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Four crucial deals to pluck Violin Memory away from the trash can


Re: There are so many Flash memory providers though.

>> and you get to a company doing that rarest of things: going out of business in a growth market.

Ouch... On point, but still... ouch!

Their tech is irrelevant in all but a sliver of use cases, and in even in those cases, Violin is no longer considered a viable option.

What a bum note: Violin's shares perform financial diminuendo


My crystal ball says that HP buys them after they fail the next earnings release

I think HP would take a punt at this if they can get it for under $200M, just for the patents and hardware IP as a stop gap till they have their own NVMe/DSSD type solution.

It could act as a high performance/low latency tier for the 3Par arrays without having to do too much re-engineering.

Otherwise, there will be a fire sale by the middle to end of 2016 on strings, tunning pegs, and chin rests.

Dell reselling Scality's RING for multi-petabyte data munching


After all, for them, it is the entire object of their investing in an object storage startup.

Very cheeky!

How long you been keeping that under your hat for?

Flash in the pan? Dell 3D TLC AFAs are cheaper than spinning rust


Re: Too good to be true ?

Regarding replacement of drives irrespective of cause, see link to article.

"Dell is so confident in this approach, we guarantee all SSD formats for life. As long as the array has a current service plan (ProSupport, or award-winning Copilot), we’ll replace any drives that wear out irrespective of wear level or maximum rated life. "

From Dell article:


Startups face logjam as the trickle towards the exit turns into flood


Re: By 2017

Spot on assessment!

Another point of note, is that as the large OEM's acquire the Simplivity's and the Maxta's of the world, it will diminish the value of Nutanix considerably as those OEM sales channels close off to Nutanix.

Unless Nutanix has something earth shattering product pipeline in the form of a new VM ecosystem, it may very likely end up just like Violin.

Gartner mages: And the Enterprise Archiving Magic Quadrant top spot goes to...


Stubbing sucks

Managing a stubbing environment is like managing a ticking tbom... it's only a matter of time before something gets messed up and the pointers are no longer accurate which in turn causes the archive to be out of sync... and then booooom... full restores just to clear up that mess.

Just saying... wish there was something better than stubbing.

I liked the ARX solution from F5 but F5 decided to kill it... not the fault of the technology.. they just charged WAY too much for it.

Breaking news: Man with Apple shares really wishes they were worth even more


Corprate raider to the max

Icahn's long winded letter should have simply said:

Hey Tim,

Buddy ole pal of mine, I see you have a pile of cash over there, and I'm sure you don't need it now or in the future. So how's about you hand over a 100 Beeeeelion to me and my pals. I'll keep banging on pots and pans till you do.



SAN-free, NAS-free? Scottish PHDs lift kilt on how they'll pull storage out of the aether


HP offered a product that did this 10 years ago

I forget what they called it... needless to say it was a great conversational piece. Being able to merge unused capacity from the desktops... that is until you realize how often those bloody things keep going tits up.

Maybe they can do this in a VDI architecture so the data is stored on high end enterprise storage.. they can call this new product "Storage Area Network". Now thats innovation!

EMC, HP blockbuster 'merger' shocker comes a cropper


Truly an elephant no one is willing to eat in one sitting

The shame of all this is that it's all caused by an arse with access to lots of other peoples money thinking he's spotted a limping gazelle only to find out he might have shot an elephant.

Anon cause I know a lot of people that are shaking in their boots right now.

Is the tech jobs market really on the up-and-up? Tell us about it


Market is good for IT folks

My role is in technical sales, which seems to be recovering just fine.

I'm getting recruiters actively nagging me, and I am seeing a significant drop in the quality of new hires that are coming in.


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