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Mel Gibson to star in Edge of Darkness

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On the other hand...

...maybe they try to up the anticipation by releasing the BBC version on DVD around these parts. That way, you can pick it up, ignore the bound-for-failure rehash, and live happily ever after?

Apple MacBook Air Early 2008

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re: Who cares about thinness?

I was sceptical about the whole thinness thing as well, but believe me, there is a point to it: no matter how full my bag is, my Air can always be squeezed in...

YMMV, as always, and you probably won't know if it's for you without trying it, but with the standard loadout I carry around, thinness was actually an immense advantage.

Apple fans roast Apple fans

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Obligatory "not me" post

Ahhh... the Apple 1st-gen problem strikes again, and as usual, there are those (like me) who have had no problem whatsoever...

...that said, I find it a bit worrying that they haven't felt it necessary to provide me with this patch through the auto-update mechanism O_o

Web startups crumble under Amazon S3 outage

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Weeell... their SLA promise a 99.9% uptime/month, and this little outage accounts for what? 0.3%? That's a 10% service credit payout coming everyone's way. Wohoo!

Poor Amazon ;D

EU investigates Microsoft's OOXML campaign

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I'm not entirely sure how OOXML can be "for teh win" when there is exactly *zero* software that supports it. None. Zilch. Not even MS' own Office Suite fully works with OOXML.

As was shown on numerous occasions during the whole voting debacle, it's fully possible -- and, in fact, quite easy -- to create a dead-simple, "hello world" kind of document that follows the (supposed) OOXML standard to the letter, but which cannot be opened in Office 2k7. ODF, on the other hand, is already supported by a number of office apps.

So, again, the question is, how can a format that currently has no software support whatsoever be "for teh win" over a format that *is* well supported.

The 'blem wit' error messages

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Personal favourite

While not as advanced as many others, my favourite error still had an air of accomplishment and being special about it.

Back in the days when creating Doom mods using DeHackEd, if you really messed things up, the game loader would halt half-way through and output

"Professional error. Game halted."

Iow: you messed up, but at least you did it like a pro ;D

Just how cute are cats? W3C can help

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Re: Er...

As one of the afore-mentioned HTML Nazis, I'll give you the (not so) short and sweet of it:

<i></i> only defines an appearance (italics), and has no sematic value. In this day and age, the general rule is that appearance should be done with CSS rathen than with HTML.

<em></em>, on the other hand, is a semantic mark-up -- it displays the significance and meaning of the word(s) it sits around. While most browsers default to displaying it using italics, that's just a very loose convention borrowed from book publishing. Depending on where the output ends up, that appearance can change (using underscores in tele-type situations; using colour in a TTY terminal setting; changing the font size in a tabloid-front-page setting etc) but the meaning -- emphasis -- remains the same.

Ever since XHTML 1.0, they've been phasing out all appearance-related markup in favour of semantic or generic tags (such as <span> or <div>) to which you can dynamically attach any kind of appearance you find appropriate for the context.

Europe too cynical for iPhone

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re: Why is SMS (and MMS) so much more popular in the UK????

@Anonymous Coward

Robert Hill gave a good list of reason, but left out one of the main ones:

SMS are dirt cheap. European TelCos have been racing each other to the bottom to provide cheap SMS as a competetive advantage to gain new customers. Originally, it was mostly aimed at younger people, but since the prices benefitted everyone, it caught on outside that group.

Also, unlike in the US (as I understand), we don't pay to receive messages -- only to send them, which makes it easier to justify sending one. You know that sending a message won't annoy the other party (well, apart from the potentially spammy bit) -- it's all out of your pocket.

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Speaking of outdated...

...I just have to ask, how many actually use voicemail on their consumer phones these days?

I find it immensely funny that Apple deem SMS and MMS as something old, preferably to be deprecated, but then improve on the most ancient (and, in my experience, least used) service of them all.

If I can't reach someone, they will see that I have called; I will send them an SMS if I really need to get a message through; or I'll (to use the standard Apple excuse) just send an email... All of which do exactly the same as their newfangled (but obsolete) visual voicemail, only better.

EVE Online update kills Windows PCs

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Two things:

1. Glad I'm playing it on a Mac... but it'll be interesting to see what they do when the Premium Mac version comes out in a couple of months...

2. Setting proper permissions for your folders is a good thing -- not just for this, but for anything that likes to spew crap all over the place. It sure separates the idiotic apps from the good ones in a hurry...

Orange to offer unlocked iPhones for €749

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There's nothing really bizarre about banning newssgroups -- it's probably the same reason they're banning P2P: they want to cut down on the large bandwidth hogs (read: pirated content).

Analysts warn of US broadband meltdown

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Tor embassy 'hacker' raided by Swedish Feds

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Sweden is a unity-state democratic monarchy. We have no "feds".

The "Swedish National Police" (Rikskrim) is the police for large or nation-wide crime -- basically anything the local agencies can't handle.

The "Swedish Security Police" (SÄPO) is nothing like the CIA. It simply looks after national interest within the country, and will be slapped around quite badly if it tries to meddle with external affairs -- it's more like the MI5.

...our CIA-wannabes would be MUST (Military Inteligence, more like MI6), SUND ("Defense Ministry Security & Intelligence agency") and/or FRA (the euphemistically named "Defense Radio Institute" aka "We listen to all your transmissions").

Apple's Leopard leaps into action

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Re: Why (Sean Nevin)

"Why on Earth would Apple not want people to install their OS on PCs?"

Because then they would be in the same seat as Microsoft, and have to support umpteen bazillion different hardware setups, rather than a small, select and tightly controlled set of hardware.

It's the same basic idea as behind consoles, only not pushed to the same extreme: the more unchanging the system, the less unknowns there are and the easier it is to keep things stable.

Real Media attacks real people via RealPlayer

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Shocking! And to think such a thing would happen even after Real cleaning up their act (for the n:th time)!


Dealer debuts campest MacBook Pro in the universe

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Now, if I remember correctly, gold is an excellent conductor of heat (among other things).

Maybe this model can finally put an end to the MBP's notorious burn-a-hole-in-your-lap issues?

O2 takes it to the EDGE

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"So it hasn't got 3G - big deal. It's still got:

• iPod with CoverFlow

• Safari

• Mail

• Visual VoiceMail

• YouTube

and most importantly:

• WI-FI"

...which is the whole problem. As a phone^H^H^H^H^H communications device, it is *years* behind just about every other phone on the market.

If you want those things you've listed, there is the iPod Touch for a hundred less -- and if you like, you can spend those getting a handset that kicks the living snot out of the iPhone when it comes to communication. Or you can just save the money, since chances are that your current phone already does a hellalot more than the iPhone.

It might work on the US market, but considering the very lacking *phone* functionality in the iPhone, Apple either needs to provide a better offering before they roll out in Europe, or they will have shot themselves in the foot with the iPod Touch.

Boffins unveil sharpest ever stellar snaps

Mats Koraeus

Boffin, as per the OED

boffin, n. (slang)

1. An ‘elderly’ naval officer.

2. A person engaged in ‘back-room’ scientific or technical research.

The term seems to have been first applied by members of the Royal Air Force to scientists working on radar.

3. Brit. colloq. In weakened use: an intellectual, an academic, a clever person; an expert in a particular field; esp. such a person perceived as lacking practical or social skills. Cf. EGG-HEAD n.


boffin(e)ry n. boffins collectively; (also) the activity of a boffin.

Seems perfectly adequate.

Windows Genuine Advantage cries wolf (again)

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Re: Reduced functionality

@Christopher Smith

"Can someone explain to me how intentionally making "some features [...] temporarily unavailable" is different from setting the system for reduced functionality?"

Sounds like you haven't had the "pleasure" of seeing Vista's reduced functionality in action. ;)

When that happens, it's not just "some features" that no longer work -- *none* of them do, with the exception of Explorer, which MS kindly allows you to use to get your most important stuff off the system before you need to reboot...

Apple unwraps trio of aluminium iMacs

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Look at the bright side...

...now is probably a good time to get one of the old iMacs, either as a refurb or as a clearance item. What you get then is a solid graphics card which can handle Linux (for your multi-booting needs) and better-looking peripherals.

The return of the ransom-ware Trojan

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re: DMCA

Kaspersky Lab is a russian company if memory serves -- they're not subject to the DMCA.