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Telstra drops nbn™ in it as it wears compo for broadband speed ads


Oversubscribinhg Provider

I'm not with Telstra and I get the full 100/40 NBN FTTP Speeds expected and advertised by my provider, all of the time.

Regardless of FTTP or FTTN, if the bandwidth is not enough to service Telstra customers based on their advertised speeds then this is Telstra's responsibility.

Sounds like Telstra has over subscribed their customers and or are also wanting to smear NBN to back up the rubbish decisions Turnbull has made around Australia's broadband future.

AWS Sydney's outage shows the value of a walk in the cloud


control so much of what goes on outside their fences?


External services should have more than one source always in a Cloud DC. It's probably something else that caused AWS to go Titsup in Sydney over the weekend and the convenience of stormy weather is getting people all confused.

Also no real excuses when it comes to the Weather or a specific DC outage. Westpac, Commbank and any enterprise that that designs and implements it's core and critical applications to only operate as a single point of failure in one Data Center are stuck in 1999 and need to hire someone as their CTO who understands what High Availability is.

It's 2016 and applications can function extremely well and actively across multiple DC's and it's not that difficult to do.

WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg


Mammolus Rift Development Kit 1

Who wants a classic ThinkPad with whizzy new hardware? Lenovo would just love to know


Having also been through the various different models of Thinkpads since 2000, the layout is something that works for me and I have never been comfortable with on other vendor laptops. Sometimes older models have performed better than the newer models and it would be really good to see the engine inside the beast to move away from being just enough - to more than enough. I am certain there would be many happy users out there (Screen resolution, GPU, CPU, Storage and RAM increases would be welcomed).

Tell us about your first time ... on the internet


Sysopping a Maximus BBS with Fidonet and Worldnet email

This is what I was doing before the internet - I was pretty impressed when I had a diil-in user from Texas one night..

I put all this on the back-burner to study (and party) during which came my Ozemail connection,I wouldn't be able to count the hours or list the things I have done since then, I have certainly dabbled with a lot of technologies that are as common as the internet along the way (Wifi!).

From being a teenager running his own International BBS to currently a very innovative Senior Cloud Technical leader - working at one of the top 10 Multinational IT Service providers.The internet has been a major contributor to my life and my career, I love what I do and couldn't imagine how my life could have turned out if there was no internet.. .

The internet has come a long way and there is so much potential for it to go a lot further.


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