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MS freebie anti-virus scanner auto-downloads provoke more anger

Gates Halo

freebie security scanners = malware

If freebie security scanners werent so keen on popping up warnings and false positives to scare the users into buying their product (even if their system is completely clean), microsoft could offer alternative free scanners via their software channel. Atleast the microsoft product doesn't do any of this mischief.

Microsoft ought to do this the same way subscriptions work on something like adblock for Firefox. Include virus scanning by default in the OS, and include the microsoft 'subscription' by default. Then allow all virus scanner companies an opportunity to add their signature file as a subscription service (and, if they want to offer a free one next to their pay one, fine). Subscribe to all the signatures you want, same scanner engine for all. Problem solved. How many times do we need to re-implement a virus scanning engine by hooking all the core subsystem parts? Let Microsoft just provide this and then anti-virus companies can focus on what they do best, finding viruses.

Rogue trader blows sox off control systems


Reminds me a bit of office space...

without the comedy.

The return of the ransom-ware Trojan


Why not scam the scammers

If you can pay with paypal, once you receive the decryption routine, open a complaint with paypal and theyll freeze their account and funds until its resolved. Ultimately you might even get your money back.