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'Mac worm' hacker in death threat farce

Joe S.


Anonymous Coward wrote it:

"I was a Windows programmer and user for 20 years but got sick of the patch updates..."

Oh, yes sure. That's all you have to say- we got who you are, trust me.

"and real "science" in the US labs used Macs out of choice."

Sheesh... this is one of the most worn-off fake posts that fake Windows-switchers/programmers/sysadmins/researchers/etc (= zealot Mac fan) used to post since the beginning of digital age - how about some creativity when it comes to faking posts, fanboys? :)

How about some actual facts when it comes to replying to anyone? Instead we get the usual MS waterboy nonsense. Check this forum who is responding? Why, it's the usual MS zealots & their ilk armed with nothing but insults & low on facts. Cheap name calling tactics & ready to hump Billyboys leg at the drop of a hat. Wow! some unknown coward who took money from some unknown source to expose a hole in Apple's OS got an alleged death threat! Must be true...after all the credible source with no name or accountability says so. Talk about no signs of rational thought.

There may be a hole in OSX...but this person has no credibility. Bill Gates himself has spouted that Vista is the most secure OS on the planet.

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/6313981.stm (many more of these articles)

Where is this this "Experts" outrage over those statements? Another MS waterboy carrying the FUD.

Apple has never stated that their OS is more secure than anything on the planet or that it is invulnerable. Their commercials stated that the 100,000 plus viruses & 10,000 plus pieces of malware out there that affect Windows don't affect the Mac OS. Which is essentially true. Most Mac users know that OSX is not invulnerable. Nothing is. They just know that it was built on a better foundation than Windows ever was. That's not being smug...just being honest. Same with Linux users. Better foundation. I'd like to know who paid this guy to do this. That would be a story.


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