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Microsoft tells volume customers they can stay on Windows 7... for a bit longer... for a fee


Moved back to windows 7 for gaming from 10. Better fps.

Universal Credit has never delivered bang for buck, but now there's no turning back – watchdog


Its not just the obvious costs - but pushing the genuinely vulnerable into debt or homelessness costs far more in the long run. Unfortunately we are run by Daily Mail reading dick heads who believe every sick person is making it up, every unemployed person is lazy, and every disabled person is lying. Consequently the benefits that people have often paid years of national insurance for are unfairly denied. With over 60 per cent of appeals succeeding its obvious that the system is not just broken - but cruel by design. Thousands have died as a result - and I will never vote for neoliberal Governments who put private profit ahead of the lives of the vulnerable. Its utterly needless, wastes money and costs lives. As I said it appeals to elderly dick heads who read the Daily Mail who's hate filled universe extends as far as their garden gate.

Virgin Media customers complain of outages across UK


Well there's nowt here in GL2 this morning.

Tech can do a lot, Prime Minister, but it can't save the NHS


Neoliberalism is the problem. Private finance initiative that was introduced by Major and carried on by Blair to the present has wasted huge sums of tax payers money. Overall £223 billion overcharged to the Uk tax payer. Privatisation bans in house public sector bids (perish the thought they might be cheaper !). Internal market and endless reorganisations to make bits easier to sell off waste further billions. Osborne's cuts to social care simply left large numbers bed blocking in expensive hospital beds. Low wages and scrapping the nurses bursary has led to more and more vacancies filled with expensive agency staff. Until this is sorted out it money will continue to be squandered on helping rich investors rip us off.

Ex-FBI man spills on why hackers are winning the security game


Why would Government worry about hacking when bankers got £375 billion in the UK for bailouts caused by feckless lending ? How many bankers went to jail for that ? zero.

God save the Queen... from Donald Trump. So say 1 million Britons


The ban is counterproductive - but how about we lift it when those 'tolerant' states do the following :

1) let people drink alcohol

2) let people renounce Islam without fear of reprisals

3) let people choose religion and open churches

4) choose sexuality and not fear being killed

IF those Islamic states are really 'tolerant' then they shouldn't have a problem with the above list should they !!!!

Oh and I'd add Saudi Arabia to the list and a few others too.

Oi, Mint 18.1! KEEP UP! Ubuntu LTS love breeds a laggard


I'm not sure why the article is implying that not having the 4.8 kernel is being 'a laggard' because its actually slightly slower than 4.4 in testing. (and 4.8 IS available in the mint update kernels if you need it).

Microsoft's Blue Screen of Death dead in latest Windows 10 preview


Thanks for that. Done. No more xbox crap, no more cortana, no more feedback, no more edge.

Twas the week before Xmas ... not a creature was stirring – except Microsoft admitting its Windows 10 upgrade pop-up went 'too far'


Windows 10 has some good points. The bsod screen is pretty and it can't read ext4 file format.

Microsoft quietly emits patch to undo its earlier patch that broke Windows 10 networking


There seems to be an inverse relationship between the rate microsoft try to dumb down windows 10, and the rise in IT skills needed to keep the bloody thing working....

Windows 10 market share stalls after free upgrade offer ends


Re: As long as Win10 continues to be a piece of spyware...

I use DuckDuckGo as search engine on linux. Zero tracking.

Ubuntu 17.04 'Zesty Zapus'


Never had a problem with systemd. Had plenty of problems with windows update of late.

Y'know that ridiculously expensive Oculus Rift? Yeah, it just got worse


I thought nvidia stereoscopic was expensive - but its beginning to look like a bargain. Granted its not VR, but for £99 if you have a high refresh monitor its pretty good and with helixmod's patches most games will run.

Sick of Southern Rail? There's a crowdfunding site for that


For any brainwashed neoliberals out there that believe 'private sector is always best' perhaps you'd like to explain why Railtrack was such a success.... we could always bring them back, sack the engineers and replace them with retail managers from pub chains and see how many commuters we can kill. Of course profits would be up a bit for the first few years so I guess that would be ok ?

Making us pay tax will DESTROY EUROPE, roars Apple's Tim Cook


Re: Corporation tax is the problem

Companies benefit from a workforce that has been well educated and is healthy, a country that has good infrastructure and stable Government. All of that costs money, and its not unreasonable to expect businesses to contribute along with other tax payers.

Would you prefer that the cost falls instead on those less able to pay, and that the profits are withdrawn out of the country to a tax haven ? If so, you are advocating an economic model that is unstable, moves wealth from the majority to a bus load of mega CEO's, and reduces investment in the productive economy.

Its because of these neoliberal doctrines - which have almost no support from most economists, that we have such low growth despite austerity. At present 80 people own 51% of planet earth's wealth. If you want that trend to continue try to work out what's likely to happen from history. Hint - it doesn't end well for the rich, and it will continue to lower wages and living conditions for the rest of us.

Apple is making life terrible in its factories – labor rights warriors


About 80 people own 51% of planet earth. Put another way, we're all half as well off as we could be if they didn't exist. Of course its good that we're worse off, because the alternative would be that we were commie bastards and we don't want that. I'm looking forward to automation when they can own 99% of planet earth. They will surely deserve every penny, and I hope that even my modest wealth will trickle up to them to show how hard working I am.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update is borking boxen everywhere


Re: reddit hype

Its clearly not borking everybody. A lot of people never actually get it to install in the first place....

Blighty will have a whopping 24 F-35B jets by 2023 – MoD minister


I was at Fairford today and I have to say they looked very impressive.

Microsoft's Windows Phone folly costs it another billion dollars


So this is what ditched aero for ? Great....

The Windows 10 future: Imagine a boot stamping on an upgrade treadmill forever


Windows 10 is a moving target and likely to continue to be so. Surely moving as much as possible to Linux has to be worth considering ? At the very least it isn't spying on you. My linux systems are more stable than windows 10 too.

Kill Flash now? Chrome may be about to do just that


Its really only the BBC that I use flash for. They don't use flash for mobiles so why are they still using it for desktops ? The sooner flash dies the better for everyone.

IE and Graphics head Microsoft's Patch Tuesday critical list


Yay, more telemetry. Moving more of my systems to linux mint.

Official: Microsoft's 'Get Windows 10' nagware to vanish from PCs in July


I've only used the nagware update to windows 10 on two machines. One took a day and a half or continual reboots to get it to update. The other refused to do anything so I left it on windows 7.

I hate windows 10 and I don't trust its spyware. I only use it on one machine where there is no alternative. Linux mint is a far better OS in every way. I hate the stupid looking start menu on windows 10, the flat look which was designed by a bunch of five year olds, the removal of windows media centre, the automatic updates, the lack of aero, the splitting of control panel into settings, the stupid edge browser that you can't remove, the creepy cortana which I don't use and can't remove....

Or put another way its crap, and no MS didn't listen to its users, they ignored them as usual.

Microsoft half-bricks Asus Windows 7 PCs with UEFI boot glitch


First it was the windows 7 telemetry updates that you could hide, but would re-appear. Then the nag ware for windows 10. Then the ultra slow updates making a new windows 7 installation a day long process. Now this. Anyone would think ms didn't want you to stay on windows 7.

Well I didn't stay on windows 7, I got Linux mint. I only use windows 10 on one machine, and its crap in comparison.

UK govt admits it pulled 10-year file-sharing jail sentence out of its arse


Its getting to the point where if someone is accused of copyright theft they'd be better attacking the accuser with a knife and going down for that instead. Maybe the powers that be haven't thought of that. Or maybe they will use that as an argument to bring back hanging for downloading mp3's. Perhaps the rights holders need to stop acting like the mafia, and make sure their products are available on all platforms at a reasonable price. Why do mp3 downloads need to cost more than having a cd produced and delivered ?

UK's Universal Credit IT may go downhill soon, warns think tank report


Just have a citizens wage and have done with it. We print money as debt all the time so why not.

F-35s failed 'scramble test' because of buggy software


In the past the military industrial complex needed wars to generate income. Now they can make money producing equipment that is so unreliable they dare not start a war and actually use it. Plus the US has shale oil.

The world is becoming a more peaceful place.

US data suggests Windows 10 adoption in business is slowing


I only use steam on windows 10 because linux can't use nvidia's drivers in stereoscopic. I hate windows 10. I've replaced the start menu with classic menu, got a hacked dll file to bring back windows aero (whatever happened to m$ listening to what users wanted and giving us aero back ? I guess they meant to say they just wanted to listen to users and spy on them not actually give a toss about what they wanted). I brought back the classic calculator because the flat one looks crap. Blocked automatic updates with win aero, blocked spying with spybot beacon. Its more like a kit of parts than an integrated OS.

Networking is still broken for me, bsod's happen often with nvidia drivers, I don't want edge or cortana but can't get rid of them. It tells me I'm not connected to the internet when I am. Settings are a mess and in two places. I hate the flat look - and of course we aren't allowed to change it easily.

Give me linux mint anyday. Unlike windows 10 it looks great and just works. I don't have to worry about activation when I change hardware, and I don't need a ton of proprietary software to keep it secure. Unlike windows 7 or 10 it installed perfectly on my laptop. Perhaps the most annoying thing about the win 10 nag screens is that the two pc's I actually wanted to update to 10 failed to do so after months of nagware. Typical...

Doctor Who's Flatline: Cool monsters, yes, but utterly limp subplots


Re: Finally, a Good Episode

They don't like Banksy


Its been an excellent series with brilliant acting from the new Doctor. Way better than the last series, anyone remember that daft episode with the leaf ?!

USB charger is prime suspect in death of Australian woman


Had a usb charger explode recently that came with a cheap android tablet. They are out there... went off with quite a loud bang and blew the top half of the charger across the room.

Labour vows: We'll pause one-dole-to-rule-them-all for drastic fix-up if elected in 2015


Just share out the benefits of automation and productivity improvements to all in society and introduce a minimum basic payment to all instead of the complex benefits system. Put a limit on wealth accumulation and make the top 1% spend their wealth instead of hording it. Alternatively continue to head towards a 'Hunger Games' type economy 50 years from now, with a large percentage of the population as debt slaves to the elite.

The old ideas of austerity paying off the debt and 'work for all' are just a dream from a bygone era. It will never happen.


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