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IBM committed 'ethical transgressions' to win botched project


Re: Simplify?

Spot on ... for crying out loud, it's payroll. How many different ways can there be to do it right? Every company and government agency in the free world manages to do this every couple of weeks, it really can't be _that_ hard to get it right, can it?

Giant megaships to suck 'stranded' Aussie gas fields


So what's with ...

... the giant carousel on the stern? Or is that a parking garage ...?

IBM's anti-MacBook Air goes up for sale on eBay



I fondly remember the NEC V-20, I had to replace the motherboard in my 5155 (cracked, so much for portability!) and I gave it the V-20 when I did so. 10Mhz - DOUBLE the speed of the original system!

I also had a hard drive ON this system (note I didn't say "IN") - couldn't fit it in the case, so I had it sitting outside on top of the box (even then, duct tape was a fine tool for system mods). At one point I'd switched out one of the 5.25" floppy's for a 3.5", and I had a fine hand-made cable to link the serial port with my roommate's Mac so we could trade files (made up the Mac end with an artists eraser and a bunch of sewing needles because we figure out where to buy the connector cheaply).

Electrical supe charged with damaging California canal system


What exactly did he do?

I don't see any reference in either this article or in the linked article to what he actually did to cause harm. The linked article is more informative - it sounds an awful lot like his super was simply out to get him.

Shame on them if they didn't have a backup and recovery plan in place - what if this poor guy had gotten hit by a bus or accidentally drowned in his own canal system?

IBM sues seller over alleged fake ThinkPad batteries


So ... how do we tell real from counterfeit?

Is there any way to tell a real IBM battery from counterfeit, other than waiting for it to blow up? I haven't bought anything directly from Shentech, but that doesn't mean my company's IT shop hasn't gone looking for better deals!

The flame seemed appropriate ...

Seagate's US customers get refund

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So what's the software anyway?!?

I may be blonde, but I can't seem to find the name of the "backup and recovery software" they'll be peddling anywhere on the settlement site. It'd be nice to know in advance if it's actually worth digging out my receipts and taking the computer apart to get the drive serial number!

Hey car thief! Gonna shut you down

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Slowdown isn't quite right, you can quit worrying about speed enforcement

CNN interviewed one of the GM fellows in charge of this a day or two ago, and his explanation of the mechanism involved clearly rules out any speed enforcement worries - GM sends the signal and the fuel pump shuts down. Engine stall occurs shortly thereafter.

Of course, this has it's own set of possibly disastrous consequences - I shudder to think of what will happen when some nit speed-driving a 1/2 ton pickup with Onstar gets nicked by the cops and the engine shuts down. Let's see - 80MPH, no power steering, no power brakes, and the driver's already full of adrenaline ... I certainly hope I'm not on the same roadway as that disaster-in-the-making.

I wonder if they'll use it for catching drunk celebutants too?

Currency launched to cover the cosmos



The ubuitous "credits" were used in "Star Trek" also - they were used to purchase tribbles in the original series ...

Three Gorges Dam an 'environmental catastrophe'


@ The Salton Sea (USA)

The death of the Salton Sea is mostly a natural process, but the actual presence of the Salton Sea in what had previously been the Salton Sink WAS a man-made environmental disaster in the early 1900's.


The IBM ThinkPad: 15 years old today


Not quite the start of IBM's laptops

Predating the Thinkpad line a bit, IBM also had the venerable L40SX, my first laptop computer. Beige, not black, with a 640x480 grayscale LCD, a 60MB hard drive and a 20MHz 386SX processor. I don't recall how much RAM I had in mine, it certainly wasn't a lot - 2-4M perhaps? It was a workhorse, though - I ran Win 3.1 and OS2 on it and used it extensively for working from home and on the road.

IBM also had the "portable" PC (standard XT packaged in a sewing-machine sized case with a small amber monitor, similar to the old Osborne systems) and before that the venerable and similarly-packaged 5100 (data tapes and build-in BASIC and APL, oooh!)