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How farsighted is Microsoft's Azure RemoteApp?


Re: what's the difference

Only really that you can spin capacity up and down based on your needs, which could theoretically save you money.

I manage Citrix for the company I work for, and we have to have capacity to handle a set of users using certain apps 12x7. The other half of every day, those servers (well, VMs) sit idle. If it turns out that buying "high" capacity for 84hrs/wk and "low" capacity for 84hrs/week via Azure costs less than the servers and licenses and such we'd use to provide that capacity via Citrix, then we'd save money overall. In addition, the business is always opening new stores on short notice (to IT), and we have to have capacity to spare to handle that. Occasionally we have to buy new hardware off-cycle to handle the extra load. With Azure, we just write a bigger check going forward.

It's an interesting idea for pushing out web-based apps, office apps, things like that. I don't know that I'd want to do anything that talks to a back end database or local files or anything. It seems like you're just asking for performance problems putting your client apps far away from their data.