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Windows XP repair disk kills automatic updates


Thank you Reg

I've been battling with this issue most of this afternoon - decided to take a break and read the reg website - first thing I noticed was this article - followed the link and it all now works - hurraah for the Reg.

TorrentSpy shuts doors to America


Scream and shout all you like it doesn't matter...

Netsuku is here and with gigabit wifi on the horizon it'll only get better....


Movie pirate forced to ditch Linux


Maybe its time for him to give up the PC

and actually spend time watching all the crap he's been downloading/uploading.

Sun boots workstation roots in favor of JAVA ticker


Java Slow ?

Not on my quad core - it now runs as fast as my basic programs did on my commodore 64.

Dwarf superglues todger to hoover


Happy chappy

So his 'Henry' vacuum cleaner had a bigger than usual smile on his face that night.

'Mystery ailment' smites Saudi camels


Question is...

are they still edible ?

Compact Disc: 25 years old today


its all moot

Saying a song on CD is better than the same song in mp3 format is like saying a shit film's gonna be better in hi-def.

14 years old girls don't care - they just look at the makeup the singers wearing, older people don't care because their ears stopped working properly ever since thet went to that gig in the 70's (plus added natural loss due to decay).

Its the middle aged generation who've got nothing to do but surf the web and flick through cable/satellite channels when they get home from work who are vocal about these things.

Power gadget set to cut electricity bills


Internet controlled

This is an out of date and old fashioned method - pointing the bleeding thing at the wall sockets only gonna waste valuable bum scratching energy. What they need to do , seeing as they can get IP signals down the electricity cabling - is to assign an IPV6 address to each socket so's I can write some cron scripts to shut them down every night. This system could then be merged with a TIVO web-based front end for scheduling any nightly recordings.

Tesco takes fight to Sainsbury over Medion PCs


Missus isn't speaking to me...

I bought one of these last night. All I went out for was a bag of sugar.

OLPC project goes into production



In 20 years time there will be a cheap army of African programmers ready to replace the bulgarian and mexican outsorced code sweat shops.

75-year-old has world's fastest private internet connection


We've connected

I'm currently d'ling her entire private collection of amateur videos via emule - and its coming down at faster than 5k per second!

PC World, Orange, and Pipex sneeze out broadband offers



Now every child in the UK can have his own laptop (and 2 years woth of internets)


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