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Post-pub nosh neckfiller: The gargantuan Gatsby


Re: Yum! Yum!

Just Nando's.........


Whenwe cow meat

That's nothing, back in the day, on my four billion hectare cattle farm (in Rhodesia), with my 2.5 trillion cows, and my eight million servants, our cows would produce "petite" fillets that weighed 2Kg for every Gatsby we made, with a gallon of Peri-Peri and four rolls of Carlton asswipe standing by with several gallons of chilled Windhoek Export, it was sure to be a very "enlightening" day.....ahhhhh, those were the dayz!!

We must have eaten all the cows and salad it was so good.... Went back the other week and all I saw was red sand everywhere....???


Re: food hygene people!

wooden catheters?!! lets launch a new biotech startup!! Sounds like a winner to me!!

Let's all binge on Blake’s 7 and help save the BBC ... from itself


Re: NowTV is good

The chaps will have their new show on Amazon, so this conversation is irrelevant.

Australia gets its Internet filter after Senate vote


Re: Where were the other 26 votes ?

Stupid Basterds, drowning in PC touchy feely namby pamby bullshit syrup.....

NetApp cackles as cheaper FlashRay lurches out of the door


Re: Too much Culture Kool Aid ?

SPC benchmarks of any kind are totally irrelevant, what does it do in real world situations measured against real performance tools like a LoadDynamiX test rig is the only meaningful stat I pay any attention to......Everything else is Bovine rectum gas.....


Re: It's about time too

It's still not enough CPU....

What's that burning tire smell? It's Microsoft screeching away from the No-IP car crash


Who gives a shit?

I know I don't....

BlackBerry's Passport will be the WEIRDEST mobe of 2014


Crackberry one

BB is a shining example of what happens when you ignore customer requests because you think you have it down, failing to realize your corporate head is up your corporate ass and what the marketing people are telling you is pure unadulterated bullshit.

I implored Crackberry to respond to HTC phones running Windows back in 2005 and to Motorola Android based mobes that were teasing Verizon back when, but noooooo, I was told there was no demand for it !!!

How did that work for you, BB execs???

On the plus side BB OS sucks, so Android has to be a better strategy if they can port BB technology into the darn devices.