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Microsoft's Lumia 930... a real HANDFUL


Re: What, no whiny "Pity it runs Windows" comments?

> just say that you don't like the Lumia 930 and say why

That's going to be tricky, since only reviewers have the bloody things.

Will Microsoft devices sit happily on a single platform?


Re: Just Pick One Language/Framework!

You don't like choice?

Apple are that way ->

Call girl injected Google exec with heroin, drank wine, left him to die – cops claim


Re: Just think...

> And even the most pro-drug liberal tends to baulk at legalising skank: It's a highly addictive killer which is supplied by a long chain of international criminal gangs, terminating with the Taliban.

I advocate legalizing it because a) this would utterly gut the organized crime aspect, b) people like Syngenta and Phillip Morris have probably already supercrops ready roll the day it happens and that means c) oh look, no more money for the Afghan warlords, what a bugger.

(Note - a large part of what makes the Taliban exactly what they are is that local peasants hate them. Why? Not just the religious totalitarianism but also the rampant and wholesale burning of poppy crops, thus robbing those peasants of their only viable income. Me, I say when the armed forces were out there we should have done a deal and bought the whole damn lot at a pittance, but a considerably larger pittance than the one they currently get. Boom! Instant adoration of 90% of Afghans and a stable Afghan economy, meaning end to religious whackjobs and happy people don't start wars. Of course, the yanks would have shat themselves but fuck 'em).


Re: A shame @Tim Roberts1

> Prostitution is the oldest professional occupation.

More likely security, given that thievery is piecework.

UK gov rushes through emergency law on data retention


Re: Thank the Lord!

Trans - local authorities will be required to go through a single central authority who will accept the request on their behalf.


Re: Words that are friends ...

What we need is a committee for state security. You could call it by its initials but that might a) be a clue because such an organisation should clearly be secret and b) might look like cascading style sheets.

So pick a language to use instead - Russia, maybe? Komitet gosudarstvennoy bezopasnosti is a little clunky, how about we abbreviate that down....

What's your game, Google? Giant collared by UK civil lib minister on 'right to be forgotten'


Re: Google makes Eurocrats look like the clueless plebs they are.

Yeah, damn those elderly Eurocrat plebs and their ludicrous concerns about privacy and data retention.

The only way is for Google to know everything, power everything, every desktop, every search, every smartphone. The only way. All competition is to be hated by the Faithful (now known as "the faithfle"), criticized at every opportunity, spat on and despised. Except Sony because you love Sony.

Right Barry?

Crusty API opened Facebook accounts to hijacking


Crusty API

Sounds like a way of programming people who go to Glastonbury and worship squirrels.

Start packing your bags for a Windows Server 2003 migration


Re: Since 2003

Mention the term "risk assessment" to those companies.

Oh SNAP! Old-school '80s Unix hack to smack OSX, iOS, Red Hat?


Dear glod...

"In the context of programming a wildcard is a character, or set of characters, that can be used as a replacement for some other range or class of characters. Wildcards are interpreted by a shell script before any other action is taken"

This is THE REGISTER. Readers should not need to be told this. What kind of first-line support cretin are you writing for these days?

Titan's salty waters scupper the chances for alien life



Needs better illustration.

May I suggest this?


Windows 7, XP and even Vista GAIN market share again


Remember that Apple stung you bigtime on the hardware.


Re: One query

> I mean, how can the market share of XP be increasing unless people are doing new XP installs?

It's not market share, it's browsing share.

Therefore, clearly the now unsupported XP has new malware that's hitting a lot of webservers.

Google policy wonk patronises Brits over EU search biz probe


Re: Over the top?

> Guysm can you please stop with the over the top Google hate?

Poor widdle AC, did somebody not like what you like?

The Reg itself is pretty evenhanded in its hate. MS, Apple and Google are all regularly crapped upon by the journalistic staff. Where it gets interesting is seeing where the commentards prefer to defecate out their uninformed loathing.

We could start collating a scoreboard as to who hates which company most. There's one bar chart that's going to have a big, blue line on it (along with a short multicoloured line and mid-length line of tasteful chrome and magenta) fuelled by frothing individuals like yourself.

If only you hadn't posted AC. You're ruining the model.

E-books for nonagenarians


My mum's in a similar situation and is very happy with her e-reader.


The increased screen rez means you can scale the fonts up much more smoothly.

Surface Mini fondleslab farewelled


You're assuming that this unsubstantiated rumour is true.

Of course, since they never actually announced a Surface Mini it's going to be a hard slog proving anything in any direction.

However - personally I'd be interested in such a device if it was pen/stylus led (like the SP3) and featured a properly touch-first Office and Control Panel simply for long battery life and note taking (and no, I am not in a position to put an Android device on the work network before anyone goes there).

Microsoft's anti-malware crusade knackers '4 MILLION' No-IP users


Re: The irony...

As I understand it, it's to defeat a bot net created through use of Trojans.

Are you suggesting that allowing a user the ability to install software which communicates over the internet is a bug?

How do you reconcile this suggestion with other hate-cries about Internet Explorer since it would inevitably mean that you literally could not install any other browser (or mail client or utility).


Re: Bet your life...

Major difference - Google don't give a shit about malware on their platform.

Tech sales help


Re: Tech sales help

Don't they all support LH use?

What size do you want and what resolution?

New NSA boss plays down impact of Snowden leaks


Re: Why Should I Believe Anything You Say?

The NSA was formed on November 4, 1952.

How old are you and how much (specifically regarding SIGINT) do you remember before its formation?

I don't absolutely doubt you, because my old man Royal Signals in the late 50's but even he would have been 14 at the time the NSA was formed so I doubt that he'd have been properly clued in. Any SIGINT professional would need to have been active in the field for a minimum of, call it 5 years, to be properly au fait with a before/after NSA situation so they'd have to be around 25 to have the right clearances (barely) and thus would now be at minimum 87 years old.

So you can see why I'm asking.

Overclocking to 5GHz? We put Intel Devil’s Canyon CPU to the test


Re: Why is anyone so stupid as to even think of using air coolers with top end CPUs.

> sheeple

Matt Bryant detected. Or possibly not, he didn't call the OP some childish name.


Re: Why is anyone so stupid as to even think of using air coolers with top end CPUs.

"they even do them for GPU cards now!"

Citation requested. I want one of those.

Anti-snoop Android 'Blackphone' sees the light of day


Which app store?`

The Blackphone doesn't come with Google Play installed - http://tinyurl.com/blackpnogplay - so which app store is it designed to look at?

If apps are (as I suspect) by their very nature a security risk, one tends to wonder what the point of the AOSP implementation is at all.

BBC offers briefest of teasers for the next Doctor Who



Is it just me or does anyone else think that Peter Capaldi is starting to look a lot like Peter Cushing?

Amazon Fire: Who needs a WAREHOUSE when you have a global ADS PLATFORM?


Tat emporium?

I thought that was Reg-speak for Ebay?

Amazon (to be fair) does shift a lot of stuff that isn't tat. Books would be a bit of a prime example.

Microsoft to shutter security email feed on July 1

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Hey, Marissa Mayer: Flexi working time is now LAW in UK. Yahoo!


Re: More "management versus labor" mentality

I beg to differ.

Working from home - if you're in a position where you can - benefits everyone. You're not rushing, you don't need to piss about ironing shirts or whatever, you don't have a hellish drive or train journey to work, YOU CANNOT BE LATE (and thus cost business time), you do not throw your income away on commuting or canteen food (which means, technically, you don't need s much - frequent WFH could be interpreted as an indirect pay rise), you probably don't need hardware or hardware support from the office, you cost the office less in overheads and utilities...

I'd love to work from home. The presence of a baby in the home makes this impractical at best and a nightmare at worst but my situation isn't all that usual in the long term.

If it's straightforward for a company to implement working from home, they are fools not to.

If they refuse your request to work from home, that could be reasonable. There are always reasons. However, circumstances change. For the next couple of years I expect to be incapable of working from home due to constant distraction/interruption. After that... if I'm still where I work now, I will damn well ask to do so.

It's nice that I can do this and it must be considered on its merits.

BlackBerry's Passport will be the WEIRDEST mobe of 2014


> Nokia did all sorts of very weird designs - whilst being de facto leader in the market with not a threat in sign

Motorola had arguably better hardware in many cases but their OS was dogshit.

Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose.


Nokia ruled the world in the late 90's.

Your theory falls somewhat flat.

US Supreme Court: Duh, obviously cops need a warrant to search mobes


Re: Whereas in Blighty...

You forgot taking permanent fingerprint and DNA samples "just in case". Even of primary school children.





Aaah, what's that smell, Nook? Yes, it's death: Barnes & Noble to jettison e-book biz


"Barnes & Noble cautioned that spinning off Nook might not be as easy as it sounds."

Apparently not, since didn't they spin off Nook already a couple of years back with (if I recall correctly) an extra $300 million from Microsoft?

Am confused. Please enlighten.

You're inventing the wrong sort of tech for bad people who want to buy it. Stop it at once


Re: I'll take your quote and raise you...

Okay but but surely Smith's (and Marx's) work on wealth creation falls flat if you remove a layer that is creating wealth - ie, the middlemen.


I'll take your quote and raise you...

"Well, at heart, it puts the accumulated wisdom of mankind into the pocket of every landless labourer around the globe. Which, if we're accurate in our assessment that knowledge diffusion is what creates economic growth, means that we've pretty much cracked that particular problem."

Okay, I riposte with:

Otto West: Apes don't read philosophy.

Wanda: Yes they do, Otto. They just don't understand it.

Microsoft's Online Exchange fixed after going titsup for NINE HOURS


Outlook was never free.

Outlook Express was free, as was the previous Microsoft Internet Mail&News which was basically a beta of OE with a longer name.

OE eventually became Windows Live Mail and stayed free.

Outlook has always been depressingly expensive.


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