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Next major update of Windows 11 prepares for launch

Mr Miser

Upgrade confusions.

Why does Microsoft think people will upgrade? Most people just have an OS so they can use applications. They'll upgrade when they have no choice. I don't understand why this surprises MS

Human-free robo-cars on Washington streets after governor said the software is 'foolproof'

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Dangerous bugs?

The link to the so called dangerous bugs is an article about self driving cars not merging into the bike lane before turning right. As a bike commuter in WA, I can assure you that most drivers do not merge into the bike lane before turning right. I think they don't know they are supposed to. They intuit that they are not allowed to drive in the bike lane so they avoid it even when turning right. I've just learned to always watch the driver on my left. The self driving cars should definitely get this right, and I would not be surprised if there are dangerous bugs, but this particular behavior is not worse than human drivers where Jay is from. The Spawn of Satan, because it looks like a haunted sports car to me.

Cryptocurrency miner found armed with same exploits as WannaCrypt

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Notice Heat and battery too

Does the mining use GPU? I would think most of the computers with an SMB vulnerability would not have GPUs worth exploiting. Because mining doesn't use much memory, if it is run on low priority on the CPU, you wont notice a slowdown. If you mine on the GPU, there will be noticeable latency.

If the mining was limited to running on CPU while plugged in, the only thing most users could notice would be extra heat and fan revving. Eventually the victim might notice a higher electric bill

Glum, depressed ... and addicted to Facebook, Twitter? There's a link, say medical eggheads

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As some previous comments said

Mindless distraction takes away from the pain. Fb is not really my thing, but I get the same results from reading elreg

iPad data entry errors caused plane to strike runway during takeoff

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I wonder if pilots would like it if plane manufacturers added flight calculators and manuals to built in cockpit controls and put it through the same rigorous testing everything else in the plane gets. Seems strange to need to bring your own iPad

Wait, what? TrueCrypt 'decrypted' by FBI to nail doc-stealing sysadmin

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Re: yes

1 really long C0mpl3x P@55wOd!, if I even got it right, is vulnerable to dictionary attack.

Wikipedia to go all HTTPS, all the time

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I really appreciate them doing things in house. The more sites are dragged in, the more dodgy it gets. Even with a handy add-on like noscripts, at a certain point i can't even figure out what parts contribute positively and what parts are cruft. Sites like wikipedia just give me what I want. Only occasionally will I block their scripts because the "$3 per person please" banner gets annoying.

Teaching kids to code is self-defence, not a vocational skill

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Besides security, there's is simply the ability to recognize when you have a problem best solved by computers. It is always frustrating to see these powerful computers be wasted on ms word and flash while the users manually muddle through the sorts of problems computers where invented for.

Easy ... easy ... Aw CRAP! SpaceX rocket ALMOST lands on ocean hoverbase

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Re: Meh

Are you a robot?

NASA preps lobotomy for Opportunity rover to cure amnesia

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It sounds like that parent analogy was from personal experience.

SHOW ME THE MONEY! Ballmer on Amazon: 'They're not a real biz, they make NO cash'

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sounds like a snippet of a speech from an Ayn Rand book

Boffins: Searching for ALIENS is like looking for PIZZA among students

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We're still so far off that the difference between the old and the new theorems is entirely academic. It might matter when we start getting good at sending craft to other stars. No matter how sensitive the telescopes are, the only way to check if a star has light is to go there.

Blade runner: Cisco ups its UCS server game

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Informative video

...then, Cisco released a trailblazing video bringing new meaning to meaningless drivel, with a new wave of innovation allowing there to be just one single solitary tidbit of information in a whole montage of unrelated shots, inspiring yet otiose statements, and annoying music. It is... the next wave of Cisco unified computing innovation!

Report: Sprint to bring Sony Xperia into tough US smartphone market

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does not break, also makes chili and fries

To add to the fan club here, I've been extremely impressed with the hardiness of my z1. Just earlier this week my bike lost traction depositing me hard on my phone side. Despite pain where the phone was, here I am, happily posting from my uncracked z1. Contrast that with the proliferation of cracked iPhones which have led me to concluded they're being busted purposely as a fashion statement. Does anyone else have a better way to account for the iCracks?

Facebook: Yes, we made you SAD on PURPOSE... for your own good

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They should do this more

A large part of why I left FB is the poor content filtering. I care about how my friends are doing, not about pseudo deep captions on stock photos reshared from crap content creating pages. Maybe my personality and usage patterns didn't conform to those of the majority of users. Whatever the case may be, the algorithms failed me so I left. If they would done more studies, maybe they could have fixed my feed and I'd still use the service.