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Canonical and Spain's BQ team to put Ubuntu on a tablet


Re: good, good...

It comes with a terminal app

Ubuntu's Amazon 'adware' feature to be made opt in


Re: Either that or...

Mint is not as popular as you think it is. It's users just tend to be more vocal about it.

Amazon 'adware' laden Ubuntu passes ICO's data smell test


Re: Not at any price.

Distrowatch measures a distro's page hits on the website, not how successful a distro is. Mint is not by any means "way ahead of Ubuntu", and is still heavily dependent on Ubuntu as a base. So if you wouldn't go anywhere near Ubuntu, by extension, you shouldn't even be using Mint... The code is open to look at, there is nothing malicious about the Unity shopping lens, and it can be disabled in 2 clicks. It will even be disabled by default in Unity 8. Get over it already.