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CIA re-orgs to build cyber-snooping into all investigations


This same old shit has been happening since at least 1999 that I know of with Echelon in Menwith Hill, England. (not to mention TEMPEST and CARNIVORE before that) A friend of mine in the Army started out at that station as soon as he graduated high school and is now pulling in $200k doing the same shit at Fort Meade. WHY IS THIS NEWS?? NO ONE ELSE'S CLASSMATES SIGNED UP FOR THIS YEARS AGO?? Or is it because everyone knows how the internet works now and everyone has a stronger understanding of technology and a stronger personal belief in privacy now? Or is it because these are not "rumors" anymore they are "facts" now and everyone feels violated and scared? #OldNews

Google offers 'INFINITY MILLION DOLLARS' for bugs in Chrome


Re: Try rendering CBC.ca without crashing for once in your pathetic life...

Works fine for me. Maybe you have something else installed causing problems, or a toolbar, or its already been fixed since you posted this? You should have used a Bit.ly link instead to one of your YouTube or pay per click videos/sites to make some money. Next time!

Chaos reigns as Coms plc CEO tries (fails) to stage boardroom coup


How dumb can you be? Just have a friend buy stocks for you and split the money or pay him a fee. Simple!

Calling all cybercrooks: Ready-made phone attack rig for sale


I don't see what the big deal is other than it being an annoyance. Just a cat and mouse game of blocking those numbers just like we do for spam. Similarly, CDMA/GSM/3G jammers that jails and movie theaters used to use. I think those are illegal now though so people can call 911 when a kid dressed up as the joker starts shooting while eating popcorn.

Nvidia U-turns on GTX 900M overclocking after gamer outrage


If you are a bitcoin baller on a budget, you could also get one of these things too: http://www.banggood.com/EXP-GDC-Laptop-External-PCI-E-Graphics-Card-p-934367.html

After USA FREEDOM Act's failure, what's next for mass surveillance?


In my 34 years, I've never had the pleasure of my door getting kicked in, phone call, visit by men in black, home raid or been put on the no fly list or stopped in customs crossing boarders. Is the system broken? Did my relatives working high up say leave him alone he's a good kid with a big mouth? I'll never know. Maybe they just like to go after journalists or people with millions of Twitter and FaceBook followers??


Lots of people have known what has been going on for decades, not just the people working in Fort Meade, so this doesn't really seem like big news to me. You know, with Tempest, Echelon, Menwith Hill England, etc. I guess it took 15 years for the internet to evolve and for more people to embrace technology and understand how electronics actually WORK and then once that's is in place, some guy with big balls to actually expose thousands of documents? So if all this was exposed 10 years ago or something there wouldn't have been that big of a shock and awe on the American citizens??

Researchers bypass Redmond's EMET, again


Show us the video again but with the firewall turned on or with ZoneAlarm installed. Pretty sure it won't be as easy peasy.

4chan outraged by Emma Watson nudie photo leak SCAM


fucking losers unhappy with your lives. get into I.T. or something...


Did I just get thumbed down by a janitor? LMFAO!


Seen all the pics already, blah blah. They aren't that good. There is plenty of way better stuff out there in 1080p to "fap" to. Just goes to show that "celebrities" or whatever the definition of that may be more "friends" or more "money" than you might have they are still ugly just like the rest of the people when they don't have their makeup on. Tired of it all? Quit your factory job canning tuna fish or mopping the floor and simply go to a few auditions. But yeah, if you got some credit card numbers or something from their iCloud then maybe.....

Microsoft tells judge: Hold us in contempt of court, we're NOT giving user emails to US govt


1. It must have been a pretty big drug ring or amount of said "drugs"

2. The retards didn't use encryption?! That's how the easy people get caught.

3. Just imagine how many "not so dumb" criminals and terrorists that DO use encryption actually succeed in their mission. I bet you aren't as mad and upset with us at the NSA now are you?

Ultimate hardware hack: Home Depot nailed by vice merchants


Re: re: DEBIT cards

Yep and if a person pumps gas and leaves without paying and if a person eats in a restaurant and leaves without paying (chew and screw, pump and dump, dine and dash) We need more PCI Compliance, employee social engineering training, etc. It's only going to get easier and worse and more common. Because people are harnessing the power of technology at the age of 5. Scary stuff. How do I know? Well, because I AM THE GUY THAT FIXED THESE 2 MESSES A COUPLE YEARS AGO: http://www.wired.com/2009/08/tjx-hacker-charged-with-heartland/ AND http://epic.org/privacy/vatheft/

Renegade NSA, GCHQ spies help fix Tor vulns, claims project boss


Re: LOL!

But what about when they get lie detector tested every 6 months or so and this is one of the questions?? Then they get demoted, maybe. And how do I know if anyone replies to this message or quotes me? It doesn't email me. I can't keep coming back to this page to check like some crazy mad man I got work to do....

Germany 'accidentally' snooped on John Kerry and Hillary Clinton


Use encryption when you need to and don't when you don't. Simple as that. Yeah it might be annoying we spy on you people but if we didn't then sometimes we might not get the bad guy. Kind of like when you go through your kid's top dresser drawer or look under their mattress. Gotta look out for their well being ya know? If you feel guilty doing whatever it is your doing then protect yourself and we'll move on to an easier target (or try to crack your algorithm depending on factors such as signal origin, destination, etc.)

iPhone 6 flip tip slips in Aussie's clip: Apple's 'reversible USB' leaks


Tripp Lite made these a long time ago. The middle part is thin enough to fit in either way and has the metal contacts on both sides so it will ALWAYS work. I know it's only 9 in the morning right now, so drink some coffee and take a peek at the USB port on your laptop and then you'll get it. End of discussion.

Snowden leaks show that terrorists are JUST LIKE US


Re: Removable batteries - and the SIM?

There are ways to extract information electromagnetically within a certain amount of feet away. Sending voltage through the air to turn on a device is also possible. Some research on TEMPEST as well and Van Eck phreaking when you have some free time should get your imagination going. Lots of ideas Tesla had years ago are in fact possible. YOU just won't hear about them for several years down the road.

Chinese Bitcoin farms: From scuzzy to sci-fi


Re: I've often wondered

Yeah but the problem is, some Japanese guy made them up years ago just for fun. Anybody could do that. It takes years and thousands of people to catch on and adopt and accept the concept. Kind of like fashion fads and slang terms but not quite as long. The latter can pop up again from 20 years ago too. I had about 200 bitcoins a few years ago before my online wallet got corrupted. I didn't really care at the time because they were only worth 5 bucks back then. But um.....yeah it sucks now.


NEVER! If you have access to a data center or other power source and return the video cards back to Walmart, Sam's Club, Target, etc before your 90 days is up and exchange for new ones) Wash, rinse, repeat, profit, wash, rinse.......


Funny how no one has mentioned Flourinert yet? ANOTHER liquid from 3M created several years ago. Used in Cray Supercomputers. I guess if you can overclock the chips (especially custom made boards or perhaphs some ATI Radeon ones) yes you can have some fun with breaking encryption and making a few bucks off bitcoins or at least that realized savings in energy costs can be put back into your company budget. I remember I had 6 ATI Radeon's litterally POUNDING away 24/7 in a data center I did some work for like 4 years ago (FREE electricity!). Got up to about 200 bitcoins and didn't really think much of it because they were only worth about $5 bucks at the time and I just did it for fun. Then my online wallet got corrupted somehow so I just gave up the hobby and used the video cards to crack WPA instead and lost interest in the coins. Well, turns out that was a $200,000 mistake. Oh well.

London cops cuff 20-year-old man for unblocking blocked websites


Re: Short term memory loss

1. ATI Radeon video cards + the ocl-hashcat program = bye bye wireless passwords.

2. 24dbi parabolic antennas can easily go a couple miles, sometimes more.

3. End of discussion.

Microsoft OneDrive tip-off leads to arrest over child abuse images


Nah, I'm pretty sure their messed up facial features and chubby peanut fingers would be as what Charles Ramsey calls a "Dead Giveaway!"

BAD VIBES: High-speed video camera records your voice from trash


Can someone say TEMPEST! VAN ECK PHREAKING! Let alone the old school laser beam eavesdropping trick, pfffft. The pretty blue and green blinking lights on your routers, switches and computer monitors emitting electromagnetic frequencies tell us some interesting things too.

Hacker crew nicks '1.2 billion passwords' – but WHERE did they all come from?


Can somebody say RAINBOW TABLES!!!! Wow this one blows that old rockyou.txt file out of the water. Good example of why using proper encryption with salts (back end) and strong user passwords (front end) changed every X amount of days is important. Also, don't use the same password for everything. I know it's getting tougher every year but it helps.