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Yes, UK. REST OF EUROPE has better mobe services than you

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Oh you don't have to go far into the sticks to find areas with pitiful signal.

Here here, without giving too much away, I'm living 4 miles away from an inconsequential town 40 miles from London; Believe me mbb is dire. Interestingly (I've tried a few) three provides the most reliable connectivity, a co-resident had to switch from EE to three because her shiny new andoid phone did nothing of use except make phone calls.

Ten excellent FREE PC apps to brighten your Windows

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Re: Paint.net

Paint.net is a photo editor, bit of a misnomer really. Try the fantastic my paint for a proper creative experience.

Gates Foundation to insist on Open Access science

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oh irony

Nice one bill, although I find it funny how the advatage of open shared science doen't extend as far as softwarez. Of course you don't feel the need to profiteer anymore

Cloud unicorns are extinct so DiData cloud mess was YOUR fault

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I've been sayin' it!

Nice one Trevor, get it off your chest... Here have a pint of refreshing cold beer on me..,

European Commission decides it won't have a science advisor after Greenpeace pressure

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I see the light, anyone getting hot and bothererd about Monsanto should check out Syngenta. In the mid 1990's they see no moral/ethical issue at all with selling mercury (mercuric phenyl acetate) based fungicidal seed treatments to third world countries when they were not permitted to do so in developed first world nations(red list). I might know someone who worked at a facility that may have prepared and handled this material. ;))) Read about these agri-business' and feel the love

Stunned by Shellshock Bash bug? Patch all you can – or be punished

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I'm patched ... phew!

GNU bash, version 4.3.26(1)-release (x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu)

Copyright (C) 2013 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 or later <http://gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html>

This is free software; you are free to change and redistribute it.

There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.


Uh Oh, what about my router? That's *nix, let's hope it's busybox. TaDahh! We now have 'Security by assumption'

Government's 'Google Review' copyright rules become law

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It's about time

We rebranded ourselves properly. Any one like United Kingdom of America or the good ol' UK of A. I think it's quite catchy.

Android busted for carrying Fake ID: OS doesn't check who really made that 'Adobe' plugin

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Ethicists say Facebook's experiments not SO creepy

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Ethicists at facef@ck???

That Stuart Sheitter wrote this and it would appear he's very comfortable with the nature of herr Zuckerbergs online manipulations - See 3.2 of the document. WTF, facef@ck has an IRB? Of course all participants had the right to wihdraw from the study, yeh right.

Brit amateur payload set to complete full circle around PLANET EARTH

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way to go

Have a very large beer on us

iWallet: No BONKING PLEASE, we're Apple

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Black Helicopters

Re: The unbeatable, totally private way of payment ...

Too true, plus 'the man' cannot track your spending habits. Total FU to NSA/GCHQ whoever.

Just popping down the DIY shop for those bits to make a pipe bomb, do I pay C.A.S.H. or credit card?? Bring the revolution man

Pleased to meet you. I'm Joe Bloggs, MVP, vExpert, Cisco Champ

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Robot cars to hit Blighty in 2015

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Can't wait

Kit take me to the f@ing pub now, first I'm going to get arse holed then puke on the mats, and finally piss in the glove box; all the while you drive me there, and back. We may also need a detour for some top quality finest body doner with extra special sauce. Faan bloody taastic !!

14 antivirus apps found to have security problems

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Re: Illusory

Seems so, had a quick decko at the FAQ and there do seem to be quite a few caveats. Gave you a thumbs up thnx

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This is all so depressing, yet at the same time is totally unsurprising. Sheeple buy shiny looking AV, it has a big green tick, everything MUST be safe. Think again.

As an aside, does anyone here have OS expertise? , only this DARPA drone OS goes open source caught my eye recently. Could the legend Tanenbaum be right in his assertion that micro-kernel based OS's are the way to go? What are the chances of this being forked and another class of OS coming to the fore. Just curious

Microsoft bakes a bigger Pi to cook Windows slabs

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whatever happened to originality

KDE releases ice-cream coloured Plasma 5 just in time for summer

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The best desk top by far



HP settles suit with popstar Chubby Checker over todger tester app

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Kerching !!!

Note to marketing department: todo web search all proposed app names.

Blighty will be BIGGER and BETTER than Germany, confirm beancounters

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What a load

One word : Bollox. Figures from George Osbourne should under all circumstances always be treated with utmost suspicion, whats 7 times 8 mr osbourne? The man cannot be trusted with figures despite his math A level. Check his wikipedia biography, contains a few examples of his fast and loose approach to numbers.

Google to feed machines with evidence of human physical weaknesses – and that's a good thing

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Stupid people, proof !

Check out this student fun

Beancounters tell NASA it's too poor to fly planned mega-rocket

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Re: We are doomed. DOOMED!

The best bit of w@nk is, grown men wasted 1600 hours sketching up a star-trek alike interstellar, faster than the speed of light fantasy (is this physically possible? - didn't say theoretically https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alcubierre_drive note : https://twitter.com/malcubierre/status/362011821277839360) ... Fuck mine, that beggars belief, I'm in the wrong job.

ONE EMAIL costs mining company $300 MEEELION

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Good on you aussie justice

Sometimes the law needs to take account of all the facts, and sometimes leniency toward peaceful protest should be encouraged. In the UK and US I suspect he would have felt the full weight of the law, and would no doubt be relishing a long stay behind bars, but then I'm a bit cynical.


What he was trying to stop:


Climate: 'An excuse for tax hikes', scientists 'don't know what they're talking about'

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Blimey, it's like religion

Don't know about you lot, strikes me that the 'man made climate change denier' mob are either very selfish (bugger the future generations) or are very certain about things we only have 100 years worth of reliable evidence to make models with or draw any inference from. Personally I'd rather side with the environment lobby, at least there's no irreversible catastrophic harm in that view.

MPs to sue UK.gov over 'ridiculous' emergency data snooping law

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Re: Watched some of the debate on this in the house of commons

I read somewhere that apparently 'the coalition' could not agree about anything to do with this (3 months of cabinet discussion), and so the whole thing was was moved to a closed door session between the 3 main parties senior figures. At said meeting it would appear every ones concerns about privacy and basic human rights were weighed up against the security, and best interest of us all.

That's how freedom and democracy works for our best interest, or so it would seem.

PS Anyone taking bets on whether the EU is taking a very dim view, and whether or not UK.gov gets slapped with another EU high court ruling ?

NUDE SNAPS AGENCY: NSA bods love 'showing off your saucy selfies'

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Re: I would laugh at this if it weren't so sad

@Billa Bong Some one should pitch that to them, NSA data recovery service, deleted that CV, or old photo of cuddles the pet hamster. Pay $10 and the NSA can restore any files you accidentally deleted in the last 12 months. PO, debit, or credit cards accepted 0800 000 666

Microsoft swings axe at 18,000 bods in its largest ever round of layoffs

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Re: Any bets

I bet he does well out of it tho' He's got them, you know, money sniffing pockets like Mr Crabbs wears ;P (http://bgr.com/2013/09/24/nokia-elop-bonus-scandal/)

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Re: Epic Failure = Increased share price.

That's capitalism for yer, let them eat cake. There are big profits always to be made from mass misery/ job losses. Look at war, one of the most profitable enterprises around, why do you think we have so much of it

Whoah! How many Google Play apps want to read your texts?

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Re: Yup, that's why I won't use apps.

or some black electricians tape, it fixes all kinds of problems

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Are we really surprised when the planets biggest data hoar and her associates over steps the mark, and assumes they have the right to access all your info?? Get away

New photonic router works by flipping reflective atom's lid

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It's the future, and it's here today

You bet http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZwzNTc8SfU#t=44 , pay attention to the temperature requirement. Soon we'll all be packing liquid helium.....:P

MPs wave through Blighty's 'EMERGENCY' surveillance laws

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Re: No surprise

'The legislation is appropriate. It's just the vocal minority that oppose it.' One day is all they could spare, with in the best part of a year, and no open debate. All the details were fudged in private. You dirty rotter, you scoundrel, you... you... Dovregubben

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Re: Slowly slowly, little by little...

Does no one read Orwell, Huxley, etc. etc... any more ? : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_dystopian_literature . The politicians are merely imitating art, as we all sleep walk into the future no one ever imagined could happen - baahh. Buy type writers http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/jul/15/germany-typewriters-espionage-nsa-spying-surveillance from here http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/?ie=UTF8&keywords=typewriters&tag=googhydr-21&index=aps&hvadid=27716486701&hvpos=1t1&hvexid=&hvnetw=s&hvrand=13127826598392373036&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=b&hvdev=c&ref=pd_sl_2irrbogde_b


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