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Know what Ferguson city needs right now? It's not Anonymous doxing random people

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Re: Meh

Ferguson Police are still wearing badges and nametags. And even if they didn't - are you going to walk up to one and say "hey, put your badge and nametag on"??? Not unless you want to pick your teeth off the pavement. They're not playing Officer Friendly right now ...

Monkey Cheese Pants

Anonymous Fools ...

Well - there goes Anonymous's Credibility. Instead of We Are Anonymous, it should be We Are A(s)(s)es. Can't even get their facts right. I think there should be riots in the street and people protesting Anonymous for cyberbullying a guy not even involved with this circus. Way to go Anonymous - you probably just murdered an innocent person and his family and caused another senseless Tragedy in Ferguson. Cyber Pinheads.

Doctor Who season eight scripts leak online

Monkey Cheese Pants

BLOODY HELL MAN! Way to post a spoiler!

Theft of a galactic screenplay is the entire premise of this upcoming season and you just gave away the crucial ending. At least you didn't say that the good doctor is caught using his sonic screwdriver to pick a place no sonic screwdriver should go. Ooops. Another spoiler!

Russian MP fears US Secret Service cuffed his son for Snowden swap

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An Innocent Russian that Doesn't Know Computers? HA!

Isreal routinely sneeks into other countries, kidnaps former supposed (N)a(z)i Germans, and drags them back to Tel Aviv for kangaroo trials. Maybe the US should have had Isreal snatch him. His father would have never heard from him ever again. At least he's on Guam. He could have been dumped in a black-ops prison in middle of Laos.


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