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TalkTalk CuffCuffs 'ScamScam CrimCrims'

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Well check this! When I joined TalkTalk it was with a BT number, no problems until I called customer services for something. After each time I called I used to be plagued with these calls.

I moved and TalkTalk gave me a new phone number, a number allocated by them. I was plagued even more with scam calls.

I switched to BT and for some reason they ported over my number which I didn't want anymore, strangely as soon as I switched to BT, the scam calls stopped.

I reported this issue to Dido Harding, I received no response from anyone at TalkTalk.

This goes to show what a bad company TalkTalk really is and they have no right to challenge BT on Openreach, TalkTalk invest very little on infrastructure and by the looks of it they spend very little on customer services.

If BT gets EE, it will trigger EU treasure hunt for fixed lines

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BT wireless which became mmo2 was a mobile network that covered Holland,Germany,Ireland and the UK

The spin off of Manx telecom was also incorporated into mmo2

My point is, they should have sold off the dutch,German and possibly the Irish arms of the business. They should have retained BT Cellnet and genie but still rebrand it to O2 as the BT Cellnet brand was falling behind Orange at the time. They should have also kept Manx telecom as it is an important part of developing the UK's telecoms infrastructure and is also a monopoly, so it was a good revenue source.

Manx telecom has been home to testing 3G and 4G and also IP fixed line services.

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Re: Goodbye EE

That's a bit extreme!

But you do realise that Telefonica O2 depends heavily on BT, from backhaul to 4G roll out, BT are involved, even national data roaming is or already has gone over to BT following vodafones take over of Cable and Wireless.

A few years ago, a deal was reached to merge the O2 mobile and fixed line network into a single core network within BT.

As for vodafone, data is incredibly slow and considering that they hold the largest amount of 4g

G spectrum, they are going really slow!

BT: Hey guys, we've developed NEW MOBE TECH! It’s called... 2G

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2G will be around for a while yet.

4G is not really suitable for calls and VoLTE is very low. 3G signals do not travel as far as 2G and is why 3G only networks have poor coverage particularly indoors.

But 2G for phone calls is just fine, why get rid of something that works well and then replace it with something expensive with less reliability.


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