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We never agreed to only buy HP ink, say printer owners

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Re: It’s about the use case

I don’t think many people do, it’s also (as stated) not a very economic way to do things. But, for an outlier, my ex just retrained (nursing degree, was already an BSC Eng.) and still insisted on printing out every page/screen of online course material and assessments with supporting peer review papers.

I gave up - but there were easily +6,000 pages.

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I have two ecotank’s. I live in Brisbane (hot/humid). One of the printers is on a shelf next to a permanently (365, it’s warm/hot here, and cat) open sliding door overlooking the river. Lately it doesn’t get used (last child is paperless). I just fired it up from my iPad, it’s been 5mths since it was last used. Worked perfectly. InkJet technology will work when built properly (take note HP/Canon/etal), they don’t all dry up/out. It also doesn’t run cleaning cycles until required (after a long period.. which was longer than 5mths it would seem).

Some products, even though previous experience might suggest they won’t.. just work. This is one of the very few.

I suspect they did it to restore their reputation, probably at a loss.

I have no financial interest in Epson.

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Re: This feels like an own goal...

I have two of these (locations). Bought as dented box specials direct from Epson for significant discount. Both perfect and still firing up and working on demand whenever required. Been through two sets of bottled ink on each. Had zero drama. The only catch seems** to be a counter controlled waste (ink) box that needs to be replaced at some stage (as opposed to just cleaned). So I bought one of those too.. original is still counting though, several (tens of) reams later.

It just works. Best printer I’ve used, let alone maintained in decades. I don’t recall hating on Epson (as I do HP/Sony/etal), but if they did have a bad printer reputation it’s been recovered with this product. Just works, easy to refill, cheap.

** has a counter that can’t be reset (I believe)

Microsoft gets new Windows boss as Start Menu man Parakhin 'to explore new roles'

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Re: "Start Menu man Parakhin"

I did this very thing on a Commodore 64. Taught myself a bit of assembler and got it to work (two characters, one eight block byte). Was very, very slow and looked pants, but hey.. it worked! From memory lowercase was easier to read, given the characters were only 3bits wide (one bit kerning).

Ahead of IPO, Reddit blends advertising into user posts

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Bloody hell…

..now I genuinely want to try some Smark Jelly on toast!

(I still Vegemite daily)

Stratolaunch's air-launched test vehicle hits supersonic speed

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Wingspan is 117m for those playing along at home.

Employees saved Musk from himself over Twitter Files

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Re: For sure he’s a dick/ or special even

He may be many things, but he’s not fucking Hitler. By equating them you are diminishing the evil that Hitler and the Nazis brought on the world. Grow the fuck up and get some perspective.

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For sure he’s a dick/ or special even

But why are you equating him with Hitler by calling him Xitler?

Seems a stretch, and also a bit disrespectful to those who suffered or were systematically killed.

Just call him Elon, we all know who the fuck he is.

Boeing-backed air taxi upstart Wisk plans to fly you across town at UberX prices by 2030

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Follow the loss

More interested in what benefit Boeing obtain by financing this… or is it some (Elonwannabe) executive vanity.

Trident missile test a damp squib after rocket goes 'plop,' fails to ignite

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Give it to me one time now


Got to hit me (hit me)

Hit me (hit me)

Hit me with those laser beams

Apple Vision Pro units returned as folks just can't see themselves using it

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Yep. It means I can go out without a phone or wallet/cards (purse/bag/pockets) and still be a functioning contactable member of society if required. It’s very likely the most useful shiny I’ve ever been given (and I’d likely not have bought it for myself as I originally thought it just another shiny, I was wrong).

Worried about the impending demise of Windows 10? Google wants you to give ChromeOS Flex a try

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I could be missing your point, but

Herpes and Syphilis are in no way equal.

Syphilis, whilst devastating if left to run, can be completely cured/remediated and removed.

Herpes (1, 2 etal) is with you for life, no cure. It hides in your nervous system, can reactivate at any time and can/will kill. It can be controlled with drugs, sorta.

NASA solar sail tech is ready – now who's up to use it in a mission?

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I think we’re getting ahead of ourselves, NASA need to turn off the Enya CD and sit down and consultant with some Cetaceans before they start throwing sharks and lasers into fricken orbit.

PiStorm turbocharges vintage Amigas with the Raspberry Pi

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Re: Distractions

You should definitely try and get close to your kids…

Work to resolve binary babble from Voyager 1 is ongoing

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Your Imperial Roman mile (Agrippa) is a little over 67 Brontosaurus (asanyfuleknowcenturion!).

According to NASA (JPL), Voyager One is travelling at 0.567% of the maximum velocity of a sheep in a vacuum, and will take a little over 100 Scaramucci to reach a 24 light hours away

Alaska Airlines' door-dropping flight was missing bolts

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There are large springs at the bottom of the door to take its weight and help it move up. There are also guide tracks and rollers on the side of the door/aperture to move it out when it slides up. The whole thing is designed to easily move up and out.. when required. Ie. when it’s an emergency exit door .. as opposed to a when it’s a plug that’s bolted (or zip tied in this case) permanently closed.

I’m not getting on a Boeing again, unless it’s old.. really old

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Re: "... when you replace a skilled worker with an unskilled worker ..."

The same NTSB photo does show a single “approved” zip tie (bottom right) that reduced both cost and weight. I imagine the fact that it managed to hold the doorplug in/on for 154 flights has been noted internally and a second redundant zip tie will now be offered (cost plus) on any new airframes…

US starts 'emergency' checks on cryptocurrency power use, citing winter power demands

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Is there a link to support this (I can’t be arsed goggling it.. saving my carbon footprint an all). That’s amazing, that and the 0.55% of global power consumption.. fuckme, somebody put the entitled (pointless) crypto bros up against a wall

I expect the downvotes to be excessive (as is their nature).

Boeing goes boing: 757 loses a wheel while taxiing down the runway

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Edited to add…. https://x.com/MattCVaHi/status/1749854135908696561?s=20

Sure looks like an entire wheel has left the play to me. Seems the “tyre” comment is down to the pilot who says this in the ATC recording.

Clearly went down a rabbit hole, because I’m a pedantry hypocrite.. :)

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I don’t understand the pedantry about wheels and tyres.

Are people above (as opposed to the FAA report) saying that just the tyre/tire (just the rubber bit) came off the wheel (generally accepted everywhere as the metal bit that may or may not include a tyre dependant upon use case)? Anybody got a link to “it was just the tyre!”

Either way it’s a bloody big issue for the aircraft, and given its age the people who own it and are responsible for maintaining it (even if that is outsourced) are still responsible. The Boeing bit is just click bait fluff, but then Boeing is now in the departure hall at FuckedCompany.com so people are rightly interested and aware. I don’t fly very much anymore, but I’d be wary of getting in their product these days and would certainly check before booking. I don’t think I’m alone in this.

While we fire the boss, can you lock him out of the network?

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Re: ?

Came here expecting “Cows with guns”, wasn’t disappointed.. never gets old.

Not even poor Notepad is safe from Microsoft's AI obsession

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I seem to have gone off on my own tangent… beer anybody?

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To be honest, even 179Kb seems excessive for a simple text editor. But then, I started in an environment with a little under 4Kb on a VIC20 buggering around with BASIC and assembler to make things faster. I could print (star dot matrix) and use a modem and dial up via US BB’s via MIDAS to access ASCII porn. What the hell do they need 179Kb for let alone 7Mb ?!

I eventually graduated to 64Kb (banked), a SID chip and Attack of the Mutant Camels by Llamasoft.. peak computing I reckon. We were even discussing/playing with pattern recognition algorithms (AI!!!). No marketing or influencers to talk it up yet though, just a BMX/skateboard, ice cold Sunnyboy or a Raz and a poster of Nicole (OEM) or Elle in the Moove commercial and the threat of don’t come home until it’s dark (mum and dad are busy).

HP customers claim firmware update rendered third-party ink verboten

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If it doesn’t, just replace it with an Epson Ecotank version. I’ve had one (two actually), sitting in a cupboard, switched on, printing the odd document here or (several) reams of UNI online learnings there (we just had to have a copy apparently). Refilled it with ink once. It can go months without a thought, then just fires up on demand. Hasn’t stopped, jammed, dried out or complained yet. It just works… amazing.

Welcome to 2024: Volkswagen really is putting ChatGPT into cars as a gabby copilot

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There’s a naughties joke in there somewhere…

As for VW marketings spin that “ChatGPT does not gain access to any vehicle data; questions and answers are deleted immediately to ensure the highest possible level of data protection”. There are squillions of TDI that would like to have a word with the regulator about CO2 emissions, depending on where they are of course…

GDPR my arse

Code archaeologist digs up oldest known ancestor of MS-DOS

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Re: Shift left, people.

Sometimes we only wanted a nibble, didn’t want to waste a whole byte. That said, you could still go a high nibble with tea and pinky if you wanted to set a scene or something more significant

People power made payroll support in putrid places prodigiously perilous

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Re: Somebody needs to cut the sh*t out

Locals throwing rocks in Bougainville (Papua New Guinea) would be the least of your worries if it kicked off. I once had a pair of RayBans taken (by machete) as a toll for filling in potholes in the road. You don’t fuck around in those parts. Beautiful place though (sans mining)

What's the golden age of online services? Well, now doesn't suck

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America's ambitious Artemis III likely to miss 2025 Moon landing date, auditors sigh

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Re: Delay

Why are you so angry ?

Stop shaming service providers for outages, argues APNIC chief scientist

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Re: Indeed...

Err.. as far as I know (and you suggest), Dodo (in Australia) is a (mobile) virtual network operator which solely uses the Optus network. The other (physical) choices are Telstra and Vodaphone (unsure about iiNet).

Soo.. the only thing Dodo did, was run (away) with your money (and give it to Optus)

Perhaps they gave some (money/data) back due to the outage providing better value for money?

.... a quick search suggest Dodo did Jack

SpaceX's Starship on the roster for Texas takeoff

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Re: Is it just me


As I understand it, SpaceX wrote the actions, it would have looked a bit unprofessional if they ran with just two that said fill in the BFHole that the BFRocket made and throw a bejus sprinkler in to regrow the wetlands and put out future fires. A whole team of professionals were likely engaged to turn a Directors single verbal requirement into (several) documents, a plan, budget, benefits analysis…. I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

Also, blowing shit up (or watching) is fun

NASA's Lucy probe scores a threefer as it flies by first target in 12-year mission

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Attempt no landing on Europa

It's perfectly legal for cars to harvest your texts, call logs

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Re: Ahh Lucas,... the prince of Darkness

Quite a bit of sunstroke and very wet… I got better.

(CBR-BNE rtn)

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Re: You own the car, and it retaining your information is no different...

Yep, over the air backups can take ages…

Atomic Duetto

Ahh Lucas,... the prince of Darkness

I’ve daily driven an Alfa my whole life, so have sat in that same shade (that I’m now throwing)


We saw the smoke come out of my then girlfriend’s purple (aubergine?) MGB mk2 as we crossed the great dividing range somewhere remote in NSW. Only way to keep the engine running was to leave on the high beams (high beams inoperative). To be honest, having the car telegraph back home (technical debt) would have been quite useful.

Word turns 40: From 'new kid on the block' to 'I can't believe it's not bloatware'

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Yep, in much the same way that AI is just glorified auto complete and/or predictive text (using someone/everyone else’s IP).


It is 20 years since the last commercial flight of Concorde

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+8hrs Gruelling?? Hahahaha!

Somebody get that man a ticket to Australia with two children under three, said a recovering alcoholic with now largely grown children and an eye twitch.

I once sashayed through Concorde at Goodwood, was surprised at how small (narrow) the cabin was.

Would have been an absolute rush to get a go on/in it though :)

Artemis II Orion service and crew modules slotted together at last

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Re: Is the minivan an approved Reg unit of volume?

Yep, two minivans with nine thousand three hundred and thirty three cubic metres of internal space (1,934m3) sounds suspiciously more like a TARDIS.

Unless they confused it with a pair of Starship (payload est. 1,000m3 ?) which are likely cheaper (?) and reusable (eventually/allegedly/don’t hold your breath). They could take the Orion crew module as carry on

Luckily it’s not the Mars Climate Orbiter

Still got a job at the end of this week? You're lucky, as more layoffs hit the tech industry

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Hey Nicole

Any chance of a transcript to parse?


Astroboffins spot high-power 8b year old radio burst from pre-Earth event

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CSIRO… fairdinkum, what have they ever done for us!

Boeing gives busy billionaires unbothered about bespoke beds a cheaper BizJet

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Re: Did I read that correctly?

It’s a Boeing… everybody is going down at some stage

Interiors are a bit meh if I’m honest

Raspberry Pi 5: Hot takes and cooler mistakes

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Re: Crimbo


We’re here for you … Sad Bastard

(No wife either, but survived a Brazilian ex… so far)

NASA reschedules Boeing's first crewed Starliner flight for mid-April 2024

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Re: Intriguing....

Brian Blessed would just sort it right out, Prince Vultan style (or by punching a polar bear, whichever was at hand)


Mars helicopter to try for new speed record on Thursday

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Now planning a BBQ

Merino or Dorper, perhaps rapid fire Ouessants?

As I understand it, the Scottish Blackface has been cancelled.

$17k solid gold Apple Watch goes from Beyoncé's wrist to the obsolete list

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Mine (a gift), will do pretty much all of it without the phone anywhere near it. It has its own cellular/mobile whatsit. Indeed I’ve not noticed what it won’t do without the phone and often leave it (the phone and my wallet) at home when I go out. I note that it’s a gift as I wouldn’t have thought to buy it myself, initially thinking it an expensive new shiny tangent for retailers. But it has turned out to be a really useful apple shiny and will likely be placed on my Christmas list when obsoleted.

Prior to this, I had avoided wearing a watch as I couldn’t stand (compete with) the one upmanship of corporate achievers comparing the size and heft of their Panerai to the executive Sinn and it’s superior Godwin past.

Doom developer John Carmack thinks artificial general intelligence is doable by 2030

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So.. just right after self sustaining net positive fusion… whooo!