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IBM loses mainframe docs down the back of the web, customers cry 'sabotage'


Re: Industry Standard

I miss docs.hp.com. HP has changed its documentation strategy so much, and its domain as well, that I rarely create hyperlinks to their documentation or white papers anymore.

Apple grounds AirPort once and for all. It has departed. Not gonna fly any more. The baggage is dropped off...



For those of you saying you'll keep your AirPort going for the next 5 years, Apple probably won't be pushing security patches during that time.

Instead, you might consider wifi produced by a former Apple engineer. Ubiquiti Networks makes some fine hardware. (Its stock hasn't done that poorly either.)

Even Microsoft's lost interest in Windows Phone: Skype and Yammer apps killed


Re: sigh...

count your blessings.

I bought an HP Veer one month before Apoteker killed the platform. I bought a Windows phone to replace it.

I guess it is time to get an iphone.

Prez Trump's $60bn China tariff plan to hit tech, communications, aerospace industries


us treasuries

If China really wanted to have fun, it could dump its US treasuries.

Tower ProLiants on the warpath: HPE takes on Dell 'n' white-box gang in SMB space


No epyc towers

too bad there aren't any AMD epyc or ryzen towers. If there were, I'd buy one today. I'm not buying a new Xeon tower system that could have a 30% performance hit due to an Intel fumble.

HP Inc – the no-drama one – is actually doing fine with PCs, printers


Re: Credit where credit due

I'd say all their business class systems are second to none. I have an elitedesk 705 G1 desktop mini. It has been great so far. (coming up on four years old.) It came with a 3yr warranty, with next day onsite service. Pretty good for something that cost $800. I've used that warranty once.

As an additional bonus, I'm still able to download firmware updates for the system. These occur automatically at boot time. Had this been an HPE system, I'd have lost access to system firmware updates after the warranty ran out.

Yes, my next desktop system will be a business class HP system.

Texas says 'howdy' to completely driverless robo-cars on its roads



Terrific. Now, as a cyclist on Texas roads, I not only have to avoid texters, weaving old folks driving ancient pickups, DWI folks, and the odd cowboy spitting tobacco juice on me, but now I will also have to avoid driverless cars. Heck, my new car can only handle lane change avoidance on highways with lane markings. How's a driverless vee-hickle going to avoid a cyclist on an old country road (both paved and unpaved) that lacks lane markings?

Make America Wait Again: Trump hasn't stopped H-1B visas


Trump H-1b flip flop

According to the Washington Post, two of Trump's 282 campaign promises concern H-1b visas:


#87: **expand** the number of H-1b visas.

#88: get rid of the H-1b visa program.

I'm guessing that neither of these promises will be kept.

America halts fast processing of H-1B skilled worker visas


Trial Run

As a presidential candidate, Trump promised to both eliminate the H-1b program, and he also promised to expand the program.

So, this is a trial run by the Trump administration. If, over the next six months, tech work in the US gets moved out of the country, then Trump will open the floodgates for more H1b visas. If, on the other hand, more US citizens get hired, then he'll tighten up the H-1b visas further.

Apple sued by parents of girl killed by driver 'distracted by FaceTime'


Since this is Texas, the driver likely won't give a shit, and if acquitted, will go on to do the same thing again. (I often read about Texas drivers that have 5 and 6 DWI (driving while intoxicated) convictions. And yes, I live in Texas.)

HP Ink COO: Sorry not sorry we bricked your otherwise totally fine printer cartridges


Re: I took my home printer to the tip a few weeks ago. (brother printers)

And I have a brother All In One. It replaced a brother printer. I've been very happy with these brother devices. I used to work for HP. I tried to be a dedicated HP employee who only bought HP products. I ended up buying a sledge hammer to take out my frustrations on HP printers. HP Printer Angst motivated me to buy Brother hardware.

HP doorsteps Apple shoppers at the altar of dreams


Re: The problem with the HP kit no matter how good it is, is...

So buy your HP kit at the Microsoft Store. The Microsoft signature edition has no bloatware, no third party (aka HP) software.

The difference between Mac and Apple is that the Mac is running UNIX. Now, if HP wanted to license HP-UX, and resume the port to x86, and then hire some quality software developers to upgrade the CDE interface and the available tools ... but that will never happen.

Star Trek film theory: 50 years, 13 films, odds good, evens bad? Horta puckey!


Re: Well, I pretty much love all of it

The episodes provided some good lines, as well, such as "Do you want me to manufacture a lie?"

US tech college ITT is not pining for the fjords. It is no more. It has gone and met its maker


H1Bs at ITT

I find it surprising that ITT Educational Services had 17 requests for H1B visas:


And ITT Technical Services needed H1Bs to hire instructors:


Their own graduates were weren't technically capable of filling ITT Ed's needs?

Crashing PC sales don't stop HP Inc releasing two new ones



Given the name, Elite Slice, this is probably a business class system.

I have an EliteDesk 705 G1 desktop mini that developed a power issue. I expected to exchange twenty emails with HP, chat with someone in Hinglish, and then have to swap hardware myself. Imagine my surprise when I was contacted by HP and a repair tech was scheduled to come out to my house to fix my system.

I've never considered warranty when purchasing a desktop system, but I was glad to have it. As a result, I've been recommending Elite class systems to others.

Since my lowly G1 has a PCIe x4 m.2 drive slot, I'd guess that the Elite Slice does as well. This new system could be a speedy little thing.

It is great to see HP moving more into the very small form factor market. I'll probably be taking a closer look at this device, or its successor, in a few years.

OMG: HPE gobbles SGI for HPC. WTF?


Re: Hewlett Packard

I always thought it was "where once proud operating systems go to die."

<- Apollo

<- Convex

-> Agilent

<- Compaq

<- EDS

<- 3com

<- Palm

<- Autonomy

-> HP Inc

<- Aruba

<- SGI

HPE – yours for $40bn?


I wonder how much ol' Meg will get if HPE is bought out and liquidated.

Hillary Clinton: My promises to America's tech industry


That huge document, and other than green cards for foreign grad students, not one word about increasing or decreasing the H1b visas.

I guess that ham radio operators can kiss their GHz allocations goodbye, as she re-allocates spectrum.

US computer-science classes churn out cut-n-paste slackers – and yes, that's a bad thing



Now companies will say that they need H1B visa holders for entry level positions.

US House okays making internet tax exemptions permanent


USE tax

Some states, like CA and TX, have a USE tax. Eg, if no sales tax is applied to the purchase by the company, then the individual making the purchase must pay a 'use' tax at the same rate as a sales tax. In Texas, the way to pay the 'use' tax is quite antiquated: print off a form, fill it out, attach a check, and mail it in. It is so onerous that I go out of my way to find a company with a presence in TX so I don't have to pay the use tax.

But lots of my friends to out of their way to find a company that doesn't pay the sales tax. Of course, they are all tax dodging Repubicans.

HPE's private London drinking club: Name that boozer



ya'll got it wrong. my local starbucks has applied for a liquor license. There's probably just a starbucks located inside this HP Enterprise facility, which is common at other facilities.

HPE to open private London drinking club


Re: alternative name

Welcome, to TheMachine

Michigan sues HP after 'botched' $49m upgrade leaves US state in 1960s mainframe hell


interesting reading

The following make for interesting reading:




America's crackdown on open-source Wi-Fi router firmware – THE TRUTH


ham radio

This is the first thrust by the FCC to get rid of all ham radio bands above HF. If this FCC proposal takes effect, we can kiss broadband hamnet goodbye. Goodbye to all the HSMM links between hospitals in Texas; time to downgrade your speeds to winlink speeds. No more self training of hams with new technologies. (The US government really doesn't want any more local STEM graduates.) If US hams want to play with hardware, they'll just have to dust off their soldering irons and create a tried and true superhet transceiver (coming up on a century old).


I think I'm gonna go buy some Ubiquiti hardware to supplement the hardware that I already own, and use after modification, which runs openWRT. Anyone want a FUFCC t-shirt?

Introducing the Asus VivoMini UN42 – a pint-sized PC, literally


hp stream mini

I think the hp stream mini, which has pretty much the same specs as this Asus, is cuter.

A dual-SIM smartphone in your hand beats two in the bush



dual sim's are great in Texas, where some of the carriers are a bit spotty. (there's an asian version of the lumia 640 which is dual sim. So far Windows has been delightful.)

Toyota recalls 625,000 hybrids: Software bug kills engines dead with THERMAL OVERLOAD



that's what you get for not programming in Ada ...

Microsoft SLASHES 7,800 bods, BURNS $7.6bn off books in Nokia adjustment


lumia 640 ... Like!

Bummer. I happen to like my dual SIM Lumia 640. It is much better than my previous phone, the HP Veer. And even as a UNIX admin, I like the Windows interface. (Guess I won't be getting a powershell app on the lumia 640 anytime soon :( )

North America down to its last ~130,000 IPv4 addresses


value of class A network on resale market

I wonder when we'll start to see companies, that have class A networks, listing the value of their class A networks on their balance sheets.

I also gotta wonder why a company that sells printers, computers, servers, enterprise services, and networking equipment is incapable of converting over to IPv6, thus permitting it to sell its two class A networks.

In 2011, the value of this unnamed company's two class A networks was placed at $378M. Surely their value has risen since then. That'd certainly make some fine executive bonuses, particularly for a company that is soon to double the number of its executives ... :(

Time's running out, though, as more folks switch over to IPv6...

Intel's new chips are from 'Purley' – know what I mean? Know what I mean? Say no more


Re: There's always one...

Maybe Intel's referring to HP's memristors.

Get off the phone!! Seven out of ten US drivers put theirs and your lives at risk



Last time Texas had a bill approved to ban texting while driving, Rick Perry killed it.

If you wanna see how prevalent texting while driving is, just watch people driving by at night; many have a phone glow on their faces.

It has gotten so bad that I've begun thinking of converting my Subaru (with a big wide sunroof) into a technical so that I can mount a howitzer and blow those effing morons off the road ...

HP wag has last laugh at US prez wannabe with carlyfiorina.org snatch


Demon Sheep

Gotta love the source for carlyfiorina.org. In the comments at the top of the page is a Demon Sheep, and a bonus page.

Non-American nerds jam immigration pleading for right to live in the US


L-1B visa

Don't forget about the L-1B visa. Obama recently said "And this could benefit hundreds of thousands of non-immigrant workers and their employers, that in turn, will benefit our entire economy and spur additional investment."

200k workers trumps 65k workers any day ...

Last I heard there were still thousands of houses in foreclosure. 200k new workers could fix that problem pretty easily...

Pre-split HP flops out plan to keep its sales pecker up


Re: Interesting strategy

You forget that HP has two PC arms: there's the commodity PCs sold to consumers: HP Pavilion and the like. And then there's the business class PCs, which include the Z class workstations, the EliteDesk systems and some other lower grade systems, sold to corporations. As far as I know, the latter is staying with HPE. So, if desktop systems ever rise again, HPE will be there to provide you with what you want.

Words to put dread in a sysadmin's heart: 'We are moving our cloud from Windows to Linux'


Re: Don't go Windows, and if you do, keep your options open

Well, for one thing, HP only provides drivers for its Proliant systems for RHEL and SUSE. With Debian, you have to jump through hoops. Eg, HP only provides linux drivers for OSes that are Enterprise class.


Re: Those who go into *nix tend to learn how to do things properly ...

I love your comments. I'm gonna print them out and post them on my cube for others to see. Fantastic. (I'm another UNIX bigot. God curse donatelli for canceling the port of HP-UX to Xeon...)

Meg Whitman: The lady IS for TURNING. HP to lob printers'n'PCs OVERBOARD


Whither corporate headquarters?

What I want to know is, where will the corporate headquarters of each company be? EDS's headquarters building is still available in Texas. And are there still a number of Compaq buildings available in Houston for the PC arm? Opportunity to move both corporate headquarters out of California to Texas? Or is there a possibility for an inversion here and move HP (both arms) out of the US?

And who gets all of the IPv4 IP addresses? HP has two class A network blocks. (won't that be a fun split....)

HP says it will sue former Autonomy CFO Sushovan Hussein


Re: Irrespective of Autonomy..

The fault lies with the accounting firms who vetted Autonomy. According to this:


there were 15 companies that said that the Autonomy deal was copacetic. If you can't trust accounting firms, then audited financial statements in an annual report are just garbage.