some nastiness, some of the worst politics of right and left. Instagram is similar to Facebook but picture oriented and doesn't really have politics so is nicer.

Twitter is for nasty mobs arguing over minutia - it's responsible for the worst of left wing politics ( right wing stuff doesn't tend to take hold ).

I'm trying to get less Twitter in my life. I've uninstalled it from my phone.

TikTok is different in that 1 minute videos are shared, (automatically?) categorised and watched, one after another, by people whose account is deemed suitable for the video. You can also follow people who you find interesting. For example I see occasional videos from a British doctor talking about weird medical facts, etc. I see historical facts ( a chap who collects WW1 memorabilia does interesting videos ).

The videos are one minute long and, once you've "trained" it by skipping tedius stuff like the dancing, it's mostly interesting. If you like the thing you watch it, if it bores you you skip it or press "not interested" and it learns to give you interesting things.

It's the first social media platform that pretty much always makes me happier when I use it. The rest are either often nasty or boring.

My guess is that TikTok "won" because of the algorithm of which video to show you works much better than Vines ever did ( I never used Vine and I only installed TikTok out of curiosity but I'm glad I did ).

It's not competing with YouTube because it decides what to show you rather than the other way around so it's much more passive.

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TikTok is a revelation. Rather than looking online for news or something to read which is inevitably dull and only a slight revision on what you read a few hours earlier, TikTok is something positive, interesting and informative to watch ( once it's learned that you aren't interested in dancing videos ).

You might think it inane but it beats reading shampoo bottles when you're on the toilet.

US Department of Defense releases list of firms allegedly linked to the Chinese Army. Surprise surprise, Huawei makes an appearance

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My understanding of my username is that a local Tunbridge Wells newspaper a few decades ago was short of correspondence for its letters page, so had staff write in themselves, often ended with phrases like "Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells"

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We have a free press. A free press that is so free that it is dedicating all of its energy to attack the government.

We have multiple political parties. It's not the government's fault that the opposition is an unelectable, anti-semitic marxist rabble ( hopefully partly in the process of growing up ).

You people with your "we live in a dictatorship, dude" bore me to tears. We don't. Grow up.

We're no longer helping UK Post Office persecute postal workers with our shonky system, says Fujitsu

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I think a knighthood was withdrawn a couple of years ago, although I can't remember the details.

Edit: It was 12 years ago.


Belief in 5G conspiracy theories goes hand-in-hand with small explosions of rage, paranoia and violence, researchers claim

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Re: Seems plausible

> " Johnson did in fact unequivocally say the fictional £350 million would be spent on the NHS."

Well that isn't true. The £350m that could be spent on the NHS was a suggestion of how it could be spent, not a promise. And don't tell me you'd be fine with it if he said £250m ( the gross figure ) either.

> "First. WTF is "dismal science"?"

"The dismal science" is a common nickname for economics.

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Re: Seems plausible

That would be tabloid journalists.

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Re: Seems plausible

He was talking about experts in the dismal science, as well you know.

Why do you people try to pretend he meant something else?

Surely if your argument is right you don't need to lie?

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Re: Seems plausible

"These are the ones that were labelled the "elites" in the Brexit discussions by the Leave campaigners"

This wasn't referring to "elites" in the sense of money, intelligence, education.

They were referring to the liberal media personalities who have appointed themselves as an elite, utilising their one skill: framing their vacuous thoughts eloquently.

Due to the role of newspapers and television in framing debate, these people own the pedestal from which they can preach.

That's why if you only read newspapers and watched TV but didn't know any actual people, you would think this country was far more left wing than it actually is, but spattered with handfuls of extremists who vote Tory or (gasp!) think that we shouldn't be part of a particular international organisation.

Like most of these quips regarding the leave campaign, the "elites" (like "experts") is based on a misrepresentation of the discussion.

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Re: And I'm not being conspiratorial when I think state actors are fomenting conspiracies around 5G

I've long thought Russia was probably behind the 5G conspiracy theory.

I imagine the meeting discussing it started with: "How can we get Westerners to set destroy their own infrastructure?"

( Mine's the one with the tinfoil lining )

There are DDoS attacks, then there's this 809 million packet-per-second tsunami Akamai says it just caught

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Re: The tip of the iceberg

The only way to achieve that is a more hierarchical design which is the opposite of a good thing.

When you bork... through a storm: Liverpool do all they can to take advantage of summer transfer, er, Windows

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Re: sigh

If it wasn't clear, I'm mocking you and your "LMAO".

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Re: sigh

Mine's the one with the roflcopter license in the pocket

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Re: sigh

It doesn't matter - their only ever Premier League title will always have an asterisk.

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Re: Sounds like a night out in this hack's often less than fair city of Brighton

Hey look, somebody thinks they've found a way to shoehorn in politics into an article that isn't about politics.

We should be polite and pretend it was subtle enough that we didn't notice.

Australia's Lion brewery hit by second cyber attack as nation staggers under suspected Chinese digital assault

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Re: If China has nothing to hide...

Whoever he is, whatever his politics, he has a grudge and a book to sell.

The only reason people believe him as because he's attacking Trump, but that doesn't make it true.

Trump is perfectly capable of doing and saying stupid things without other people making new ones up.

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Re: If China has nothing to hide...

Why are you pretending that those are the same things.

China is locking up people in re-education camps for the crime of being muslim.

America holds illegal immigrants in order to deport them.

Australia intercepts illegal immigrants before they get to the mainland, diverting them to an island so that they can be deported ( this has vastly cut the number of drownings, by the way ).

America also arrests and holds enemy combatants.

Which of those things is bad? I'll give you a clue, it's the one being perpetrated by the Chinese Communist Party.

Bloody children posting on El Reg. They should check ID at the door.

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Re: If China has nothing to hide...

.....according to some gimp with no credibility trying to flog his book.

Only true boffins will be able to grasp Blighty's new legal definitions of the humble metre and kilogram

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> "If you want reasoned discourse then comments like this preclude you."

If you want reasoned discourse then don't use the phrase "dog whistle" to define something you don't like.

> "You describe it as a joke. "

I described a joke as a joke, correct.

> "Technically maybe, but instead of sticking with the "its what got mars express to the surface" or something like that"

Then it wouldn't be a joke anymore. As it was intended to be a joke, that would be a negative change.

> "It brought race and a direct insult to the German people into the conversation."

No it didn't. It insulted a system of measurement, but as the metric system doesn't have feelings it doesn't really matter.

Even so, are the Germans so feeble and pathetic that they need you to be their keyboard commando?

> "Did you really honestly confuse that racism with a "joke"?"

There wasn't any racism in it.

You've also demonstrated that you don't know what a joke is, given that there isn't a discernable punchline in "its what got mars express to the surface" or something like that".

Have you lost a bet that requires you to pretend innocent things are racist?

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Also I've put this in a separate post because you will report it and it will surely be deleted:

It was a joke, not a dick. Don't take it so hard.

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So you're responsible?

I didn't write the post so I can only guess at the motivations but it didn't appear to be written to "provide a dog whistle response" (defined as anything a left-wing reader disagrees with).

1: It wasn't about racism. It was a surreal joke about the metric system being used for evil as though it was responsible. If you are still confused, nobody is saying the metric system was responsible, in whole or in part, for what that post referred to.

2: El Reg used to be tolerant to people with a sense of humor. Unfortunately about two years ago they pivoted from grown up and funny to... something else. Hopefully the news of this won't continue spread because then it'll attract more people who think that jokes are for reporting rather than either laughing at or not.

Did you really honestly confuse that joke with "racism"?

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220 is large because there's supposed to be something intermediate in the way - a chain is 22 yards, so it should really be:

1 yard = 3 ft

1 chain = 22yd

1 furlong = 10 chains

1 mile = 8 furlongs

I believe a chain is sized as it is because it was a useful unit in farming way back when. The modern imperial system was defined when the vast majority of people worked on farms.

Customers of Brit ISP Virgin Media have downloaded an extra 325GB since March, though we can't think why

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COD updates are about eleventy billion gigabytes each and downloaded by 10 billion people every few weeks.

I doubt the in-game bandwidth usage is particularly high.

How do you run a military court over Zoom? With 28 bullet points and a ceremonial laptop flunkey, of course!

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Also The Navy is indirectly responsible for the creation of the Italian Mafia. To supply the Navy with all the citrus fruits to prevent rickets, Italians set up massive profitable citrus (orange?) orchards.

These profits led to the "lovely orchard you've got that, it'd be a shame...." business model.

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Re: If the Boris Johnson Junta decides to declare Martial Law

But he is doing things that the parent poster doesn't want, therefore we *must* be living under a dictatorship.


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