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WhatsApp laid bare: Info-sucking app's innards probed

Black Helicopters

Re: One day they will threaten to release all your data if you don't pay regular 'subscription' fees

No. They won't. The freely given data is far too valuable to threaten slowing down the data warehousing. After all, they are in competition with Google, the arch data-theft criminal, to utilise and monetise behavioural AI.

Safe Harbor 2.0: Judges to keep NSA spying in check – EU justice boss


What about ...

they treat non-US personal data as totally legally out-of-bounds, since they have no constitutional right to that data. It concerns citizens of other countries, and the determination of their criminality is not of American concern. No matter that any American may beg to differ. They can go fuck themselves, including any American commentard on here.

What they do with Americans' personal data is within their purvue and should be treated appropriately in accordance with American law.

Chocolate Factory plops Marshmallow on Android slabs


So far no OTA update available...

...for Nexus 7 2013...,

...and no update at all for Moto G 2nd Gen or any other Moto device, since they only do OTA updates...

According to Motorola on October 2nd:

"As for timing, we have high standards, so we’ll work fast but we won’t push the upgrades out until we know they’re ready. Look for more news on timing in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more details on upgrades for specific devices."

Don't panic, biz bods: A guide to data in the post-Safe Harbor world


Re: Legal Constructs to save the day?

Potential outcomes of: "If MS lose that case"...

1/ The US govt legally (in the US) demands that MS hand over over the data.

2/ MS EU giving the data to the US govt is illegal (in Ireland and every other EU member state), since the data pertains to citizens of EU member states, and must respect EU privacy legislation.

3/ Any citizen of any EU member state can bring legal proceedings against MS EU if they comply with the US govt demand for the data.

4/ The US govt can bring legal proceedings against MS if they do not comply with the US govt demand for the data.

5/ MS get sued either way. They will probably go the way of least collateral damage.

6/ Watch as the US IT corporate world either a) goes into meltdown, b) comes up with a new legal arrangement for their offshore entities that disconnect themselves completely from US ownership, and thus avoid compliance with US law.

7/ Watch the backlash against the US govt from the marketplace.

Russian hacker, nabbed in Spain, cops 4+ years for Citadel botnet


Re: chop chop

While you're at it, why not add the US, UK, all Gulf states, NZ, Oz, Canada and a few more to the list...?

White House 'deeply disappointed' by Europe outlawing Silicon Valley


Re: Esme America <> Americans

Matt Bry - Ant of a man feels a lot safer in any American city he has visited than he has in many parts of London, Paris or Berlin. Just goes to show how disconnected from reality these tunnel-vision types are.

Forgetting about how Matt or any other cultural infant "feels". Crime statistics show a completely opposite picture about "safety" in the US and virtually anywhere else in the world (outside of a war zone).

As with everything Mat says. Just reverse it and you will, in most cases, be approaching reality.

Silicon Valley now 'illegal' in Europe: Why Schrems vs Facebook is such a biggie


Re: Mainly a public sector issue

YAAC: "the USA can negotiate a special treaty with Ireland where the USA has access to all data held in Ireland."

No. It cannot.

Nor can any other EU member state as they would be in breach of the EU directive.

NSA? Illegal spying? EU top lawyer is talking out of his Bot – US gov


For Americans,...we confidently will declare ourselves the moral arbiters of right and wrong

And regardless of whether that was meant as humour or not.... You and every other Merikant and the horses you rode in on can go fuck yourselves yankee.

Rather than being a smart-arse, why not do something about the joke that is your broken, corrupt government and hence your broken "legal" system.

Apple CEO Tim Cook: Email keyword sniffing? We'd NEVER do that!


Re: Does the Nexus now come with a fine Merlot and Argentinian steak?

I am NOT drinking Merlot!

BlackBerry's tactical capitulation to Google buys time – and possibly a future


Re: I have said it before

I very much doubt you've said it before. Possibly something similar with the correct company name perhaps...?


Re: Look no further

i KNEW they should've called them bLuEberries...

Smartphone passcodes protected by the Fifth Amendment – US court


What iPhone? I only read SMART phone.

Lots of mostly anonymous, snivelling cowardly ASSumptions going on here...

Vodafone 'fesses up to hack of journalist's phone, denies 'improper behaviour'

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Re: One incident, two problems and no solution.

Plausible deniability may protect an individual or group's ass within a corporate internal structure, but has absolutely NO legal weight for protecting a corporate body from the misdoings of one of its employees.

Apple and Samsung are plotting to KILL OFF the SIM CARD - report


AC, DougS etc...

STFU you complete and utter cretins. Especially AC, fool of the month.

Benefit to the consumer? None.

Benefit to the manufacturer AND operator? Absolutely.

Follow the money, there is no other logical reason for this.

Micro-SIM size is NOT a problem in tablets or current phones.

Preventing removable backs, trays, slots are what Crapple and Shamedung are aiming at. An unopenable, unchangeable device. Taking away consumer choice.

No access to the internals? Then no need for removable, replaceable battery, you'll just have to replace your entire phone every year, when the limited life battery dies.

Remove MicroSD slots? Sure, then charge multiple times normal cost (like Crapple) for internal memory.

No physical SIM? Great, manufactuers can limit operators? Plenty of money to be made from that.

Operators have unprecedented control over number/phone combination?

What could go wrong...?


iPads already have them? So fucking what? They are NOT mobile phones, and the vast majority of people do not to roam with mobile enabled tablets. They roam with their mobile phones.

Crap crypto crackdown coming as FBI boss testifies to US Congress


Re: Anybody believe him?

Maths, LaeMing, maths... Short for mathematics, no matter what your US influenced language education tells you.

Five lightweight Linux desktop worlds for extreme open-sourcers


Re: Wasting time?

Fine for an easily grouped or well defined selection of files, but when you need to view and select many ad-hoc files from a directory of hundreds of files, then the GUI beats the pants out of any command line. It depends on what you need to do.

Samsung caught disabling Windows Update to run its own bloatware


Re: I'd hazard a guess

"...Nobody wants it, except your billy no mates 40 year old virgin 'online buddies' , who sit discussing which distro has the least crappy drivers..."

Says a truly cowardly specimen, who posts anonymously to avoid being called out, since he really is a clueless commenturd...

Facebook privacy policy change leaves Dutch stomping feet


Re: The zuck has blinked..

"They already have your details by using the barn-sized backdoor in Data Protection policies worldwide".

Did you miss the part where he said he never has, and never will have a facebook account?

Google, Amazon 'n' pals fork out for AdBlock Plus 'unblock' – report


Re: Sigh - @Vince

"I'm not convinced you've understood the reason we have advertising still (not saying I like it, but I'm living in a real world)."

Are you? Are you really? Are you really living on the real world? Really...?

No. I don't think so.

What exactly of what you describe as essential content would exist in a free internet with no advertising? That's right everything worth having.

The internets were just as absorbing and more interesting before commercial ventures like Microsoft and AOL inserted themselves into the picture against the wishes of the majority of users.

Advertising and the commercial internet and people like you who think they are big and clever, but really live with their head in the sky can go a take a flying fuck.


@Turtle: "Noscript already has many of the larger parasites whitelisted."

No. It most definitely does not.

If you have any sites in your Whitelist, then you put them there yourself. There is no other way for them to be there.

At least try to check your accusations BEFORE posting.

Yay for Tor! It's given us ransomware-as-a-service


Re: A Ghost...

"I'm sure you know it is not really a case of 'stupidity'.". - Eh? Yes. It is.

"Having said that, yes, some people are just really dumb. In fact, I'm beginning to wonder how deep this runs amongst the populace. I don't really see much evidence of higher thinking." - Changed your mind huh?

"Now my point is: Intelligence is a two way street. How god damned stupid are these people thinking that this shit works on anyone, that anyone could fall for that crap?" - Will you make up your mind?

"How god damned 'stupid' are the people that fall for this?" - So you've decided.

"The bloke was severely lacking in the IQ dept. But yet he is able to scam people out of hard cash. What does that say about the people he defrauds? Are they 'stupid'? No, I think not so much." - They are , they aren't....

"But no, after saying all that, I don't think that people who install screensavers are necessarily 'stupid' per se." - Changed your mind again?

"Was I stupid to trust a reputable site?" - Dunno. Were you?

"Sorry, it just rankles me a bit when I hear 'techy' people using the word 'stupid' or 'luser' to describe other humans who don't think along the same lines as them. Then again, maybe you were right after all. Some people are just fucking dumb!" - I couldn't make this up. Brilliant.

Big sales growth nothing to do with NSA fears - Huawei top brass


Re: I don't think China is doing much more espionage than other countries are not doing...

"Over the last several decades China has not invaded anyone, bombed anyone, drone attacked anyone, or opened any new military bases outside of its own borders. Food for thought"

You've never heard of Tibet then, have you?

Multiple fondling on the MIGHTY 12-INCH iOS 9 SLAB — so, so close now


Re: So who said that Apple ever did anything that was new?

"Apple's....blah...blah...blah...ad infinitum...blah...

Have a nice weekend :-)"

Fuck off you smarmy fanboi twat.

IBM: We're the reassuringly expensive cloud


Re: Nothing changes

No, you get the thumbs down, because IBM always were and always will be a bunch of overpaid assholes...

WHY can't Silicon Valley create breakable non-breakable encryption, cry US politicians


Re: there's Safe Harbor, but I don't know that it's bulletproof...

It's not. It demostrably failed in the first year of "implementation" and every year subsequently. It is purely a marketing effort to attempt to hoodwink EU citizens that US companies could be trustworthy advocates and handlers of their data. They are not, can not, nor ever will be. The attitude regarding data privacy and security just isn't there in the US landscape. Any further attempts to lie and/or exaggerate how "well" US companies take care of your data will be hopefully met with appropriate derision by all stakeholders.

Android gets biometric voice unlocking


Re: More erosion of my respect for the google--BAD security

"Whatever happened to the non-EVIL and competent google of so few years ago?"

You have to be joking, right? Since when has Google, the marketeer since birth, been non-EVIL?

Cross-dressing blokes storm NSA HQ: One shot dead, one hurt


Re: JustWiz If only the NSA protected MY information with such zeal.

Ah! GCHQ's Matt-the-TWAT-Bryant pokes his idiotic head above the parapet again.

It must be justify-mass-spying-prevents-terrorism time again.

US still hoarding zero-day app vulnerabilities, say EFF campaigners


Re: EFF is pointless

No. It is not. However comments such as yours are.

The EFF and others bring to light the gravity of the situation to far more ignorant masses than would otherwise be the case.

They push the buttons of the NSA et al to prove to those who care how underhanded they those types actually are. Without this continuous pressure, publicity, outrage, AND legal process, the white-washing would soon have the ignorant many back thinking that everything is normal again.

The EFF will NEVER let that happen, so long as the unethical (you included) are taking the piss.

SanDisk launches 200GB microSD card


Re: You mean real GigaBytes?

Lusty: An argument like swiss cheese. The rabid dog must be let loose on you.

All RAM memory uses binary version of kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte. All operating systems including Mac OSX v10.5 (Leopard) and earlier, along with Microsoft Windows, and all bar one version of Linux use the Base 2 system. In fact Apple are one of the very few of the hipster brigade to jump on the decimal prefix marketing bandwagon, and they are blatantly incorrect.

Binary calculation is the proper form and the only correct one with respect to anything based upon a bit or a byte, since data is inherently binary and NOTHING the marketing twats can do will ever change that. Or maybe you would like to change the laws of physics to suit your metric notion of the computer bit?

Data is always in binary and since the beginning of computing 8 Bits=1 Byte and 1 KB = 1024 B. The Metric system is not and never was used in anything computer/electronic based including anything related to the binary nature of the data itself. The notional decimal figures used in various devices is purely marketing claptrap, since the devices themselves are binary based and all store binary data.

The metric translation of 1 KB= 1000 B, which is entirely incorrect, started as a marketing scheme by storage media companies as the average buyer had no idea on the subject and the "bigger number is better" mentality sells. The terms GiB, TiB, etc are quite recent and were coined up by the same storage media companies when various groups (programmers etc) started complaining about the incorrect use of MB,GB, etc.

Nowhere, except at Apple, are the terms MiB, GiB, etc used because they are simply bogus.

Kaspersky Lab hits back at Bloomberg's Russian spy link hit piece

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Re: "You can trust US", says Uncle Sam - yeah, right!

"Of course US are good guys compared to Russia. You really do not see the difference between democracy and a post-communist mafia-style country?"

You are being facetious I assume. The US a democracy? I think not:


More similar to Russian oligarchy than most free societies.

Snowden tells tech bigwigs: It's up to you to thwart mass surveillance


What democracy?


Hackable media box based on the Raspberry Pi compute module: Five Ninjas Slice


Who are you? The Medieval (Pi)per...?

with your LEDs shining forth, and cardboard twixt drive and PCB...

Angry Austrian could turn Europe against the US - thanks to data


US-EU Safe Harbour paradoxical agreement

The US-EU Safe Harbour agreement benefits only one party to the agreement: the US and its commercial interests.

It is a fraudulent agreement which pretends to protect data privacy of EU citizens to the same extent as EU legislation. It has never worked and never will. EU politicians selling out EU citizerns legal protection.

The US is one of a handful of countries with NO data privacy or data protection legislation. Pretty obvious why. A country gone spectacularly wrong. Heading into major police state just as bad as every country they have accused of same over the decades.


Re: Here's hoping.

"The US seems to have the idea that everything connected with the internet is their private property"

Just the internet? Don't you mean the entire planet, solar system and the rest of the universe?

US court rubber-stamps dragnet metadata surveillance (again)


Re: Marketing Slack The FISA court is worthless...

@Made Biased: "You seem to have glossed over the bit about the FISC being made up of qualified judges and using laws, not whimsy."

Are you seriously putting that forward as an argument for the "legitimacy" of this kangaroo court?

US Senators hope to crack down on the trade of private information

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Re: Sounds interesting, but....That's progress.

Hardly. The US has one of the worst records of any civilised country regarding data privacy and/or protection.

Litecoin-mining code found in BitTorrent app, freeloaders hit the roof


Re: "You hold Epic Scale next to something like a [browser] toolbar, and it's night and day."

Actually it's worse.

With the toolbar you can see that someone has changed your system, and then take a remedy. With Epic Fail, you may not notice it is there until your machine dies an early death from overheating.

Someone calculated the monetary benefit to BitTorrent Inc for allowing this crapware to be bundled vs the cost of extra electricity across the uTorrent population. It was something like $2500 vs $230000.


Re: Share and share alike, innit?

It is NOT a few CPU cycles. It states and uses at least 20% of your CPU even when you are trying to use it yourself. Some users reported their machines overheating.


Re: Better this than being part of a bot net

Eh? It IS part of a bot net!


Re: If something is free...

Not necessarily.


Re: "buying that Blu-Ray in the first place" - "You have the chance to opt out"

No. You didn't.

During the malware installing period of infection, for some of those doing a uTorrent upgrade there were no prompts at all, and the Epic Scale malware was installed silently without the user knowledge.

For new installs many people did not get the "Accept" or "Decline" option, or even any reference to Epic Scale at all, but still had the bitcoin miner silently installed without their knowledge.

Other new installs did get the notification and declined and did not have the software installed.

BitTorrent Inc have already admitted all of this.

Some others even did fresh installs of a previous version, and set uTorrent to NOT accept any updates, and yet still had an Epic Scale folder created on their hard drive.

The upshot is that BitTorrent Inc was not being upfront with what was being tested and/or bundled with uTorrent from at least January until about a day ago.

If you installed or upgraded uTorrent within that time period you should check your system. I would not be surprised to see more than just Epic Scale software installed without permission.

Massive FAIL by BitTorrent Inc. However, it's been on the cards ever since they took over uTorrent. They are just another adware promoting entity where the "product" is unimportant provided the real product (you) is targeted.

Firefox 36 swats bugs, adds HTTP2 and gets certifiably serious


Re: I want my status bar at the bottom back.

Try The Addon Bar FF extension...

Facebook security chap finds 10 Superfish sub-species


All your secure tunnel are belong to us...

...you have no chance to survive. Make your time...

Why does the NSA's boss care so much about backdoors when he can just steal all our encryption keys?


Re: Note that once it's know that the backdoor *exists*

They can backdoor all they like.

Remember this:

1. The code is effectively all open source, and perfect for any amopunt of forks.

2. The smartest are not those working for the three lettered organisations.

3. The online world will migrate away from the five eyes domains of control.

4. Some suitable neutral territory will see the gap in the market and fill it.


Re: "We fully comply with the law"

Come on! Own up you yellow bellied coward.

Who is the Cupid Stunt downvoting the first and second posters' perfectly valid points?

Did NSA, GCHQ steal the secret key in YOUR phone SIM? It's LIKELY


Re: The Five-Eyes-Of-Sauron are Legalized Criminals...

Excellent post by the originating Op.

Add to that this question. Who created this situation?

Answer: primarily European monarchies with their global conquest and colonisation, and then Jewish bankers in their unquenchable thirst for power. Subsequently US hegemony with European ex-monarchies apparently tagging along for the ride. However, it has all been controlled by the banking super-elite untouchables in the British City of London for the last century. Rothchilds are right at the top of the list. Controlling US Federal Reserve and US media. Walking hand in hand with WASP controlled military-industrial complex and global weapons trade corporations. Russia started too late to be a winning player. China and anyone else were never players to begin with.


Re: Bloody teenager

Spy on your enemies, not your friends, and certainly not your own citizens. Fool.


Re: whos really affected by this?

Meanwhile back on Planet Earth where absolute power corrupts absolutely...


Re: Future imperfect

"Just as the Ruskies got nuclear thanks to Brit and Yank traitors & double agents,"

BOLLOCKS. They got nuclear exactly one year in advance of their own program due to the spies. It made no difference in the scheme of Russian nuclear tech or the cold war. So your argument is one without a point.

Big Brother

Re: The Five-Eyes-Of-Sauron are Legalized Criminals...

@Brownnose: which part of GCHQ do you work for?