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YES: Scotland declares independence ... from the dot co dot uk empire


Re: Before Independence

The English language is derived from Germanic that was spoken in Northubria and the south of Scotland, long before it was spoken in the south of England. The reason its called English is purely a numbers game


The Darrian Project was not a Scottish Goverment scheme but was undertaken by a group of wealthy business men. Perhaps those who so protest their knowledge of the subject should revisit the history and the political part England played in it. Oh those pesky jocks how dare they think they could possibly do better than be ruled by Westminster. Consider how the rUK would of paid for the 522 million for Barclays had it not been for the US goverment bailing it out. Likewise, what about the £46 milion that the UK goverment paid out for RBS, to which 90% of its losses can be atributed to its LONDON side of the business. Personally, I would keep the .uk part, and perhaps go for something that was more fitting like bye bye.uk