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MP wants Welsh text on ID cards

Chris Morrison
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Re: "Wales is no more a country that Yorkshire."

True, everyone knows Yorkshire is a republic.

Ofcom considers termination charges

Chris Morrison

Getting cold called...

...would be even more annoying.

UK data watchdog gives Google spycar fleet the greenlight

Chris Morrison

Above the law!


ETS apologises for online marking blunders – again

Chris Morrison

Cheapest option

Boston said the company had not been sacked because of the contract QCA had signed with them and defended the decision to award the contract to ETS.

"The company were selected competitively... they were the lowest price but they ticked all the boxes on all the other criteria.


Chris Morrison

@ Evil Graham

Yup, ETS was the cheapest proposal, but apparently still "checked all the right boxes"...

Meet Mark Radcliffe: The man who rules open source law

Chris Morrison

Is it a fish?

Is is a foul?

BOFH: Damsels in distress

Chris Morrison

Economy class?

They were in Business Class, of course.

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Chris Morrison


The use of "loose" was the icing on the cake; so true to life. Cracking!


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