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Arctic ice returns to 1980s levels of cap cover

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The article references repeatedly to Atmos over at uiuc; Even if they are just say 50% correct, that level of clairvoyance is outstanding. In fact, I like to employ them for a small project mine (involving stock market..).


(Last updated April 05, 2008)

Kyocera: Torque among yourselves on our unbreakable ruggedmobe

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To Need or Not to Need

Not that I need one, but it looks fairly promising.

On the flipside, given what the corners of my mobile phone looks like (after a year's careful use), maybe I do..

Grooveshark to sink its teeth again into Pandora (legally this time)

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Funny that regarding the ads, I've not seen any of them on the rare occasions I do use their website...

Blast-off! Boat free launch at last. Orion heads for space

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Given the current frosty relations with Russia, does the launch of Orion signal that NASA (/USA) is now one step closer to having their own launch vehicle, once more?

Yotaphone 2: The two-faced pocket-stroker with '100 hours' batt life

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Clever and innovative - rather like Apple used to be. [..]

Really? I've must been asleep in a coma during the last 14 odd years then..

Go festive this year with Christmas carols, baby Jesus and CLITORAL STIMULATORS

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Re: So-called "black friday" ...


Cashing it in: Personal finance apps – the best and the rest

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Re: Missed some...

.. also connects to your bank account(s), so the same problem with T&C I imagine.

Shame that Loan Calculator – What If is iOS only. It looked the best out of the lot to me.

Shame MSE doesn't do mobile apps for their website tools:

Minimum Repayments: http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/credit-cards/minimum-repayments-credit-card#calc

Loan Calculator: http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/loans/cheap-personal-loans#calc

Infosec geniuses hack a Canon PRINTER and install DOOM

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Time travel?

".. and models launched from the second half of 2013 onwards will also receive this update, models launched prior to this time are unaffected. "

Context told Canon in March 2014 yet Canon fixed the issue almost a year ago?

Welcome your new digital.. commissioners? Likely pair could fill Steelie Neelie's shoes

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Re: Banks are digital these days, right?

Yes that would work, if you only visit one country. If you visit say 3 countries, you would need 3 local SIMs. More countries, more SIMs. Whereas a decent credit card covers most countries of the world (not counting North Korea, Zimbabwe,.., or countries with a cash economy). You can still use at home, which I do. Unless you got another credit card for better cashback.

As I stated initially though, I'm not against further banking regulations. Based on how the banks in the UK have behaved since the mid-80s, no amount of banking regulation could be deemed to be too much or too harsh.. :-P

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Re: Banks are digital these days, right?

I'm all in favour for improved bank regulation.

However, if you are being charged a 2.75% foreign exchange fee for using your bank card abroad, it sounds like you've got a rubbish* [debit?] card. I can use my credit card in any shop abroad that accepts cards without any such fee (and without a hidden load on the exchange rate).

Granted, I wouldn't dream of using any credit card to withdraw money from an ATM anywhere in the world. If I need foreign cash, I shop around before leaving the country.

* While there are plenty of rubbish cards available, there are a few that are much, much better.

NHS grows a NoSQL backbone and rips out its Oracle Spine

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Re: Let's all cheer and applaud this one.

The problem with the Tories, is that they normally save money by robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Such as cutting the government's cost by increase in the cost for local councils instead.

Such as cutting government's borrowing by using PFI, which is still borrowing but through private channels meaning it's not counted as "government debt".

Moto 360: Neat gizmo – if you're a rich nerd

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No pictures?

Nokia Lumia 530: A Windows Phone... for under £50

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Battery life?

Not a single mention about the battery size, or how long it will last?

Nokia: Read these Maps, Samsung – we're HERE for the Gear

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Re: If they put Here into the Google Play Store

Hear hear, I've been looking for an alternative that offers much more off-line.

And I honestly don't see Google having any interest in blocking it, if Nokia would put it into the Store.

Europe's highest court: Apple CAN trademark its retail store layout

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Look Apple, you are raking in billions. Billions that you can either spend upon expensive lawyers, or you know... make products?


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