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BBC website now unbroked

Keith Templeman

Al happened earlier than acknowledged

I had a problem accessing the BBC site from 16:00 on the 5th, when an iPlayer feed I was listening to stopped. Trying to access bbc.co.uk produced a rather dubious looking holding page (copy available on request). Certainly looked to me like they'd been hacked, most likely via their DNS.

Wii grasses up cheating wife

Keith Templeman

After the divorce

The Wii becomes Hii and Shii again . . .

Harry Potter and the Chancers of eBay

Keith Templeman

Most hyped?

I take issue with the assertion the HP -the Deathly Hallows is the most hyped book in history - shat about the Bible, Koran, Thoughts of Chairman Mao, Mein Kampf? Even if you narrowed it down to works of fiction you would still be left with . . . er, all of them