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Watch: FIRE-SPITTING time-lapse images of Sol showcase NASA's sun-gazing highs


What is really spitting from the sun is NOT fire but nuclear reaction which is not the same thing at all, the sun is converting Hydrogen in Helium.

Sorry to spoil the headline, there is no fire on the sun like the fire,that occurs on earth as a molecular reaction !

Why US Feds and g-men kick up a stink about a growing smartphone encryption trend


It seems as if the Feds and G men want total control to do just what they without interruption or intervention.Their very pursuit of total and absolute control of personal communication combined with a total lack of respect for the general public and the constitution is a clear indication that they are a threat to democracy perhaps even greater than the terrorist threat that are supposed to be in pursuit of.

The fact that don't even acknowledge the backlash they are getting from a disgruntled public is also disconcerting.Why would they be trying so hard to infuriate and alienate the very people they say they are trying to protect ? Why do they constantly come across as being arrogant and petulant when they don't get their own way ? George W. constantly referred to the word "freedom" when he espoused going to war with Iraq and Afghanistan.What exactly is freedom supposed to mean if the intelligence services of a country are constantly spying on a whole population because it thinks they might be involved in illegal activities.This is behavior more reminiscent of the sinister Stasi operations in East Berlin or the KGB in the USSR.Surely the people of this country and the countries in Europe stand for a higher standard of ethics and deserve better treatment than they are presently getting.

Robot cars to hit Blighty in 2015


I'm looking forward to the riderless bicycle.When that is introduced I won't have to bother with those infuriating bicycle clips and riding through puddles that send mud and water splashing up one's backside. I won't have to bother with being run off the road by lorry drivers that seem to do it for sport either as I can let the bike go off wherever it pleases and just concentrate on walking the dog.Maybe one day there will even be robotic dog leashes and I will be able to just stay in bed while it takes the dog for a walk.The future looks more exiting by the minute.


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