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Microsoft's Online Exchange fixed after going titsup for NINE HOURS


Outlook (That I never used for my own reasons) was a 'free program' that was bundled to Microsoft Operating System (OS) for years, now it a paid for program that is part of their 360 Office program that you pay for annually not like to old Office suits that you purchased once and used several years. You can buy it separately for around $100 a year per machine (PC).

In my opinion it was a sort of bait and switch. Offer the program free as part of the OS and once you have 90% of the people depending on it take it out of OS and put it in office FOR THE PROFITS.

I don't want any part of CLOUD computing. I trust private multinational conglomerates (or other business) about as much as I do my elected officials and that's not much. Place all my personal information on their cloud 'voluntarily' and trust them to not be snooping threw my files.

The internet USED to be a fun thing that I used primarily for education and some socializing. Over time it seems to have grown into some sort of monster that has it nose in everything everywhere. To make this post I had to share info with a business that swears they don't share the information. I know that IS a lie but what is the reasonable alternative. ALL their AFFILIATES (particularly sales and marketing information miners) I am sure get it which to some extent I understand.

I doubt anyone ever gets a clear answer from Microsoft as to just what DID happen. It may have had something to do with our so called 'homeland security' as it seems to be isolated to the US (they gathered all the info from the could that Microsoft maintains? (maybe)). Its hard telling for sure.