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Click here to see the New Zealand livestream mass-murder vid! This is the internet Facebook, YouTube, Twitter built!


Although the internet has come into people's lives pretty much devoid of precedence in terms of rules and regulations, it should be recognized that if a service is to generate revenue from a given country, the laws of that country must be adhered to. So far, this has never been done and the internet companies making money out of this unfettered access are doing it with the knowledge that they need to voluntarily put up the necessary resources to ensure laws of countries they have access to are adhered to.

A sizable portion of their profits are money that rightly should be spent on filtering their content and making them suitable for each country's consumption. It should be understood that freedom of expression/speech and rights of access differ from country to country. In one country, freedom of speech may include any thing from the filthiest to the responsible, whilst in another you have freedom of responsible, accountable speech. In one country, a person's rights may include the right not to respect anyone, whilst in another you have the right to responsible behavior from others. Thus, using the lame excuse that the internet should be kept free from any form of regulations is just an excuse to not be accountable for one's actions and to conveniently free oneself from having to moderate the service content to be in line with a country's established laws. And that, coincidentally, works wonders for the bottom line.

Soz fanbois, Apple DIDN'T invent the smartphone after all



Somehow a phone becomes smart when it has internet browser and email. A phone should only be called smart if it is very easy to use even to those new to the device. It must also anticipate user's actions, and know beforehand what a user is trying to do. Apple devices have the uncanny ability to do that. In comparison, all the other devices were positively dumb. I should know - I used almost all good phones through the years, Oki, Moto, Ericsson, Sony, Nokia, BB, etc. Add to that PDAs such as Palm, Treo, and others. When I opened my first iPhone and started using it, I knew the real deal has arrived.

Apple says banks can't touch iPhone NFC without harming security


Re: Comparison Off

Not really. If you design a lightning cable, do it in full compliance to the product. Then it will work as well as the ones Apple make. If I buy non-Apple accessories, I will try to get it from reputable brands just to be sure. Brands like Verbatim, Belkin, and such. I don't think Apple bothers to 'bork' accessories.


Re: The Garden Walls Keep Me Out Anyway

Too bad such devices would not be useful to you. I am starting to try out Siri and so far, it is quite useful. When driving, without taking my eyes off the road I can press the Home button for two seconds, then after the car music automatically pipes down, I can say, "Call Thomas", or, "Take a note", or "Remind me to take my medicine at 3". Stuffs like that. And it works like a charm. It really feels like having a professional personal assistant right next to you. Of course, if your hand hurts, then turn on the "Hey Siri" option and you're good to go.

"where I not only do I not have to touch the things, I am told not to do so" - LOL


Comparison Off

Everyone is free to design their own phones to sell, including any payment system they can design in. Apple will never do anything to compromise the security and quality of their products. But everyone is free to sell accessories and design apps for Apple products. What walled garden? Just look at the plethora of accessories around you - earphones, portable speakers, hifi systems, power banks, phone covers, charging cables, charging adapters; anyone can make any of these, and none will impact the security and quality of the Apple products you buy. If I don't like Apple, I can get Samsung. Cartel? Complete bollocks, as you might say.

Facebook to forcefeed you web ads, whether you like it or not: Ad blocker? Get the Zuck out!


FB Useful

Facebook is useful. With it, it is easier to join in discussions with a lot of sites. I just very seldom go into Facebook itself.

Selfie sticks BANNED by Apple: No hipster tools' tools allowed at WWDC


Re: 100MB zipped?

I don't think the 100MB is for the code only. It is for an application showcasing their strengths and eligibility, possibly with animation and whatever else they could muster.

Woman caught on CCTV performing drunken BJ blew right to privacy


Privacy in Public Places

Moron - wanting privacy whilst doing things in public.

Broadband routers: SOHOpeless and vendors don't care


Good Password(s) inadequate?

The first things I do when putting a consumer router to use is to change the admin password and set up the wifi password. Assuming my password strength is high, would that be enough? Or are hackers able to get in without hacking my passwords? Is there a list of routers where hackers can control without knowing the passwords?

Apple CEO Tim Cook: TV is TERRIBLE and stuck in the 1970s


I love TV in the 70s

Where I came from, TV had only 3 channels then. Press a button to turn it on, turn a knob to select one of the channels, and you're done. The resolution may not be that high, but we never had to live with the pixellated artifacts and the occasional frame freezes so common today. I remember upgrading to a Telefunken touch-sensor modern-looking TV in the late 70s. When the weather got humid, the channels will change randomly on its own. Fun.

NUDE SELFIE CLOUD PERV menace: Apple 2FA? Sweet FA, more like


Re: Ah but they didn't used Password

The cloud is safe because of the measures in place. Users have to follow the instructions given to take advantage of the safety measures. Users also have to know that if a so-called friend were to use your mobile device, your photos can be easily copied out. Then your friend can post it by declaring they hacked into iCloud instead of admitting to stealing data from a friend. As an IT person since the early eighties, I don't put important stuff in remote servers. Think about it: those servers are set up by someone, and obviously those people can have unfettered access to anything in the servers. You trust them? Snowden?

HP busts out new ProLiant Gen9 servers


Re: Am I getting old?

Hey, you just pushed me into the stone age. I was there even before Digital developed the Alpha chip. I was there buying and using Alpha servers, then after DEC was swallowed by Compaq, I took to buying and using Proliants. But the Proliants then were less reliable than the DEC's servers, or it seemed to me then. Yea, the good old days...

Snowden is FREE to ESCAPE FROM RUSSIA, say officials


Offer Snowden a job

Those who support what Snowden did should offer him a job. I could imagine him working for Apple, then he will be drawing two salaries - one hefty amount from Apple, and twice that from Samsung. Any job offers from Microsoft? Wall Street? Banks? After all, there is the added advantage that if Snowden works for you, it proves that your organization has nothing to hide.

Japanese boffins invent 4.4 TREEELLION frames per second camera



At that frame rate, it will be able to capture light travelling a minuscule 0.068 millimeter between frames. Maybe my calculator (or my brain) cannot handle the digits.

London cops cuff 20-year-old man for unblocking blocked websites


Re: Jolly good work.

Those execs who sell their works on the internet totally ignore the fact that the internet is paid for by all those millions of subscribers and the execs are making use of the internet's reach without paying a single cent for them. For example, assuming 10,000 subscribers of 100Mbps broadband, and only 1,000 of these are customers of, say, Netflix. And if these 1,000 Netflix users routinely watch movies and make use of 90% of the available bandwidth of these 10,000 internet subscribers, is Netflix stealing bandwidth from the other 9,000 internet subscribers?

Forgot About Dre? Not us. Euro bods give nod to Apple and Beats deal


Re: Look, it takes a nation of millions to hold us back...

With the equipment I have, I don't think I can hear any differences between 320kbps and lossless. The most expensive headphones I ever bought is a measly 100 bucks affair and then it is to listen to handheld devices. But with super high-end equipment where components are rated to faithfully reproduce sounds from source to output at 0 to 20khz, and with the hearing capacity of a young man, then maybe some subtle differences can be detected. But then again, it could border on the subjective, since different equipment would sample digital content and reproduce them differently, leading to perhaps a bit of colouring of sound. If I were to choose between 320bitrate and lossless? Lossless of course. But that is today's choice at today's storage costs. Years back I thought I was already being a spendthrift using nothing less than 256bitrate. The last time I tested my ears, I am deaf beyond 11khz, so yes, I should be happy with even 192bitrate.

HDMI, thy end is near: Qualcomm's Wilocity gobble will let mobes, tabs beam 4K vid to TVs


Not So Fast

Watching a video at a distance where, without turning my head I can see the whole screen, the good old trusty 55" Full-HD TV is as good as one can get, You cannot make out the pixels and that is equivalent to the retina display of Apple's products. If my 55" is a 4K display, and I still view it at the same distance as before, would it make any difference? If I have an iPad, which has a retina display that displays brilliantly a foot from my face, I should buy the newest 4K TV so that I can transmit via WiGig to it a few feet away, and watch it on the TV at a distance that still cover the same angle of view visually? And possibly get warmed up by the intense radiation spewing non-stop from mobile device, just so that I could disconnect the HDMI cable and be smug about it? In today's context, nobody but nobody is so ignorant as to do up a home without putting in the basic wiring - cat 5/6 utp from central point to all rooms/levels with provisions for bridges, hubs and access points; fiber optic cable across areas prone to electromagnetic interference, etc. Then at least those wired points will not suffer any degradation in speed when compared to wireless relays.

Apple orders huge MOUNTAIN of 80 MILLION 'Air' iPhone 6s


Re: As a Galaxy Note User...

Yea, the first iPhone was a shameless copy of one of Samsung's phones then. Yea, the appstore concept was also a direct copy of Samsung's. Yea, Apple's retail concept was nothing but a copy of Samsung's retail store then. Happy? Momma's boy?


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