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The IBM ThinkPad: 15 years old today

Timo Schoeler

Several mistakes...

First, the 'SLC' lines of CPUs were NOT la intella CPUs; they were lines by IBM and (another approach, but also called 'SLC') by Cyrix (manufactured by TI). TI also selled 486SLC, those were crippled Cyrix' SLCs (smaller L1 cache).

Furthermore, there also were DLC and DLC^2 (like an la intella SX2, or DX2).

Second, it's not called Touchball, it's rather a Trackball.

Nonetheless, ThinkPads are the best mobiles to buy, still. Apple sells crap -- you can't deny it, it's no Mac any more (it's x86 compatible, isn't it?), and about one third of the delivered machines are DoA.