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Super Cali goes ballistic: mugshot site atrocious


Don't do what we do....do what we say you can do.....

Police should not make pics and arrest records public in the first place. It's an abuse of governmental power and ongoing cruel and unusual punishment to let them be in the wild.

But, nobody listens to me. So there it is, scammers do what is natural and THAT is illegal.

Hacking charge dropped against Nova Scotia teen who slurped public records from the web


Et tu Canada?

The only thing that saved the young man was the go fund me defense fund, or else he was destined to become the sacrificial lamb, goat or some other animal.

Sounds so American. I am very disappointed.

Password re-use is dangerous, right? So what about stopping it with password-sharing?


Re: Overhead

Re: "...some third party act as a middle-man .."

Well, I am pretty sure NSA would be willing to lend a hand, not to mention all the other spook agencies in the world.

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One word: Ludicrous!


"Two comp-sci boffins have proposed that websites cooperate to block password re-use,..."

Google will vet political ads to ward off Phantom Menace of fake news

Big Brother

Google Ministry of Truth

I am not convinced allowing the Google to grant itself vast censorship, police and surveillance powers is a good thing. It's like they have chosen themselves to be thought police. And when it comes to politics, what isn't fake news?

Meanwhile, Facebook is also creating it's own ministry. Both are greedy corporations whose bottom line in profit, nothing else.

Who administers the administrators?

Escape from the Zuckerborg: WhatsApp founder legs it


Tweet, tweet...

Seems the canary escaped from the cage before the ax falls.

In a sorry state again: Zuckerberg dusts off apology playbook in mea culpa to Congress


I am so, so, so, so, so sorry...but,

Mr. Z. can apologize up the kazoo because he knows he is untouchable.

The morons in Congress don't get the internet and have been paid handsomely to stay stupid.

And, let's recall Google and Facebook DID allow NSA access to data and were in talks to set up 'spying rooms' despite denials by Zuckerberg and Page over PRISM project. But, that's old news now.

Facebook's inflection point: Now everyone knows this greedy mass surveillance operation for what it is


Olden days...

I recall an auto manufacturer, Ford I think, before FB and Google were everywhere, spent millions of dollars on internet ads. It was assumed that was the future, and so they did.

But, there was a skeptic in the organization. That lead to the company to follow up on the effectiveness of internet ads. They found people hate online ads, virtually never click on them and indeed were a complete waste of money. They dropped the ads and are, miraculously, still in business today.

I wonder if people still hate online ads and never click on them?

Footnote: If we paid for content, even a lot, we would still get ads and granular surveillance. Who or what would stop them?

City of Atlanta's IT gear thoroughly pwned by ransomware nasty


Just asking...

So then, they don't have an offline backup???

FYI: There's a cop tool called GrayKey that force unlocks iPhones. Let's hope it doesn't fall into the wrong hands!



If I were the manufacturer I would find out how the gizmo works, fix that and then add some code that would make the de-coder burst into flames on the third try. LOL.

After repeated warnings Facebook bans Britain First for 'inciting hatred'


Facebook is god,....or maybe not

FB and Google are positioning themselves to be the decider gods of good and evil content.

I wonder though, why didn't I get a vote on that?

Regardless, the internet is a big tent.

I am sure Evil will do quite well with or without interference from our corporate overlords. Good, too.

London Mayor calls for social networks and sharing economy to stop harming society

Big Brother

In other words....

We need internet communication corporations to do more CENSORSHIP of politically incorrect words and conduct more granular SURVEILLANCE of users in order to find and punish those who would make political incorrect comments.

A good way to FIX the internet would be to ban ENCRYPTION, except for government and corporate approved communication.

The politicians and corporations are ganging up on us. They want absolute control. I think they will win, because most people don't get the message and don't care.

Facebook gets Weed-whacked: Unilever exec may axe ads over social network's toxic posts


Re: Some say...

Isn't everything on FB fake?


Re: 'sell the beast'

Gates offered a donation of 100,000 chickens to Bolivia.*

How can Zuck beat that for class?

*(which gratuitously turned the offer down, since they already export chickens; next target: Africa.)


Any flavor you want, as long as it's vanilla

I think this is about corporate ad agencies are moving to work with monolith marketing corporations FB/Google/Et al to clean up the net so they avoid liability, PR disasters and appearances of supporting un-PC content with iron-fist censorship.

Also, they will join the big marketing corporations to oppose any kind of privacy legislation that might prevent them from intimate, panoptic mass surveillance.

This fake kerfuffle is all part of the plan.

The goal is to make sure users are powerless to resist marketing and have access only to pre- approved plain vanilla news and content.

In short, it's about the money. It's always about the money.

YouTuber cements head inside microwave oven


How dumb can you get?

I'm embarrassed for the human race. They should have left him there. No one would question it.

(ps: It's time to update the emojis. Animation would be nice.)

OVH goes TITSUP again while trying to fix its last TITSUP


Sometimes you deserve the Grinch....

I know OVH based on my firewall logs which seem to snag OVH addresses by the ton.

No tears from me.

NiceHash diced up by hackers, thousands of Bitcoin pilfered


Move on, move on, nothing to see here....



It will be this way until bitcoin dies for good. It's not money, it's not an investment, it's not an asset....it's a stupid computer game, and you can't beat the house.

The Quantum of Firefox: Why is this one unlike any other Firefox?


FF 57.0


Somehow, I got an automatic update to FF 57.0 and it is way, way, way, way, fast. Unbeeeeeelievable.


US voting server in election security probe is mysteriously wiped

Big Brother

Resistance...and Voting... is Futile

This article is proof positive voting itself has become a futile gesture. It gives us the illusion of democratic process. In this case the government itself is covering up criminal interference with an election. Meanwhile, the head law enforcement agency compounds wrong doing by keeping secrets.

“Everything secret degenerates, even the administration of justice; nothing is safe that does not show how it can bear discussion and publicity.”

Lord Acton

“Examining public records should never require extraordinary legal or bureaucratic efforts. When it does, it’s usually a red flag.”

Don Baldwin

“Sunshine is the greatest disinfectant”

Louis D. Brandeis

Equifax's malvertising scare, Chromebook TPM RSA key panic, Cuban embassy sonic weapon heard at last – and more


Sounds fishy to me...

....could it be some secret transmitter in the cellar gone awry?

US military gets authority to shoot down citizens' small drones


Re: No worries here!

The little hobby drones are very hard to drive, tend to fly off on their own when out of range of the controller, crash into trees thus getting hung up and all the rest. The battery only lasts a few minutes. In short, they seldom live up to the hype.


Monkey see, monkey do....

They are merely adopting my policy for my home. No problems so far.

Search results suddenly missing from Google? Well, BLAME CANADA!


Be Evil!

This is what happens when the boss decides Evil is Smart.

Human-free robo-cars on Washington streets after governor said the software is 'foolproof'


The Governor must have got a huge 'donation' to come up with that load of horse dung.

FCC kills plan to allow phone calls on planes – good idea or terrible?


Prisoner Air Transport Rules

True, the government should not be involved.

The issue is about MANNERS. Who wants to listen to dozens of people blabbing away about their pathetic, useless, failed lives in the air? Airlines could issue a rule:

Talking on phone...= not OK.

Texting, surfing, etc, with headphone = OK

(In light of the recent United debacle, airlines could forcefully muzzle anyone violating the rules, per the contract thingy. )

Facebook's going to block revenge porn with AI. Or humans. Or both


AI or BS?

Call it AI, but in the end it's still one man's opinion converted to an app.

And, FB must be one of the least trustworthy corporations in the world to be the judge of truth, smut or anything else.

As Trump signs away Americans' digital privacy, it's time to bring out the BS detector


Kieren McCarthy, Thanks!

Kieren McCarthy: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Great article. You walked us through the pasture and let us smell our boots....good job.

Dropbox: Oops, yeah, we didn't actually delete all your files – this bug kept them in the cloud


Cloud Services

Do they ALL lie, or just most of them?

FBI wants to unlock another jihadist’s iPhone


Can a warrant order the impossible?

Presumably, Apple has fixed it so there is literally nothing they can due to retrieve data. Or anyone else.

Thus, I don't see a court battle, unless FBI knows something they aren't telling yet.

I suppose one angle might be using this event as proof anti-encryption laws are needed. But, it still wouldn't help FBI in this case.

What am I missing?

Amazon files patent for 'Death Star' flying warehouse


Maybe Amazon should use some of their billions of revenue dollars to provide warehouse employees a living wage with humane work conditions rather than fritter money away on pipe dreams. And you know the kind of pipe I am talking about.

Frankly, if this was such a good idea UPS, FedEx maybe even some post offices around the world would be working on it.

Another version of this...idea...included flying blimps. And, of course using little drone thingys to buzz around dropping packages onto the targeted masses when they aren't crashing into innocent pedestrians.

China gets mad at Donald Trump, threatens to ruin Apple


Re: Trade War

China could ruin quite a few American companies. So could the Koreans and several other copy cat economies.

The focus is usually about the jobs going overseas, but the real crime is and was sending proprietary machinery, a vast storehouse of manufacturing knowledge gathered over several hundred years, access to millions of patents and vast intellectual property absolutely free of charge.

We simply gave it to them, in return for cheap socks that fall apart fast and electronic gizmos that mostly don't do much of anything productive.

I truly believe it could all be stopped but it would need to be done in a way to save next big thing inventions here, the related jobs and for godsakes the innovative knowledge of new stuff right here, not to mention jobs. The Germans are somewhat skillfull at this, and a world export powerhouse.

As for the socks industry, or completely copied designs for electronics, that's a lost cause.

We need to keep the next big thing at home and let them pay us for a change.

The hated Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal will soon be dead. Yay?


TPP: Corporations write secretive law to exempt themselves from the rule of law

TPP allows currency manipulation, foreign countries are allowed to bypass sovereign law, allows human rights and labor rights violations, provides for out sourcing government service jobs, gives banks more power, creates new authority for pharmaceuticals to create monopolies and thus set high prices. And more.

Basically, it's a way for multinational corporations to rule the trade world without meddling my their target market countries.

In short, it creates a law allowing corporate lawlessness.

Silicon Valley's oligarchs got a punch in the head – and that's actually good thing


Re: Adam Curtis HyperNormalisation

No chance. The establishment will gobble him up like a testy trifle.


Re: Trump Trifecta

Naw, the shadow corporate-military government will make quick work of Mr. Trump, the political rube.

They've already trimmed down some of his anti-Isamic comments (got him to take take some inflammatory tweets). If they get their way, he will be promoting global war and bankster-ism in no time at all.

Big Brother

The future is not ours to see

Pretty astute and persuasive commentary for a chip head.

Populism, however crude, may be on the rise.

Or, something else, worse. But, neither organized party wants to deal with it.

Browsers nix add-on after Web of Trust is caught selling users' browsing histories


Web of Distrust

Oh, what a tangled web we weave

When first we practise to deceive!

~Walter Scott

And, there is SO MUCH of it these days!

Self-driving cars doomed to be bullied by pedestrians



There will be work arounds: Disguises, RF jammers, tinfoil hats....maybe dressing like a clown will become fashionable.

Thumb Up

Brave New World for walkers

Totally agree. Pedestrians will rule the road.

I am looking forward to being able to get in the front door at the mall store without fear of being run over by some in-a-hurray soccer/football mom.

Indeed, I plan to mess with them. I'll leisurely stop in the crosswalk and check my text messages.

Ain't the future grand?

No surprise: Microsoft seeks Windows Update boss with 'ability to reduce chaos, stress'


Not holding my breath....

I have fixed my W10 box to , hopefully, not update or give data to MS at all. That's after several very bad recent experiences not to mention their in your face privacy policy reviions.

I would guess they will look to FaceBook for an update magician who will be very good at pulling rabbits out of a hat while driving the shaft in deep in our backs.

Badda-Bing, badda-doom: Microsoft search guru heads up giant's new AI boffinry unit


I Love Big Brother, He is My Friend

5,000 computer scientists working day and night to find the most effective ways to monitor, collect, share and sell my every electronic utterance. Oh Goodie!

What's up, Zuck? FTC to probe Facebook for WhatsApp phone number mega-slurp

Big Brother

Zuckered again...

...and again and again and again and...

WhatsApp cost $16 billion dollars. It would be unrealistic to imagine FB would allow users to have any private data or communication at all.

I must admit however, I sort of believed the part about end to end encryption for a short time. I am thinking it's the registration data that went down the rabbit hole, and not just phone numbers. Likely whatever users gave them.

I do wonder how they are capturing, storing and monetizing actual communications. I suppose we will find out in due time.

A Zucker-door?

Stop lights, sunsets, junctions are tough work for Google's robo-cars


"...installing computer-friendly traffic signals or embedding wireless guides under the roads or mandating that autonomous cars are painted in one color and human-driven cars in another – is out of the window. It's just not an option."

Sure it's an option. All the corporate-military regime need to is say the magic word: "Security".

That opens the taxpayer till for as many trillions or billions it takes to make us "safe".

Windows 10 Pro Anniversary Update tweaked to stop you disabling app promos


How much will you pay to make the pain go away?

This is standard business practice of our corporate overlords.

Give free carrot, add sheep dung to carrot when consumer becomes conditioned to free carrot, force consumer to pay recurring ransom to make the dung taste and smell go away.

Or, of course, you can just eat dung.

$67M in bitcoin stolen as hacking typhoon lashes Hong Kong's Bitfinex


Paper and Bitcoin are FIAT money,

So, let's not go there.

However for BC to EVER gain credibility leaders must move towards FDIC type insurance and reliable security measures to assure user some 15 year old kid won't wipe out your life's savings in an eye blink. Apparently, the block chain in itself is not secure at all.

Also, something needs to be done and decided about the extent of BC anonymity. When I go to the market to buy a loaf of bread with money, I don't need to divulge by entire data bank of personal information. NOT SO with bitcoin, they say, by design. WTF?

I suppose in the end BC will be tracked and documented more than any form of value exchange. It's new fangled and thus suspicious you know. Like rock and roll. Computers. The internet.


Bitcoin Sux

Buy bitcoin, how hard could that be?

I went through the obligatory ordeal of setting up my own software wallet, on a detachable thumb drive. That's because online exchanges are not secure and subject to regular major thievery. See this article.

Then I tried to buy some bitcoin. WOW! They want ton of personal data, even copies of your passport, selfies, copies of drivers license, bank account numbers, etc. etc. etc. Enough to make you want to puke.

But, guess what, the exchanges themselves don't have a physical address or even a phone number most of the time. It's difficult to discern their country of origin many times. In short, it's a brutal, sketchy one way data street.

And, they LIE a lot. "Instantly" buy bitcoin becomes a few hours, a few business days, a week or two and then they reserve the right to terminate your online account and purchases for the most silly to non-existent reasons.

Finally, I determined I could go to the mall and buy bitcoin at an atm with only scanning the BACK of my drivers license....and did, to ....Hallelujah.....purchase .110 bitcoins. Which now have dropped 15% in value in an eye blink.

If you want to buy something without it being tracked, probed and attacked every which way...go to the drug store and get a money order for less than a dollar...you will be way ahead of the bitcoin scam.

Read this article. It's standard operation procedure.

Microsoft ordered to fix 'excessively intrusive, insecure' Windows 10


Can you hear me now?

French say Windows is insecure and intrusive.

MS says we hear you.

End of report.

Bomb-disposal robot violently disposes of Dallas cop-killer gunman


Irony so thick....

Defensive bomb disposal robot re-purposed to become a robotic bomb and weapon to kill a killer at a protest regarding excessive police violence and unjust homicide of minorities.

All is fair in love and war I guess. I am thinking this wasn't about love, however.

Microsoft planning blockchain-as-a-service for Azure apps


Wonderful, except....

"Microsoft wants to add a layer of middleware to enable blockchain transactions over the cloud..."

I presume that's where the backdoor will go.

Admins in outcry as Microsoft fix borks Group Policy


Off into the next phase, just a little early....

With mandatory updates and mandatory "upgrade" it was clear to me updates could and would be an ideal corporate-state attack vector to enhance data collection and surveillance. Now that the upgrade deadline is near, clearly it's time to become MORE aggressive.

Any update that borks legitimate group polices is malware, at least.

I love big brother and hope he loves me way big.