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Techie fired for inventing an acronym – and accidentally applying it to the boss


Previous employer

The acronym for a previous employer's IT department was S.H.I.T.

I even got away with adding this into Window 7's About function next to the servicedesk phone number - as S.H.I.T. Servicedesk: 08xxxxxxxxx

Nobody picked it up!

Russia fines Apple and Zoom for failure to prove domestic data storage


Apple ought to

What crapple ought to do is as they finish pulling out of the CCCP wannabe, as a final act, send a bulk wipe to all iphones and delete the user accounts.

Personal data? What personal data?

Windows 10 still growing, but Win 11 had another bad month, says AdDuplex


Not surprised

I spent a fair chunk of last weekend wiping my main PC of W11 and restoring it back to W10 having spent a few hours the week before upgrading. I even tried using the insider release just in case that improved things which it didn't.


1. Explorer - W10 shows if there are files inside the folders with certain views. W11 insider kind of does but not nearly as well.

2. Explorer (again) - W11 is useless the folders are on the actual computer. Network share? Forget it!

3. Explorer the 3rd - Copy To and Move To - totally removed from context and menu bar. Found a reg fudge that kind of restored them to context menu but didn't show folders in quick access

4. Task Manager - insider version - holy mother of god - what is this abomination?!?!?

GPO is now set so it'll never upgrade to W11, although PC health check did get auto installed earlier this week. Thanks M$

Software guy smashes through the Somebody Else's Problem field to save the day


Had a customer do that

Too true!

I was once sent to buy a kettle because the downstairs wall mounted hot water heater had packed up.

IT weren't the ones who noticed nor reported this - just a decree from upper manglement to the head of IT to get one of the team to Makro to buy one from petty cash since they didn't want people walking up and downstairs to make a brew.

Google rolls out Android Easter Egg for Europe – a Microsoft antitrust-style browser, search engine choice box


Re: Free up that space!

Too bad that the manufacturers own bloatware wouldn't be included in this option, only Google's.

Dead LAN's hand: IT staff 'locked out' of data center's core switch after the only bloke who could log into it dies


I smell a rat

The deceased either knew the writing was on the wall so came up with a scenario that meant if he got fired he'd have some satisfaction from the shit-storm he'd leave behind or knew someone didn't like him and was trying to make it impossible for them to get rid of him.

I've worked with people in the past who were actually very good at their jobs but were constantly being bad mouthed by management. This was often when a PHB thought they knew everything (often loudly) and the colleagues were constantly being forced to prove them otherwise to the PHB's boss.

Cover your NASes: QNAP acknowledges mystery malware but there's no patch yet


Re: Older Devices

I've just checked the hosts file on my TS451 and it's clean as a whistle. Like Headley, I don't open mine up to external access at all. If I need to access something on it when I'm not at home then I'll just VPN in and get the file that way.

Heard the one where the boss calls in an Oracle consultant who couldn't fix the database?


RE: Getting one over on the boss

Sounds like the IT management where I currently work. Everything is set to old, outdated procedures (which also aren't kept up to date) and heaven forbid anyone other than them should come up with an idea to streamline these processes.

Only been there 2 months. Wonder if I'll make it to Easter before jumping ship?!?!?

EU wants one phone plug to rule them all. But we've got a better idea.


Re: "safest in the world"


Symantec ends cheap Norton offer to NRA members


Re: Well regulated militia

Or short sleeve shirts!

Ubuntu wants to slurp PCs' vital statistics – even location – with new desktop installs


Network connectivity or not

Shirley if there's no network connectivity then what happens exactly?

Does the distro suddenly transform itself into a close equivalent of Vista if you don't deselect the opt-in due to some sort of existential crisis?!?

Half a terabyte in your smartmobe? Yup. That's possible now



Who the heck reading El Reg only ever stores things on their phones? Between my NAS and GDrive (as an additional backup for my photos synced from the NAS), I consider my phone's storage as a portable backup. An offsite NAS helps too. Some would say I'm being paranoid about failure, but ATEOTD, no storage solution is guaranteed not to fail at some point. Hell, I've had the onboard storage fail in an early smartphone (OK, OK, it was a Motorola flip running WinCE so not that smart) I had many years ago.

Boss made dirt list of minions' mistakes, kept his own rampage off it


Re: We turned it on its head

I've had a franchisee of a unnamed but well known franchise who once who claimed that he never touched the voltage switch on the POS's PSU but upon a site visit could clearly see that he had. He then claimed that the switch was too easy to switch over (it definately wasn't and I demonstrated as such with both the unplugged knackered PC and the replacement) and refused to cough up the cost of replacing the PC. Once quick call to his Area Manager changed that.

AMD, Intel hate Nvidia so much they're building a laptop chip to spite it


Re: Article picture

It must be getting late in the day. It took me two attempts and a back and forward after reading that as Moomins!

Foot-long £1 sausage roll arrives


FFS! You have eaten a hotdog at some point in your life right?!?

https://www.lspace.org/books/whos-who/cmot.html because Pratchett knew this years ago.

America's net neutrality rage hits academia


Re: Welcome to the new Trumpistan!

Have you seen the structure who would replace him (Mike Pence > Paul Ryan > Orrin Hatch > Rex Tillerson btw)?

You'd need a total re-election to get rid of all 5 of 'em (including Kaiser Fart). They're all terrible in their own ways.

Uber: Please don't give our London drivers English tests. You can work out the reason why


Taxi licensing

Where I live there was a minor hoo-ha a few years ago because the city council made the taxi licencing tests a bit too difficult (or expensive depending on whose opinion you trust) in the view of some drivers, so they got their licences from a not exactly borough council! outside of the historical county borough instead.

Perfectly legal, but I still upset a few of them when I tell them which way to go to my destination if I noticed that they've done this ever since one tried to seriously rip me off by taking the scenic route!

President Donald Trump taken on by unlikely foe: Badass park rangers


So want to see this at some point

In 2017, a crack forestry unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government they survive as rangers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them....maybe you can hire The NPS.

Why your gigabit broadband lags like hell – blame Intel's chipset


Not been impressed with my SH3

I can't help but wonder if this related to the issue I have with my SH3 when in modem mode. It absolutely hates my RT1900AC (It was OK with my previous router (RIP)), I was getting random disconnects from t'interweb and everything pointed to the SH3. I even got the SH3 swapped because of it which made little to no difference. I ended up having to switch the SH3 back to normal router mode, disable WiFi and DHCP and stick my router in the SH3's DMZ to get it reliable. I might wait until the next FW update and give it another go.......

'Fappening' hacker gets 18 months in US federal clapper



I thought that the accounts weren't hacked. What happened was someone (whether the account owner or a PA, or A.N.Other, etc) with access to the account was stupid enough to hand over the password to these guys.

Latest Intel, AMD chips will only run Windows 10 ... and Linux, BSD, OS X


Does this mean...

That it won't be possible to just add the necessary USB drivers to boot.wim and install.wim?

I've had to do this on the image at work for the latest PCs (try installing Windows without a keyboard!) so I'm struggling to think why I couldn't is all.

Seagate flashes 60TB (yes, sixty) SSD monster


Re: Hard Card?

The first PC I ever owned (an Amstrad PC1512) had one of those. 20MB if I remember correctly, along with 2 5.25" FDDs. A friend offered me his old Win 1.0 FDDs then I saw they were 3.5". Took me bloody ages to copy the files on a PC at college from one size to the other so I could install it.

Welcome to the jumbo: Axl Rose tries to take a bite out of 'Fat Axl' internet meme


First thing that came to my mind when I searched for the memes was

Who existed first, Fat Axl or Leigh Francis' Keith Lemon.

Mechanical black hole: Microsoft settles music royalties sueball


Has anyone actually heard of the band doing the suing?

It wouldn't surprise me if the settlement was in the region of a couple of thousand $.

IMO The American Dollar could be described as a minor band at best (I know it's not an infallible source of info, but when Wikipedia doesn't even have a listing of any of your songs then you're going nowhere) so are just angry that everyone's been ignoring them and saw this as a get rich quick scheme.

Raspberry Pi 3 to sport Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE – first photos emerge



Unless I'm going totally blind, where the heck is the aerial for the wifi? I can't see an IPEX connector (or similar) or a printed track for it on either side of those photos.

If it's part of the PCB then it stands a chance of having pretty poor reception IMO.

Doctor Who: The Hybrid finally reveals itself in the epic Heaven Sent


The 4th wall break

I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned the briefest of breaks in the 4th wall whilst he was in the TARDIS during the fall. Just the briefest of glimpses directly at the camera "I'm nothing without an audience".

Loved it!

Cops turn Download Festival into an ORWELLIAN SPY PARADISE


Re: So Download Festival are trying to go bankrupt?

The RFID system was only announced *after* the tickets had already gone on sale.

I'm more than a little ticked off about it all.